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Intellias is a transportation software development company that helps fleet managers, urban mobility solution providers, and transportation and logistics companies navigate the road to cost-efficient technologies. Relying on our transportation management software development services, you can optimize delivery routes, cut fleet operating costs, minimize traffic congestion, and refine the urban experience for citizens. Since 2002, Intellias software engineers have been delivering logistics software development services at scale for global transportation platform providers, eMobility innovators, and large vehicle fleets. Let us apply our engineering experience, technological expertise, and personal dedication to modernizing your transportation logistics software. Our goal is to create transportation and logistics solutions that meet the exact business challenges you face with urban infrastructure, fleet efficiency, and traffic management.

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Our logistics and transportation software development services

Fleet management and telematics

Gather, process, and visualize all data related to vehicle locations, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, and environmental conditions to efficiently manage resources

Traffic management

Analyze traffic instantly, detect road incidents, and monitor pedestrian movements using traffic modeling tools, recognition systems, and traffic data fusion technologies

Routing and mapping

Reinforce various transportation modes, mobility planning tools, and delivery services with geofencing, GPS tracking, turn-by-turn routing, and offline mapping

Urban mobility

Create a city experience that elevates people’s needs with convenient parking management, urban planning, multimodal transportation, carsharing, and ride-hailing systems

Asset monitoring and tracking

Implement asset tracking solutions using IoT sensors, GPS, RFID, QR codes, and beacons to monitor, predict, and maintain the visibility of valuable inventory, containers, and shipments

Road infrastructure

Adapt infrastructure to rapidly digitalized transportation services, introducing toll management systems, smart city planning tools, and automated license plate recognition technology

Transportation management

Monitor freight along the supply chain using technology platforms that rely on real-time data to provide end-to-end visibility, optimize the physical movement of goods, and ensure compliance of shipments with regulations


Implement sustainable transportation practices, electrify fleets, build EV-friendly routes, and integrate EV platforms to go green, reduce emissions, and advocate a healthier future

Technology ecosystem for transport logistics software

Intellias helps transportation and logistics companies, mobility services, and geospatial data providers create cross-domain transportation software solutions. As a logistics software development company, we apply our deep expertise in location services, data analytics, platform integration, and transportation management application development to improve the overall customer experience, wisely allocate budgets, and sustainably grow your business. We will build a complete ecosystem of technologies, processes, and approaches around your transport and logistics software solutions to digitalize your entire supply chain, advocate electric mobility, and move you towards sustainable operations.

Edge processing

Make the most of installed devices by processing critical data right away within vehicles for instant alerts and smart notifications, even offline or under difficult road conditions

Location-based services

Collect, structure, analyze, and maximize the use of location data collected from infrastructure, users’ devices, vehicles, and inventory for accelerated decision-making

Why choose Intellias?

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Focus on long-term partnership

Our core interest is growing the technological capabilities and expertise of both our clients and our engineers. We believe the main driver of success is a synergy between partners that grows over years of trust and as a result of full transparency. By sharing our clients’ goals and exceeding their expectations, we become a long-term partner to our clients.

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Industry-specific knowledge

We keep the focus on niche industry expertise we can share with you to help you thrive within fierce competition. We establish Centers of Excellence, actively leverage ecosystem provider partnerships, cultivate industry best practices with project managers and engineers, and maintain a strong project and program management framework.

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Constant scaling capabilities

With seven engineering and delivery centers in Ukraine and Poland, we can reinforce your project with the expertise you need from among our 2500 in-house custom software developers or streamline the hiring process with an extensive talent pool of 500,000 developers on the Central and Eastern European talent market.

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Focus on the client

You will receive a personalized approach to your business challenges and the challenges of your users. To provide this, we study the needs of your company and your users in practice, then develop specific service models that can help you at distinct stages of your technology journey. We strive to exceed expectations by working closely with you as a technology partner.

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Strong organization and delivery governance

Day by day, we work on making our fast-growing organization stronger and more efficient. We establish clearly defined roles for our engineers, managers, and technologists. Our goal is to provide all the tools needed for effective communication with clients and to enable transparency and visibility in terms of performance, risks, and project progress.

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Personal data protection

Rest assured that your intellectual property and personal data are secure and protected according to compliance requirements. We follow internal IP protection policies and strict NDAs to avoid potential data leaks or disclosure of information outside of the company. We also apply security best practices combined with our own experience working with clients.

Embrace technological innovation to coordinate your logistics business

Why do you need logistics and transportation software development?

To win every customer

Paving the way to your customers with transportation software solutions isn’t always straightforward. You may spend months guessing what’s lacking in your delivery services, logistics software solutions, ordering workflow, and integrations with your clients’ businesses — or where on earth your lost packages go. As a logistics software development company, we can help you by creating transport logistics software that aligns your services with customers’ expectations.

Timely and secure delivery leads to loyal customers. If you operate a large vehicle fleet, are creating the next Uber-like app, or are building a car-sharing service, you need to rely on multilayer maps with point of interest (PoI) and logistics software solutions to guide vehicles with precious cargo, analyze behavioral patterns, and speed up critical business decisions in order to win new customers with transportation logistics software solutions.

To win among competitors

Fierce competition in the logistics sector leaves few chances for companies without a data-driven mindset. Intelligent transport and logistics software solutions give you a clear view of how you can efficiently use your fleets, increasing control over transportation spending. Our logistics software development services can become your competitive advantage by offering an accelerated time to market, wise cost allocation, and a transparent product roadmap.

Turnkey location solutions take you ahead of your competitors thanks to the ability to plan demand for your services, find optimal routes and avoid traffic jams, and reduce workloads to keep drivers fresh for the next job. You can integrate your logistics software solutions directly with your end customers’ business apps to avoid inconsistencies in shipment and transit schedules as well as integrate with field services to plan maintenance.

To win in digital transformation

Problems related to logistics and transport software solutions cannot be solved without a strong digitalization strategy. Logistics software development companies can provide all necessary tools for logistics providers, but even ready-made fleet management solutions require proper customization and integration with your internal processes. Digital transformation affects every stage in the supply chain; you can either innovate now or lag behind your competitors.

At the same time, trucking companies are becoming more aware of and taking more responsibility for their emissions footprints, which can be minimized with technological monitoring solutions. Innovative transport software solutions can also help eliminate traffic jams and fight crime related to stolen vehicles. Software engineering plays a critical role in solving everyday challenges, but going digital is not an easy step. We can help you take it.

Frequently asked questions about a transportation software development company

When do you need custom transportation app software development?
Only those logistics and transportation companies that start adopting a forward-looking approach to transportation app software development today will gain success in the future. In a few years, nearly every transportation, logistics, and mobility company will leverage technology to meet their business needs. Starting to build your transportation management software development strategy earlier is your way to get ahead of the fierce competition. Custom transportation management application development helps you integrate divided and fragmented supply chain processes, enabling fleet managers to put a huge amount of data under the microscope. Custom transportation management software adds security and efficiency to your supply chains, and most importantly, it gives you the leading edge among competitors. Apart from building transportation management software from scratch, you can adapt already marketable solutions, customize them with required features, and integrate them with advanced platforms with the help of transportation software developers.
Do you work with existing transportation and logistics software or only develop solutions from scratch?
We do both. We can help our customers with L2/L3 support of legacy systems and the adoption of new cloud technologies to increase the flexibility of existing solutions. We help with integrating third-party services and platforms via APIs and apply open-source development practices to keep the leading edge in transportation management software development. Our product design and implementation strategy helps customers build transportation management apps from scratch, covering UI/UX design, architecture, and end-to-end transportation software development.
What is your pricing model for transportation management software development services?
Intellias provides flexible and adjustable pricing models for our transportation management software development services, with the option to combine different engagement models for specific services within the same transportation management application development project. Every engagement is unique, and estimates for the cost of transportation app software development services will vary depending on the complexity of the project and your desired involvement in the management of your transportation software developers.
How fast can you scale my team without sacrificing the expertise and experience of transportation software developers?
We rely on both external recruitment channels and internal specialists to fulfill your project capacity needs. Our team works with you on creating a plan for staffing transportation software developers and defining strategies to start and scale the project team. With a proper balance of seniority and proactive feedback from both sides, we can guarantee delivery in accordance with a defined plan and with the level of expertise and level of experience required of your transportation software developers.
Can you describe the collaboration models provided by your company?
At Intellias, we work with transportation management application development projects of any size, scale, and complexity. We pick the cooperation model that’s most suitable depending on a client’s previous experience and needs as well as the project’s goals. It could be dedicated development team, managed delivery, or product development model. Each of these models covers a different set of needs and entails a different way in which our experts engage in developing custom software — performing exclusively engineering tasks; managing a full range of engineering projects, supervised teams, or programs; or developing a holistic product from the initial idea stage through bringing it to the market.
Can you describe your remote communication process while delivering transportation management application development services?
Intellias will establish a framework for remote communication between your in-house team and your remote transportation management application development team at the start of the project. In order to allocate a sufficient amount of time for initial team alignment and knowledge transfer, the Intellias team will adjust their work schedule to achieve a better time overlap. We will communicate using the tools you prefer for staying in touch with your professional transportation software development company.

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