Intellias improves development efficiency and reduces time to market for digital products with our operations services. We help you adopt clouds and platforms, define migration strategies, create cloud-based solutions, and apply modern practices such as DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE). Our solution operations services and IT operations consulting ensure reliability of development environments and continuity of operational processes. We apply established techniques backed by our own frameworks to assure smooth releases and flawless IT infrastructure operations. Our agile approach and focus on your specific needs will increase your business’s operational efficiency and digital strength. Build and scale IT operations services to drive sustainable growth with speed, certainty, and security.

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Our solution operations services

DevOps adoption

Improve development productivity and substantially reduce time to market for digital products by using platforms and clouds together with modern DevOps practices that help find and address delivery bottlenecks

Cloud and platform adoption

Optimize and reduce operational and maintenance costs by applying cloud solutions and a pay-as-you-go service model that results in reliable, secure, and well-performing products

Service reliability engineering

Build SLA-driven and highly resilient services, providing system and application support to maintain user satisfaction, ensure business continuity, and guarantee the highest quality of your services

Outcomes of our solution operations services 

Reduced time to market cycles

Increased product quality

More efficient release management

Increased visibility of resource use

Improved configuration management efficiency

Decreased operational and maintenance costs

Improved product support efficiency

Increased team motivation with fewer operational issues

Optimize your solution’s operations by applying recent DevOps and cloud technologies
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Innovative eLearning Solution for Professional Corporate Training

We’re building an intelligent eLearning software platform that delivers comprehensive career training to millions of employees worldwide

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Azure Migration Services for CI/CD in Telecom

We’ve built a CI/CD prototype to evaluate the feasibility of Azure migration in terms of infrastructure costs, flexibility, and deployment speed

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Cloud Accelerator for Microservice Solutions and Efficient Production Environment

We’ve created a leading-edge cloud accelerator technology that orchestrates the deployment of hyper-scale microservices on Azure

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