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Our traffic management software development services

Our GIS, mapping, and software engineers enrich traffic management systems with data on vehicle flows, road incidents, weather conditions, and road repairs collected by municipalities, city infrastructure developers, and third-party service providers. We focus on saturating advanced traffic management systems with the most relevant and recent enriched and consumable mapping data. Road traffic monitoring software can become your competitive advantage in pursuit of optimized city traffic flows, predictable ETAs, and efficient supply chains.

Traffic solutions you can build with our services

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Guidance, navigation, and control

By combining traffic insights generated from collected field data and recognizing typical traffic flow patterns, we can enhance your navigation system and improve guidance to better control vehicles, spend less on maintenance, and save your customers time waiting for delivery or transit services.

Traffic visualization

Applying our expertise in big data analytics and data visualization, we transform traffic data into a visible and understandable picture where users and businesses can recognize opportunities for optimizing services and their usual routes. We help with creating traffic tiles on custom maps for virtual modeling and city planning.
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ADAS & autonomous driving

By implementing HD maps with real-time traffic data into modern ADAS systems, we improve road safety and bring autonomous cars closer to everyday global use. Mixing sensor data from ADAS systems with traffic data from other sources, we contribute to future mobility and smart city ecosystems.
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Traffic flow maps

Analyze historical traffic data and real-time updates to know the exact number of vehicles in a particular area, which helps in creating custom flow maps for planning supply chains and developing city infrastructure to optimize loads on road intersections, take a sustainable approach to transportation, and maximize the efficiency and utility of urban spaces.

Benefits of using our traffic management software development services

We apply GIS expertise to collect, process, and analyze spatial and dynamic geographical data for visualizing valuable insight in an integrated traffic management system.


Our expertise in location based services helps us compile business-specific maps for traffic control software that provides precise views of traffic movement.

We apply advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to build an intelligent traffic management system for avoiding road congestion.

Our experience with IoT connectivity helps us collect large amounts of data from a broad network of sensors to create smart road traffic monitoring software.


Apply advanced technology to traffic management

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Real-time traffic management system

A global vendor of mapping solutions was offering a vehicle traffic management system to third parties through two major public APIs. They decided to merge these into a single API to enhance quality, backwards compatibility, and performance. Intellias took on this task together with ownership of the entire navigation traffic data processing system. Today, our client’s solution handles billions of GPS data points, feeds from incident sources, and vehicle sensor data from millions of cars.

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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform

Our client has been developing a smart urban mobility platform to deliver rich navigation and traffic data to a variety of transportation services, including for public transport, bikesharing, carsharing, taxis, and car rentals. We created pipeline plugins to fetch real-time location and arrival data for many modes of public transportation, integrated real-time position data from transportation and travel agencies, and are now adding carsharing functionality.

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IoT connectivity to resolve traffic jams

Our client, a global provider of location data and mapping services, was creating an automated traffic management system for public transit, mapping, live traffic, and other services to simplify the daily lives of commuters and businesses. Intellias developed an IoT-based smart data traffic solution to link vehicles, road infrastructure, and pedestrians through our client’s cloud-based location platform and V2V, V2X, and V2I channels.

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Our expertise to strengthen your traffic solution

Data collection and visualization lead to predictable traffic management

Relevant data is decisive

Geospatial data collection is critical to accurately monitoring road networks with a traffic management system. Road development authorities and traffic management centers can use a wide range of geospatial data for real-time road traffic monitoring. The sources of this data can be anonymized data from smartphones, navigation systems, OEM partners, vehicle fleets, weather stations, and GPS systems.

Combining this data with traffic control software makes it possible to view overall and precise traffic flows. Based on vehicle speeds, an intelligent traffic management system can predict traffic movements and notify drivers of potential congestion or incidents ahead. Intellias deals with broad data points and can help organize, structure, and analyze large spatial data sets for use in a traffic management system.

Visualization drives insights

After gathering a large amount of data, an advanced traffic management system visualizes it in a consumable format. It transforms hard-to-comprehend data into valuable insights so businesses can make data-driven decisions that depend on road traffic. Logistics, carsharing, micro-mobility, food delivery, and public transportation services can leverage traffic management solutions to visualize their data.

Expertise in data analytics, cloud infrastructure services, and UI/UX lean practices contribute to an integrated traffic management system. Combining advanced technologies with experience working with road traffic monitoring software increases the competitiveness of a traffic management system. Partnering with software engineering companies can help traffic management businesses achieve this competitive edge.

Strategies for predicting traffic

Apart from monitoring traffic in real time, an automated traffic management system can predict traffic flows based on certain parameters. Machine learning models help to recognize hidden geographical patterns in road traffic behavior and calculate correlations between speed and changes in road infrastructure. These features increase road safety, save costs for businesses, and reduce pollution.

Predictions made by a vehicle traffic management system are critical for planning city infrastructure. Municipalities can benefit from 3D modeling, simulation of traffic behavior, and digital twins technology to avoid traffic problems in the future. A traffic management system can be a tool for smart city development when it’s created based on a close collaboration between businesses and road authorities.

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