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Since 2002, Intellias has been empowering fleet managers, smart city supporters, road infrastructure development leaders, and urban planners with traffic management software based on broad expertise in GIS data analysis, custom mapping, AI automation, and edge processing technologies. We support our clients in developing traffic management programs aimed at limiting road congestion, optimizing global supply chains, and avoiding road incidents. By tapping into our consulting and engineering services, our clients create solutions that save time, fuel, and nerves for customers and businesses. We can help you develop a system to collect and analyze valuable traffic data and make it work for your business.

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Our services

We enrich traffic management systems with data onvehicle flows, road incidents, weather conditions, and road repairs collected by municipalities, city infrastructure developers, and third-party service providers. We focus on saturating integratedtraffic management systems with the most relevant and recent enriched and consumable mapping data. Road traffic monitoring software can become your competitive advantage in pursuit of optimized city traffic flows, predictable ETAs, and efficient supply chains.

Traffic data management

Collect, structure, and manage traffic data aggregated from vehicle sensors, broadcast streams, weather stations, government organizations, and private data providers to get the entire picture of live traffic from every angle

Traffic data fusion

Integrate multiple data sources to produce consistent, accurate, and insightful traffic views, applying traffic flow analytics, data validation and filtering, map matching, closure detection, and incident extraction

Traffic data visualization

Create easy-to-use dashboards that visualize a wealth of information collected from existing road infrastructure, provide reporting tools and live alerts concerning all traffic participants, and analyze traffic volumes over a long period of time

Traffic data delivery

Maximize the use of traffic data by easily delivering it to critical applications, customizing products and services, integrating APIs, creating traffic tiles, and broadcasting traffic data to a wide audience

Traffic centers and complete solutions

Apply collected, analyzed, and visualized data to create real-time traffic monitoring systems and traffic centers for managing and optimizing traffic networks that influence infrastructure development and increase quality of life in cities

Traffic management solutions you can build with our services

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Guidance, navigation, and control

By combining traffic insights generated from collected field data and recognizing typical traffic flow patterns, we can enhance your navigation system and improve guidance to better control vehicles, spend less on maintenance, and save your customers’ time waiting for delivery or transit services.

Traffic modeling and simulation

Build a precise model of a city’s infrastructure with heuristically simulated traffic movement to predict and avoid congestion. You can optimize traffic flows, road intersections, and transportation loads using collected data and trained machine learning algorithms that increase the efficiency of public transport and city development.
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Video analytics

Track and count vehicles on the road, match real-time updates with historical traffic data, and integrate live video streams into your traffic management system to interact with traffic participants in real time, allowing them to pay faster at gas stations or pay tolls with plate number recognition.
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Road safety

Recognize a road incident right after it occurs; identify the guilty party based on video registration, computer vision, and data analytics tools; and make automated emergency calls to save lives and accelerate the clearing of roadways.

Traffic management technology ecosystem

Intellias applies its consulting and technology services to build a complete ecosystem around real-time traffic monitoring systems. With 20 years of experience with the transportation industry, we know how to combine technologies and choose those that are most suitable for each client. We can help you meet your exact needs while implementing DevOps best practices, integrating applicable services, and scaling technology in the best direction.

Applications & integrations

Connect your traffic management application with platforms and services for effortless data exchange to give businesses, transport operators, and drivers easy access to recent traffic information.

Connectivity & IoT

Unite the latest technologies like 5G and connected sensors to provide sufficient data for real-time traffic monitoring systems with centralized device management and stable access to online traffic services.

Cloud & DevSecOps

Build and nurture cloud-based infrastructure for traffic management technologies, reinforced with modern DevSecOps practices for secure and stable performance of your traffic management program.

Big data & data science

Consolidate a huge amount of data collected from connected vehicles, mobile devices, online services, weather stations, and road infrastructure to get actionable insights and automate traffic decisions.

Edge processing

Improve the efficiency of smart devices and react faster to critical data from sensors installed in vehicles and infrastructure, even when those sensors are offline or the connection is limited due to difficult road conditions.

Location-based services

Streamline the application of location services and mapping data and make accurate navigation easily accessible for better traffic monitoring, traffic flow control, and road load optimization.

Embedded development

Install smart sensors in the core of vehicles and infrastructure to monitor and manage constantly changing traffic flows, comply with emissions standards, increase road safety, and promote sustainability.

Adopt advanced technologies for traffic management systems

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