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Telematics for Fleet Management to Optimize Vehicles Efficiency

We’re developing a telematics for fleet management software that consolidates data from vehicles in the field

Key features

  • Track vehicle positions in real time

    Track vehicle positions in real time

  • Provide remote vehicle diagnostics

    Provide remote vehicle diagnostics

  • Monitor vehicle routes and mileage

    Monitor vehicle routes and mileage

Industry: Logistics, Fleet Management
Headquarters: Florida, USA
Market: USA
Team size: 7 members
Cooperation: 2018 – present

Angular / AWS / Google Cloud / Invision / Java / Node.JS / React / Sketch

Business challenge

A leading fleets technology innovator with over 2 million in-vehicle software installations, our client decided to introduce telematics for fleet management to increase efficiency of vehicles in the field. Launching an advanced cloud-based platform would enable our client to respond to the latest trends and promote the company’s growth and competitiveness on the dynamic telematics for fleet management market.

The idea behind this telematics fleet tracking solution was to combine software and hardware in vehicles to deliver better control, performance, and cost efficiency for vehicle fleets. The platform was to be equipped with real-time GPS telematics, detailed mapping, route and mileage monitoring, diagnostic alerts, and an all-in-one dashboard to visualize data aggregated from fleet vehicles.

Once our client decided on vehicle telematics solutions, they realized they needed to overcome some technological limitations. So they looked for a partner with expertise in logistic and transportation management software to undertake a significant portion of work on their product. They chose Intellias as their main software development partner to build a GPS telematics solution on account of our rich technology and location-based services experience.
Telematics for Fleet Management to Optimize Vehicles Efficiency

Telematics for fleet management solution delivered

Initially, we signed an agreement to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) during a six-month period. However, in just three months, Intellias proved a reliable development partner capable of taking the product from concept to market.

Our client entered into a long-term agreement with Intellias as a trusted IoT development company and tasked us with developing a telematics fleet tracking solution. We set up a team of seven, comprising four frontend developers, a business analyst, a QA engineer, and a project manager for the development of fleet management solutions. We’re covering the entire product development life cycle, from product and UI/UX design to quality management and continuous delivery. Our project team follows the Lean Startup methodology, which provides flexibility due to quick iterations and fast market feedback.

Over a period of 1.5 years, we’ve succeeded in building interactive fleet telematics solutions that provide managers with consolidated insights into their fleets and workforces in the field. The platform empowers fleet managers with helpful functionalities that allow them to optimize vehicle usage and fleet efficiency:

  • Real-time mapping

The telematics dashboard allows for customized country-, region-, and driver-level views. Users can zoom into a region, city, or borough, view the number of vehicles in the area, locate a particular vehicle on the map, and check its registration credentials, speed, direction of movement, and driver.

  • Idle time tracking and management

Using advanced reporting and efficiency statistics, fleet managers can perform drill-down analysis of fleet downtime by region, period, time of day, vehicle types, and event. The system can also follow routes and trip times for each vehicle.

  • DTC tracking and analysis

The application integrates with maintenance programs through DTC codes. Any mechanical failures or maintenance needs can be tracked by the system and passed to the fleet manager, who then schedules the vehicle for diagnostics or service.

Technologies used: Google Cloud / Invision / Figma / Node.js / React / AWS / Angular / Java / Sketch / Craft / Zeplin

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Business outcome

From day one, our team has been making excellent progress in developing a fleet telematics system for our client. We empowered our client with LBS expertise and provided full-cycle development of a complex business intelligence solution. After eight months of collaboration with Intellias, our client brought a fully workable product to the market.

This powerful fleet telematics system for large fleets can handle over 100,000 vehicles and years of fleet history with a granularity of data points every 30 seconds. It synchronizes data with all fleet vehicles through Google Cloud and provides managers with rich real-time mapping, telematics-intensive diagrams, and advanced reporting for drill-down analysis and efficient decision-making.

To date, our client has been successfully delivering its comprehensive solution to customers, equipping fleet managers to monitor daily operations and optimize vehicle performance. The company’s clientele ranges from businesses and enterprises to government institutions and law enforcement.

Our client has now signed a longterm contract with Intellias to provide continuous improvements to their vehicle telematics solutions. Our team rolls out new features and enhancements monthly and is now finalizing a new set of functionalities that will allow our client to acquire new customers.

The solution we’re developing brings these advantages to fleet managers:

  • Get performance insights on a custom management dashboard for full transparency over fleet efficiency and sustainability
  • Decrease costs of operation and fuel consumption
  • Reduce CO2 emissions to comply with environmental regulations
  • Build vehicle maintenance plans upfront
  • Prevent fraud by tracking actual routes and mileage
  • Get access to real-time vehicle telematics through the CAN bus
  • Monitor logbooks, work timesheets, and vehicle inventory
  • Efficiently manage drivers’ licenses
  • Track vehicle insurance with due dates and restrictions

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