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Our fleet management software development services

Intellias has experience creating GPS fleet tracking software to monitor performance and increase fleet efficiency. Our engineers have scaled the technology teams of global OEMs, Fortune 500 companies, fleet management software companies, and businesses with light commercial vehicle fleets. We help fleet management companies build fleet tracking solutions to drive innovation and simplify operations. For businesses who manage small or large fleets using location technologies, our GPS tracking software development services can accelerate development, lower the cost of IT resources, and introduce specific technology required for in-demand features in fleet management solutions.

Why choose Intellias for your fleet management software development?

Our expertise in Internet of Things solutions for fleet tracking software development empowers fleet companies to acquire critical data from in-vehicle sensors, connect them to IoT apps, and monitor fleet performance and vehicle movements on the road in real time.

After collecting enough data on fleets, you may need advanced data analytics to generate valuable insights and machine learning capabilities to automate decision-making for faster adjustments on the road and accurate predictions of business outcomes.

Your fleet management apps will receive enough computing power, scalability, and modularity with our cloud services migration for legacy systems and cloud-native development backed by partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud.

You’ll be able to reimagine the world of location technology and how it can empower your fleets. Moreover, your customers will get cost-efficient and resource-saving services within a unified platform where all their data and applications work in a joint ecosystem.

Introduce technological innovation to boost your fleet’s efficiency

Our expertise can strengthen your fleet management system development

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“Working with Intellias is the way to increase your productivity while keeping your costs in check. You have access to talented people you would hire for your own company to complete challenging milestones. Intellias for me is much more a partner than a subcontractor. This is a premium partnership where you always get a little bit more personal touch.”

Daniel-Alarcon Rubio, CTO

Fleet telematics and vehicles management

A leading fleet technology innovator decided to build a telematics fleet management platform for vehicles in the field. We started with an MVP and then covered the entire product development life cycle, from UX/UI design to quality management and continuous delivery. We developed a powerful solution for large fleets to handle over 100,000 vehicles and years of fleet historical fleet data in seconds. The platform synchronizes data to provide managers with rich real-time mapping, telematics diagrams, and advanced reporting.

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Fleet monitoring for a Fortune 500 company

One of the world’s largest OEMs was exploring the potential of IoT technologies in light commercial vehicle fleets. They worked with Intellias engineers to implement native iOS and Android apps for an intelligent vehicle monitoring system. We integrated digital maps, geolocation services, and points of interest. We also provided a UX/UI design for comprehensive dashboards that empower data visualization and custom rendering.

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GIS data analysis for logistics fleet routing

Our client needed to provide their customers with logistics maps containing up-to-date toll costs, truck restrictions, and low-emission zones across different countries to support international deliveries. Intellias developed custom GIS tools and introduced open-source GIS solutions to automatically capture spatial data from various sources and convert it into a proprietary format. This resulted in an 8x decrease in compilation times for transportation routing maps used for big and small logistics vehicle fleets.

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Benefits of GPS fleet management solutions

Smart reporting and real-time visibility

Fleet managers can apply GPS fleet management solutions in different ways. Often, they need to visualize lots of fleet telematics data to analyze vehicle performance over time. Route planning algorithms and custom analytics reports reveal where fleet operations can be improved and how to do so by using fleet GPS tracking systems.

By implementing fleet management software solutions, transportation businesses can increase fleet efficiency by promptly adjusting routes, building ad-hoc reports, and mitigating potential road hazards on the road. Also, they can rely on fleet management platforms that combine a lot of tools for the development of custom apps for fleet management.

Fleet maintenance and drivers safety

Finding potential issues with vehicle parts using fleet maintenance systems and car dispatch solutions may save cargo — and even drivers’ lives. Drivers can receive alerts on malfunctions while at the wheel, fleet managers can get immediate notifications in case a vehicle is stolen or any other issues appear, and business owners can get stable and predictable profits.

Implementing a driver behavior profiling system with individual profiles can prove that you’re a reliable insurance customer. Insurance companies may see your history without rules violations and give you special offers for avoiding risky road situations. In this way, fleet tracking software development helps optimize indirect costs by saving money on insurance.

Cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction

Fuel monitoring helps analyze driver behavior, plan vehicle fueling at stations with the lowest prices, and observe idle time to prevent it in the future. Additionally, maintenance issues can be avoided thanks to prescheduled repairs and utilization of maintenance prediction that helps in planning vehicle maintenance before any issue appear to harm vehicles or drivers.

Telematics data and GPS fleet tracking software can improve delivery times and assure your customers of your commitment to the estimated time of arrival. Fleet management software solutions make customers loyal as it uses fleet GPS tracking systems to control and track vehicles carrying their goods. Your transportation services will become unrivaled on the market.

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