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We apply our technology expertise and experience in GPS fleet management solutions to help our clients better control their vehicle fleets. To achieve this, we use location technologies, IoT connectivity, machine learning algorithms, and edge computing. With Intellias’ fleet management software development services, companies can develop fleet tracking solutions faster, get insights from location data, increase fleet efficiency, and offer a better experience to fleet managers and end customers. Create a custom fleet management app that leverages location and vehicle data to accurately monitor vehicle conditions, understand driver behavior, and discover fuel consumption patterns.

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Our services

Intellias has experience creating fleet tracking software to monitor performance and increase fleet efficiency. Our clients include data platform providers, fleet management software companies, and businesses with light commercial vehicle fleets. We help fleet management companies build fleet tracking solutions to drive innovation, simplify operations, and improve cost efficiency, ensuring they can win on the market. For businesses who manage small or large fleets using modern location technologies, our services can accelerate development, lower the cost of IT resources, and introduce specific technology expertise required to implement in-demand features in fleet management solutions.

GPS tracking and telematics

Manage your fleets efficiently using GPS fleet tracking, IoT sensors, and video telematics to collect real-time data on driving hours, miles, locations, engine conditions, and maintenance

Route planning and optimization

Build, monitor, and adjust delivery routes in real time by evaluating critical factors along the journey like traffic density, geofenced areas, and toll roads for optimal and predictable ETAs

Driver management and safety

Monitor and analyze driving behavior and in-vehicle activity using active sensors, warning notifications, and a reward system to improve safety, avoid fatigue, and minimize idle time

Fuel monitoring and fuel economy

Streamline fuel data collection to increase visibility of fuel costs, reduce unnecessary consumption, improve efficiency, and understand the cost per mile for every asset

Fleet maintenance and predictions

Collect data on vehicle performance from monitoring devices, transmit timely maintenance reminders to drivers and dispatchers, and schedule preventive maintenance

Data analytics and reporting

Aggregate data across your fleet and process it within a reporting tool to visualize the most critical metrics and KPIs for your business efficiency, customer satisfaction, and safety

ELD solutions and compliance

Develop specific software for electronic logging devices (ELDs) to help fleets comply with global regulations, boost drivers’ productivity, and improve safety on the road

Custom integrations and APIs

Integrate your fleet management solution with valuable data sources within your organization or with external services for regular traffic updates, custom mapping, and smooth navigation

Rule the Road: Intelligent Fleet Management System

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Fleet management technology ecosystem

The truck management market is moving from outdated systems towards innovative digital solutions built on emerging and proven software technologies. Intellias is partnering with top mobility and fleet service providers to build data platforms, custom fleet apps, and real-time tracking solutions. Our vehicle management software development services help clients optimize costs and generate new revenue through location technologies, connectivity, API integration, data analytics, and cloud services.

Applications & integrations

Connect your fleet management application with platforms and services for effortless data exchange to give customers, fleet managers, and truck drivers insights applicable to their everyday needs.

Connectivity & IoT

Unite the latest technologies, including 5G and connected sensors, to provide sufficient data for real-time vehicle management with remote device control and stable access to online tracking services.

Cloud & DevSecOps

Build and nurture cloud-based infrastructure for fleet management, reinforced with modern DevSecOps practices and cloud services for secure and stable performance.

Big data & data science

Consolidate a huge amount of data collected from connected vehicles, mobile devices, online services, weather stations, and road infrastructure to get actionable insights and automate fleet control.

Edge processing

Improve the efficiency of smart devices and react faster to critical data from sensors installed in vehicles and infrastructure, even when those sensors are offline or the connection is limited due to difficult road conditions.

Location-based services

Streamline the application of location services and mapping data and make accurate navigation easily accessible for better fleet management, control over vehicles, and truck load optimization.

Embedded development

Install smart sensors in the core of vehicles and containers to monitor and manage truck routes, comply with emissions standards, increase road safety, and promote sustainability.

Introduce technological innovation to boost your fleet’s efficiency

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