Electric Vehicle Navigation

As more drivers are switching to electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for convenient navigation with electric charging stations availability is becoming ever critical. Intellias expertise in building EV navigation solutions helps to plan optimized route considering all the peculiarities of electric vehicles, like battery level and consumption parameters, while providing accurate range maps, and adding optional charging stations so that electric car always reaches its destination.

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EV navigation services

Integration with Electric Vehicle

Since the appearance of EV, navigation systems have become significantly integrated into a car ecosystem. Thus, to build a user-friendly navigation solution, it should consider specific EV parameters. As a result, every project starts with integration for the sake of a better user experience.

HMI for Electric Vehicle

Intellias applies its niche expertise in automotive HMI to design UX/UI for EV that has proven to shorten driver response time, improve human-vehicle interaction, and deliver user experience augmented with mobile features used by a driver. Our HMI for EV offers all the necessary information specific to electric car, including such parameters as car’s condition, battery level, charging stations, and other additional information critical for the vehicle on a go.

Electric Vehicle Routing

Our electric car navigation solutions consider parameters like road geometry (slopes and curvatures), the distance between charging stations along the route, and charging station characteristics for proper ETA to the destination. We include several important elements when creating a route for EV: range on map, range on route, multi-stop routing (auto-adding charging stations), charging station availability/booking, etc.

Map compilation for electric vehicle

A map for EV navigation should contain specific to electric car elements like charging stations along the route. Intellias knows how to implement efficient charging stations processing and reduce map size and compilation cost while keeping high data quality and enriching end user experience.

We work with a complex navigation database which stores the following parameters for charging station:

  • Сharging connectors
  • Connector types
  • Maximum power output
  • Charging speed
  • Number of connectors
  • Current type (AC or DC)
  • Brand
  • CS providers
  • Real-time availability of charging connectors

Our map compilation process ensures the following:

  • Reduced data volumes by filtering charging stations according to technical parameters and availability
  • Optimized production costs using one map with precisely categorized charging stations by several OEMs
  • The ability to use the same map for different types of vehicles by storing a list of charging stations under the same POI category as gas stations but with a different fuel type
  • Categorization of charging station POIs as fast/normal to offer users more options during search

Why Intellias

  • Solid expertise in building smart navigation products
  • Experience delivering
    for EV brands
  • Knowledge of various EV features and EV routing algorithms
  • Ability to minimize EV navigation map compilation costs and map size

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