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Our automotive navigation software development services

Intellias is home to some of the most innovative  navigation solutions for connected cars and  autonomous driving. We build on our expertise in navigation software development and vehicle routing services to produce real-time and centimeter-accurate end to end solutions that ensure secure navigation in every corner of the globe. All navigation systems will be aligned with Navigation Data Standard (NDS) and proprietary formats to ensure the route is always clear and safe.
  • Navigation compliance and compilation

    Navigation compliance and compilation

    Accelerating compilation process while complying with all NDS formats

  • 2D and 3D rendering

    2D and 3D rendering

    Offering the fastest in-car rendering for heads-up displays and instrument clusters

  • Online and offline search

    Online and offline search

    Connecting navigation systems to the cloud (AWS, MS Azure, Google) for optimized search

  • Real-time traffic information

    Real-time traffic information

    Integrating navigation systems with cloud-based location platforms for better routing and path guidance

  • Turn-by-turn and voice guidance

    Turn-by-turn and voice guidance

    Displaying route information on heads-up displays along with voice recognition via Azure Cortana

  • Precise GPS locations

    Precise GPS locations

    Collecting and aggregating data on car locations using GPS and lane calculations for precise positioning

  • E2E integrated navigation

    E2E integrated navigation

    Integrating navigation systems with cloud and mobile devices

  • Electric vehicle navigation

    Electric vehicle navigation

    Applying vehicle mapping service for smart navigation with charging stations en-route for an EV to reach its destination


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Success storiesView all case studies

SDK for connected NDS-based navigation

For our client, one of the key contributors of innovative services and solutions in the global automotive navigation market, we advanced an integrated automotive-grade navigation solution to make the driving experience more personalized, connected, and safe. Our team helped to build a connected car SDK with NDS map that use a set of modular software components, allowing OEMs to build fully integrated E2E navigation solutions as part of in-vehicle infotainment systems. The SDK ships with NDS maps, map update tools, point-of-interest search, routing, guidance, live traffic updates, and much more.

Learn more SDK for connected NDS-based navigation

A highly responsive rendering service for navigation

Our client, a high-tech mapping company from the Netherlands that delivers advanced mapping services and solutions globally, needed engineering assistance for building a responsive rendering service for their navigation solutions. Our teams of experts considerably improved map rendering performance in in-vehicle navigation systems. The goal was to achieve up to a 50% reduction in total CPU use and up to a 25% reduction in CPU use for rendering. To accomplish this, we used instrumentation and sampling profilers (Telemetry, Easy Profiler, VS profiler, VTune), the VS memory profiler, RenderDoc, and the NVIDIA Tegra debugger.

Learn more A highly responsive rendering service for navigation

Electric vehicle trip planner for multi-stop routing

Our client, a distinguished innovator in the automotive industry who brings sophisticated in-car solutions and services to the global market, approached Intellias to build a series of intelligent electric vehicle navigation systems for quickly planning stops at charging stations along a route. We implemented everything required for EV routing: navigation logic, features for displaying a vehicle’s range on the map and a possible range on the route, and functionality for automatically adding charging stops to make routes viable. This functionality is based on information on battery and energy consumption parameters.

Learn more Electric vehicle trip planner for multi-stop routing

HD automotive map compilation

We rebuilt a map compilation to produce more NDS maps and compile them faster. Being a trusted and long-time member of the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) association, our client delivers best-in-class software development tools for building embedded in-vehicle navigation. The company turned to Intellias to partner in the augmentation of map compilation environment so that it could correspond to a newer NDS specification, version 2.4.x, which offered a richer feature set. Our team of engineers helped to increase in map compilation performance through the introduction of pre-production map data validation and full verification of NDS compatibility.

Learn more HD automotive map compilation

Automotive navigation software to transform driving experience

Enhance the customer experience

An interactive navigation is nothing new on a smartphone, let alone in an autonomous car. But Intellias takes navigation and routing to the next level. We help car manufacturers deliver premium services with a focus on fast, responsive, and intelligent automotive navigation software. We create high-quality, dynamic projections that improve customer-machine interactions.

We help our clients enhance the way drivers interact with their infotainment systems. Our immersive navigation solutions will let you provide better map visualizations with 2D and 3D rendering, surface shading, reflections, scattering, and halo effects. Today’s automotive navigation software can reinvent your customers’ everyday travels with AR systems.

Increase navigation accuracy

Autonomous cars need thorough and detailed information on every inch of the roadway. Because driverless vehicles have to be precise and accurate, we make sure our automotive navigation software gets constant updates and react to the slightest changes on the road. Powerful sensors and advanced navigation solutions are ushering in a new era of data and routing services.

Intellias navigation software development services allow automakers to easily upload and visualize layers of data so that drivers can orient themselves faster. We create high-definition maps with up-to-the-minute updates that power the onboard navigation systems of driverless cars. Be it a construction zone or an accident, our navigation solutions react right away.

Achieve regulatory compliance

Optimizing automotive navigation software development process and data formats to meet global standards is critical for navigation software and the whole automotive ecosystem. Self-driving cars need accurate and precise data, and broadly accepted sets of rules and data formats like the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) can significantly facilitate routing and traffic roll-out.

Our vehicle navigation service will help you achieve NDS compliance and provide your customers with proprietary data formats for a secure ride. We leverage NDS technology to deliver incremental updates and ensure faster compilation process. Intellias automotive navigation software guarantees the flexibility of turn by turn guidance and compilation.

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