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Our software engineering services

End-to-end development

We leverage the best software engineering solutions to create scalable product architectures and deliver complex, integrated systems working with various data types and sources.

Performance engineering

We design applications with performance and scalability in mind, capable of withstanding high load and remaining fully operational and responsive under any circumstances.

Application development

We build and deploy applications using the most suitable and promising stack of technologies and the best software engineering and development practices.

Solution implementation

We fully prepare the production environment, deploy the solution, perform a full cycle of testing, check integrations, and launch the product to start user onboarding and training.

Quality control

Software engineering and quality control are inseparable and we make sure that every piece of code or feature is 100% tested for functional and non-functional requirements.

Quality control automation

Quality control automation We fully automate quality assurance processes by implementing test automation frameworks, writing complex test scripts, and enabling CI/CD workflows.

Intellias delivery pipeline



We assign an experienced cross-functional team to take a deep dive into project requirements and expected deliverables, conduct a feasibility study, validate pre-production hypotheses, and assess all technology-related risks to ensure a smooth project kick-off.



During this phase, the project team completes a full cycle of development activities: from defining the architecture and laying out a test automation framework to performing multiple development iterations leading to the final project delivery.



Following the active development phase, the validation phase aims to thoroughly test the solution and check it for full alignment with the initial requirements, test cases created during the previous cases, as well as all applicable standards and guidelines.



Once the solution is developed, fully tested, and accepted internally and by the client, our DevOps team configures the designated production environment and deploys the solution, making sure that every module and service is running as expected.



The start of the maintenance stage marks the completion of active development. This is where our team of support engineers takes care of the solution by continuously monitoring its vitals and adding new functionality if and when needed.

Our technology stack

Programming languages
Mobile development platforms
Advanced technologies
Cloud ecosystem partnerships

Programming languages

Programming languages
Programming languages
Programming languages
Programming languages
Programming languages
Programming languages
Programming languages
Programming languages

Mobile development platforms

Mobile development platforms
Mobile development platforms
Mobile development platforms

Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies
Advanced technologies
Advanced technologies
Advanced technologies

Cloud ecosystem partnerships

Cloud ecosystem partnerships
Cloud ecosystem partnerships
Cloud ecosystem partnerships

What you get

Process advantages
Vendor advantages

Process advantages

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    Professional enterprise software engineering with predictable results

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    Minimization of production and implementation risks thanks to meticulous planning

  • 03
    ic_money (1)

    Substantial cost savings with streamlined processes and lean production practices

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    Ease and low cost of maintenance with fully documented deliverables and deployment guides

Vendor advantages

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    Cooperation with the leading Ukrainian software engineering company (according to Forbes)

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    Multiple R&D locations in Ukraine and Poland with on-site delivery options

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    450+ projects delivered since 2002

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    Effective recruitment processes for rapid team assembly and ramp-up

Transform your loosely defined business ideas into working, revenue-boosting IT solutions.

Why Intellias?

  • Cross-domain expertise

    Our experience and expertise span multiple verticals, industries, ecosystems, and technology stacks. We leverage the wealth of our knowledge and cutting-edge software development solutions to deliver sophisticated software products that are easy to use and maintain.

  • Dedicated Centers of Excellence

    Our dedicated CoEs were once created with the purpose of bringing together domain-specific expertise and subject matter experts who act as a trusted source of valuable information and insights for the entire company, helping other teams to quickly resolve issues and build better software.

  • Flexibility in every aspect

    We give our client’s needs the highest priority and do our best to adjust to schedules, planning and procurement processes, guidelines, technology preferences, and other aspects of software engineering. There are many ways to work with us and we can always come up with a new one!

  • Security and compliance

    We pay utmost attention to the security of our software and include security testing in our test plans by default. Compliance with national, industrial or clients’ proprietary standards is always covered as early as the initial planning phase.

  • Cost optimization

    Cost optimization is achieved through attractive pricing, flexible engagement models, and deep optimization of our enterprise software engineering processes that ensure fast onboarding, minimize idle time, and make for balanced resource utilization.

  • One vendor for every need

    Intellias is a real one-stop shop for all software engineering services: from business analysis and prototyping to multi-technology development, database migration, DevOps, QA, and long-term maintenance and support — we have it all fully covered.

What our clients say about Intellias

Derek Adams,

Derek Adams, CTO at BrainStorm

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Ebbe Groes,

Ebbe Groes, CTO at EveryMatrix

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Daniel Alarcon-Rubio,

Daniel Alarcon-Rubio, CTO

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Success storiesView all case studies

Integrated Payment Processing Platform

EveryMatrix, a British FinTech company, sought to quickly grow their market presence by introducing a number of new features and was looking for a reliable software engineering company with the right expertise, access to technology talent, work ethics, and outstanding quality of work. Intellias scored high in every category and signed a 5-year contract to develop MoneyMatrix, a powerful B2B payment processing platform with advanced security and fraud prevention mechanisms.

Learn more Integrated Payment Processing Platform

Employee Management Software for Enhanced Telecom Workplace Services

The client, an international provider of telecommunication services, came up with an idea of building a multifunctional employee portal for its 25,000 employees based at various locations across the world. The platform was meant to replace a vast array of legacy software solutions that were lacking integration and the functionality needed to fulfill the clients goals. Intellias was chosen for its extensive experience assisting telecoms in undergoing digital transformations.

Learn more Employee Management Software for Enhanced Telecom Workplace Services

Automated Greenhouse System with Profound Analytics

The client had a history of working with Intellias on a number of AgriTech projects and did not hesitate to entrust a new project into our hands. The client’s idea was to build an intelligent farm management application that would automatically collect sensor readings from greenhouses and indoor farms, combine them with manually entered parameters, and provide farmers with access to data visualizations, historical records, analytics, and professional recommendations.

Learn more Automated Greenhouse System with Profound Analytics

Engaging Learning Chatbot for Efficient Product Training

The client, a global car manufacturer, was looking for an experienced software engineering solutions provider capable of designing and building an NLP-enabled bot for training their sales personnel and familiarizing them with the company’s product and service portfolio. Intellias offered a team of talented AI/ML engineers and hands-on experience in the EdTech domain. As a result, we developed and successfully implemented a virtual teaching assistant with voice recognition and individual performance analysis capabilities.

Learn more Engaging Learning Chatbot for Efficient Product Training

Best practices of enterprise software engineering

People-first approach

Here at Intellias, we are keen on driving a people-first culture. As a software engineering company, we fully acknowledge the ultimate value of people as our primary resource and the foundation of our business. Therefore, employee retention and satisfaction are at the very top of our list of priorities.

In order to maintain this employee-centered culture, we foster an atmosphere of equality, tolerance, mutual respect, and support of individual development. We take special pride in our low attrition rate, which means that our employees stay with us for years, increase the overall seniority of our engineering core, and contribute to the development of our Centers of Excellence, our Technology Office, and industry-specific practices. All of these advantages enable Intellias to confidently engage in the most technically challenging projects requiring non-trivial software development solutions.

CX: a top priority

Our software engineering services are only successful if our clients are happy. And making them happy requires more than just delivering a product as expected — we have to consistently exceed their expectations. To that end, we strive to build a deeply personalized approach to each of our clients.

Intellias believes in lasting business relationships that start small and evolve into long-term software engineering engagements with the potential of turning into commercial marriages. The majority of our key accounts started after a few initial meetings where we demonstrated our commitment, proactive approach to solution advisory, and our impressive understanding of enterprise software engineering principles. Ever since our first contract, we have been striving to make this experience a norm for all of our client engagements and the entire software development life cycle.

Built to be agile

Being agile in today’s world is no longer a marketing gimmick for IT startups. Any business that wants to remain competitive, flexible, and adaptive to the constantly changing market situation cannot effectively move forward without getting agile at every level.

Intellias follows the well-known “Agile Movement” that advocates flexibility for delivering concrete results quickly and incrementally. Our software engineering services always rely on one of the popular software delivery frameworks, Scrum being our top choice. At the same time, being agile does not just mean using Scrum in software development. In a broader context, organizational agility translates into being able to quickly adopt new ways of doing familiar things, implement new processes, and adjust our software engineering approach for the benefit of our clients.

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