Automotive Embedded Software Development

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Automotive Embedded Software Development Services

Intellias delivers embedded software services to enhance the component functionality of multimedia systems, in-car networks, telematics, ADAS, body electronics, power train ECU, and transmission ECU. Such broad expertise is based on ASPICE certified processes and allows us to develop complex systems for ECU firmware updates, telematic control unit software, vehicle tracking systems, powertrain controller software, and other similar systems and components.

Car Comfort Functions

Car Comfort Functions


  • Embedded Linux
  • Android
  • Performance optimization
Car Networks

Car Networks

In-car networks: CAN, LIN, V2V, V2X

  • Real-time ethernet
  • High speed wireless
  • Energy optimization
  • Cybersecurity


HD Maps

  • Embedded Linux
  • Adaptive AUTOSAR
  • Functional Safety
Car Core Functions

Car Core Functions

Body Electronics
Power train ECU
Transmission ECU

  • Classic AUTOSAR
  • Low Power


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Embedded Solutions in Automotive

Value-added embedded services for automotive

In an age when consumers demand connectivity, the embedded software in automotive has the potential to drive the industry growth. Automotive embedded software allows automakers to provide connectivity through every touchpoint, expanding their offerings this way. With the help of embedded services for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 providers have already transformed the way people perceive the driving experience.

However, embedded automotive software development adds in its complexity. Embedded software in automotive must ensure optimal operation of the vehicle, support sophisticated navigation and infotainment systems, offer comprehensive UIs, and enable operation of all the connectivity features. Intellias experts work to morph the complexity of embedded automotive software development into the added value for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Intellias assists clients with packing automotive embedded software systems into their products to make energy consumption efficient, connected network safe and secure, and in-car experience convenient and memorable.

Embedded software in automotive to ensure safe driving

While the principles of embedded software development in the automotive domain are similar to that in other industries, the quality is what makes here the difference. Ensuring safety in the car and preventing on-road accidents is possible only when the highest safety standards are observed. For this reason, “error-free” should be the first and foremost quality of automotive embedded software.

In the course of embedded automotive software development, Intellias precisely observes all the quality standards and follows them at any project stage. Irrespective of the vehicle’s system or module, the automotive embedded software is properly written and tested. We consider all the systems, small and big, as “life-critical.” For instance, consider the possible harmful consequences of a driver being distracted by the malfunctioning of infotainment system components. At Intellias, one of our key tasks is to prevent any faults in automotive embedded software.

Automotive embedded software for predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance, supported by embedded services for automotive, is an effective solution for automakers and OEMs. Among other benefits over traditional approaches, predictive maintenance allows manufacturers to schedule corrective actions and maximize the equipment operation. Today, data is the decisive element that becomes critical for predictive maintenance. Embedded software in automotive lets Intellias clients consume a scalable data range to get valuable insights into vehicle performance and driver behavior. This way, embedded automotive software development helps to predict maintenance needs and avoid car crashes.

With embedded services for automotive, you can collect data from hardware modules, electronic control units, and data transmitters. Continuous tracking allows diagnostic data about necessary system updates to be sent to automakers. On top of that, automotive embedded software helps automakers collect real-time data via IoT sensors and monitor vehicle conditions to detect faults and schedule maintenance.

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