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Our digital consulting and software services

Solution discovery

Find the optimal solution for challenges you experience with your current processes or services that will contribute to business growth and customer satisfaction

Product discovery

Build a clear vision and implementation strategy for solving business challenges with a new product when there’s no ready-made solution with custom functionality you need

Technology advisory

Resolve complex technological challenges for both narrow issues and wide architecture-level tasks while creating products from scratch, modernizing IT infrastructure, or adopting new platforms

Experience design

Build an emotional connection with your users by enriching your product with an immersive and innovative experience that will resonate with users’ needs and your business objectives

Quality advisory

Reduce testing costs by following software development best practices, boost engineers’ motivation by accelerating bug fixing, and increase user satisfaction by addressing issues as early as possible

Cyber security assessment

Get a transparent and profound assessment of the cyber security threats and potential vulnerabilities your business faces due to internal software issues or external fraud attacks

Our approach to digital consultancy services



Our certified experts from the relevant field will find and examine issues related to your product, service, or business. After discovering specific challenges, we will assist you in framing a technological solution for your exact needs.



After identifying the best solution and specifying all project details, our digital consulting experts will support you in building your product, considering all specifications and requirements.



As development evolves, advisory experts will help you improve established processes, analyze technological readiness, and set up techniques for high-quality development, testing, and continuous improvement.

Deliverables that drive tangible business outcomes

  • 01

    Elaborated solution vision or product hypotheses that solves specific problems

  • 02

    Requirements, design, and architecture descriptions for further implementation

  • 03

    Increased productivity, quality, and predictability of processes and solutions

  • 04

    Reduced security risks and better ongoing protection of your newly built solution

Transform professional advice and guidance into your competitive advantage

Why Intellias?

  • Tailored approach to consultancy

    We work proactively with you, relying on years of experience in digital consulting and software services as well as mature experts with technological and business backgrounds who focus on delivering tangible results. We’ll help you sharpen your business idea by combining industry best practices with what we’ve learned throughout our work with clients.

  • Consulting scalability

    We invest in assessing and improving our digital consulting services to make sure your vision is efficiently translated into a technological solution. Our digital consultancy services go far beyond single engagement. Our Technology Office constantly improves approaches and trains our experts so you can get the most from our knowledge and reach the market faster.

  • Focus on clients

    To get your business on top of the ever-changing market, Intellias relies on best-in-class specialists with cross-functional and industry-wide expertise. Working shoulder to shoulder with you, we provide digital consultancy services that lay the groundwork for solution or product design, further collaboration, and implementation strategies.

  • Centers of Excellence

    We view expertise and excellence as inseparable ingredients for the success of products and services. That’s why we support our specialists through knowledge sharing and motivate them to develop new competencies in technologies and processes. Within our Centers of Excellence, we make the most of our company’s expertise to help you reach your strategic objectives faster.

  • International standards

    Intellias aims to provide clients with high-quality and robust solutions that are safe from potential threats and internal bugs. Our processes are aligned with international standards and regulations including ISO 26262, ISO 27001:9001, the GDPR, and A-SPICE. We recommend solutions that comply with industry best practices across the globe.

  • Effective security

    We apply security best practices combined with what we’ve learned through our own experience working with companies of various sizes and with various needs. We predict potential risks and eliminate value loss via profound security testing to protect your data at each level, from physical security to software development processes.

What our clients say about Intellias

Derek Adams,

Derek Adams, CTO at BrainStorm

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Ebbe Groes,

Ebbe Groes, CTO at EveryMatrix

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Daniel Alarcon-Rubio,

Daniel Alarcon-Rubio, CTO

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Success storiesView all case studies

Technology assessment for a digital bank

A digital bank from the UAE has been revolutionizing online banking with cloud-native and serverless applications. The bank required a comprehensive technology assessment of their existing development processes, systems configuration, and platform components integration. Today, the bank saves over one million USD per year thanks to our digital consulting services related to infrastructure optimization and their data migration strategy.

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Product discovery for a trip sharing platform

A fast-growing Norwegian tech company aimed at transforming their existing travel solution into a transport as a service trip sharing platform. As part of this effort, they asked us to research customers’ technological needs, define an optimal platform architecture, design wireframes, and build a clickable prototype of the web interface. The client received a clear technical vision for future product development with prioritized features and defined user scenarios.

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Technology consulting to streamline business flows

A US-based enterprise manufacturer with 1,100 tire and truck service centers globally has been undergoing digital transformation of their operational services. They required technological guidance to automate document management and streamline the overall tire management lifecycle. We conducted in-depth research of employees’ workflows to integrate employee apps into a seamless and convenient ecosystem.

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Prototype for a futuristic in-car gaming system

A leading auto manufacturer is developing a vision of how passengers will interact with self-driving vehicles in the premium car segment. They required technological guidance to shape their idea of an interactive in-car gaming system as an infotainment solution for fully autonomous vehicles. We developed both visual and technological prototypes based on the Kanzi HMI engine to build the foundation for further product development.

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Design and consultancy for an online banking solution

One of the world’s leading banks based in Dubai needed to update their online banking design to guide new customers through the enrollment process using a next-generation biometric tablet. Intellias provided an expert design team for building an MVP and customer journey from scratch. As a result, the client cut the onboarding time for new accounts from three days to 15 minutes thanks to simplified business processes and optimized application logic.

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What are the benefits of digital consulting services for your business?

Digital and technological transformation

To keep up with the digital revolution, companies can use strategic digital consulting services to automate and digitalize operations, optimize software portfolios, and integrate cutting-edge technology. Implementing advanced technology can be a hurdle, especially for the enterprise sector where companies focus more on non-technical business.

Intellias supports organizations of various sizes from different industries and with different levels of tech readiness, guiding their digital transformation to attain growth. Our digital consultancy services enable businesses to diversify their services and meet customers’ needs much faster thanks to early discovery of technological solutions.

Expertise and experience combined

Our Centers of Excellence are delivery-wide virtual teams of top-tier professionals who provide thought leadership, assure the implementation of best practices, undertake in-depth research, and support specific focus areas of projects. A focus area might be a technology, business domain, soft skill, or programing language you need the most.

We provide you with the exact experts you need for solving specific project challenges. In addition, our experience in delivering long-term projects helps us better understand the needs of our clients with regard to continuous product support. We can start with digital consulting, cover full cycle development, and keep your solution running.

Technology advisory excellence

At Intellias, we have an IT advisory and Technology Office that can guide you through the uncertainty that comes with technological innovation. Relying on our digital consulting and software services, you can be sure your idea will successfully become a fully working solution that aligns with your business goals and users’ needs.

Digital consulting becomes the starting point to reshape your business and steer it to new opportunities. If you’re at the crossroads of choosing a technology or platform for your application, our technology advisory can become your competitive advantage when entering a new sphere or can reinforce your established technological expertise.

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