Our Security Center of Excellence is a team of IT security experts with a wealth of experience spanning across multiple technology domains and industries. We apply our cybersecurity consulting services and extensive knowledge of security best practices and standards to ensure that our clients’ mission-critical systems are reliably protected from all known and emerging threats. With our cybersecurity consulting services, we help our clients stay safe and ready for the digitalized future.

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The Security Center of Excellence was formed to strengthen Intellias position as a cybersecurity consulting company. We offer our cybersecurity advisory & consulting services as a response to the rapidly growing number of security-related requests and the rising concern about the lack of intrinsic security in many enterprise-grade systems working with sensitive financial, medical, and private data. Today, this unit is involved in the majority of the company’s production processes, but also acts as a standalone department offering a wide range of services to our clients that choose Intellias among so many cybersecurity consulting companies.

Security assessment

We test embedded code, applications, networks, and hardware components for vulnerabilities. We conduct security assessment using various methods and at all levels: from penetration testing of web services and mobile apps to fuzz testing and reverse engineering of on-prem applications

Compliance audit

We analyze our clients’ IT landscape and check it for compliance with the most important industrial security standards, such as ISO 27001, NIST 80-53, HIPA, GDPR, and CCPA. We have devised an end-to-end approach for compliance checks to ensure the highest level of accuracy and predictability of results

Configuration/system audit

We perform full-scale penetration testing of isolated computer systems or entire networks. We identify issues in system configuration files, Active Directory settings, network permissions, database security, and key elements of a company’s IT infrastructure

SDLC compliance

The most secure systems are typically built in strict compliance with the SDLC process, where adequate time and effort is allocated to testing and quality assurance at each production stage. We help companies adjust their development processes to focus more on quality and intrinsic security

Security awareness

We help companies raise security awareness among developers, testers, and end users by highlighting the most important security-related aspects of their work. Our cybersecurity advisory & consulting services include how-to’s for every role involved in the day-to-day operation of IT systems of all types

Business continuity planning

Today’s companies can’t survive without a business continuity plan in case of emergencies. As a cybersecurity consulting company, we help our clients achieve their goals by expertly assessing their readiness for crisis situations and proposing disaster recovery guidelines

Long-term risk mitigation

We help companies address security concerns even before the start of a software development project by assessing its overall architecture. Intellias cybersecurity consulting means that we help reduce the cost of incidents, minimize downtime, and facilitate long-term product maintenance

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