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In a market where innovation races forward and every edge matters, mere technical expertise is not enough. Achieving excellence requires a partner capable of linking innovation with tangible real-world results. Intellias is your strategic ally in the high-tech consulting domain. We go beyond engineering solutions, providing a roadmap for your business transformation and leadership.

Let’s turn complex challenges of today into groundbreaking opportunities of tomorrow!

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High-Tech companies we co-innovate with 

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High-tech consulting and engineering services

Ready to innovate, scale, and lead the
industry with high-tech IT solutions? 
Success stories

Navigating 10 million vehicles for 10 global automotive brands

Intellias next-gen solutions, including an innovative EV route planner, steer high-quality navigation and charging experiences for over 10 million vehicles by 10 leading car brands worldwide.

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Success stories

Increasing revenue by 60% with AI-powered freight automation

An integrated solution cuts platform onboarding from months to minutes, enabling advanced automation for the connected road freight industry and driving an estimated future 60% revenue growth.

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Success stories

Reshaping the future of manufacturing with IoT & advanced analytics

Intellias is building an IoT-powered predictive maintenance system for industrial production equipment that prevents possible malfunctions and downtime before they occur.

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Success stories

Growing plants in space
with NASA

A sensor-based platform developed by Intellias as part of a vertical farming lighting system is used in collaboration with NASA for cultivating plants in space conditions.

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Success stories

Driving into the future with a connected car ecosystem

Teaming up with a semiconductor manufacturer, we combine software and hardware expertise to pioneer advanced connected driving solutions, building next-gen automotive applications for safer, more aware driving.

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Success stories

Transforming business through digital twin experiences

The IntelliTwin platform enables sustainable facility management through AI and IoT to analyze data and devise energy-saving plans, ultimately making businesses more efficient and resilient.

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Monetizing 3.9M users with an advanced digital ecosystem

Intellias provided technology advisory and built an integrated digital platform with advanced retail features, enabling monetization and enriching the consumer ecosystem through digital capabilities.

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Our clients say 

Derek Adams image

Derek Adams

CTO, BrainStorm Inc, USA  

Not only is the Intellias team technically excellent, but they also have a fantastic and positive culture that is a pleasure to work with. They have exhibited great integrity as our partner throughout the years. Strategic Partnership perfectly describes Intellias and the role they have provided for us. They have been an integral piece of our product team and their technical expertise has been crucial to our success.

Bart Sweerman image

Bart Sweerman

Senior VP, Global Services & Support at HERE Technologies

Over the past few years of our partnership with Intellias, our teams have closely collaborated to successfully deliver critical programs to HERE customers. Intellias teams have consistently delivered on time and on quality. They have been extremely responsive and customer focused, mobilizing quickly to respond to requests, challenges, and feedback. We are looking forward to continuing our close relationship and accompanying Intellias in their global development.

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Chambers and Partners 

With Intellias support we have been able to accelerate our product development ambitions, enabling us to quickly deliver new and enhanced propositions and experiences for our clients.

Our High-Tech allies 

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