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Eliminate complexities, optimize operational efficiency and productivity, mitigate risks, and deliver on the promise of business innovation with intelligent business process automation services by Intellias.

As a leading digital automation and consultancy service providers, we will assist you in integrating technology and analytics tools to support a holistic automation vision, rationalizing business processes, augmenting analytics capabilities, and strengthening your technology framework to enhance your service delivery and drive greater business value.

Challenges we solve

Imagine if you could

  • Achieve superior business efficiency

    Reach your business goals faster and increase productivity tenfold with automated processes running 24/7 to propel your business to success

  • Eliminate human-induced errors

    Minimize the error rate by reducing manual interventions and achieving the highest accuracy through process automation

  • Ensure transparency and compliance

    Meet applicable requirements with rule-driven processes and attain full visibility into business activities through automated logging

  • Optimize operating costs

    Drive resource efficiency by automating routine tasks and optimizing human potential for superior performance

  • Accelerate infrastructure management

    Adapt to changes in the business environment with the dynamic scalability and responsiveness of intelligent automation solutions

Analysts speak about Intellias

Intelligent automation toolkit and capabilities 

Intelligent automation synchronizes multiple technologies that can be applied independently or in conjunction, either with basic functionality or enhanced through new technologies and infrastructure. We remain platform-agnostic, selecting tools or platforms customized to your precise requirements.

Process mining

Get an all-inclusive objective vision into your business operations and leverage it turn them into strength. Harness fact-based intelligence to track, analyze, and act on data that automatically displays processes across your corporate systems.

Intelligent document processing (IDP) 

Speed up paperwork and reduce errors using automated data extraction and high-accuracy image recognition. Utilize advanced image processing solutions powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Document management & storage (DMS) 

Maintain, store, and manage your documentation quickly and transparently, ensuring you have full visibility and predictability for all document-related activities. Improve business efficiency with automated documentation management, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Robotic process automation (RPA) 

Future-proof your business with upgraded processes, focused efficiencies, and reduced operational overhead. Implement an RPA strategy, robotic tools, and software to integrate digital and human for secure and feasible business results.

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API integration (iPaaS) 

Enable flexible and reliable automation to keep your data and operations in sync. Manage the interoperability of systems across your business environment, from SaaS platforms and enterprise software to custom in-house solutions.

Virtual agents / conversational AI 

Accelerate your secure business interactions while enhancing your marketing strategies, service delivery, and customer experience. Deploy intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots with rich functionality across multiple platforms.

Low-code app development 

Free your business from reliance on time- and resource-intensive traditional coding. Harness the efficiency of low-code platforms and ecosystems, along with cross-technology expertise, to create functional business apps and automate workflows.

Let’s reshape your business with intelligent automation solutions

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Helping you at every stage of your journey 

We support you at every step of your journey to innovation, from a discovery workshop to outline the priorities scope for the MVP through multiple iterations to delivery of the end product. The agile methodology we adopt empowers us with ultimate flexibility to meet your needs, resulting in delivery of a smart automation solution.

Design and enablement

  • Mapping processes, creating the project roadmap, outlining tasks necessary to achieve defined goals
  • Prioritizing tasks based on automation goals
  • Defining success criteria
  • Arranging access to necessary systems and applications

Minimum viable product creation

  • Designing the solution and outlining the MVP scope
  • Implementing core features
  • Integrating with existing systems
  • Post-process validation and verification
  • Deploying the MVP
  • Evaluating the results

Iterative enhancement

  • Implementing additional features and functions
  • Completing the entire solution scope

Continuous support and maintenance

  • Performing ongoing monitoring and maintenance
  • Delivering documentation
Make automation your advantage 

Choose the right automation processes with the right partner

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