AI & Machine Learning in Automotive

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Our AI & machine learning in automotive services

Intellias helps introduce machine learning in automotive industry. We provide engineering services for OEMs and automotive AI solution providers that use computer vision to recognize road signs and analyze patterns of human behavior to make data-driven decisions on the road. Applied to vast quantities of historical and real-time data, machine learning for automotive can predict travel time, traffic congestion, and even vehicle breakdowns. The adoption of machine learning in automotive can also offer route recommendations based on fuel consumption and even parking availability.
  • Smart routing and POI optimization

    Smart routing and POI optimization

    Teaching a vehicle the most commonly used routes and points of interest with artificial intelligence in automotive

  •  In-vehicle intelligence

    In-vehicle intelligence

    Reinforcing communication among navigation systems, human machine interfaces, and location platforms to inform drivers about hazardous road situations

  • Computer vision

    Computer vision

    Enabling lane detection and recognition of pedestrians, traffic, and road signs based on deep learning methodology

  • Predictive decisions

    Predictive decisions

    Predicting road conditions in advance to make data-driven decisions based on smart analytics and big data

  • Predictive vehicle maintenance

    Predictive vehicle maintenance

    Collecting data from in-vehicle units and applying predictive analytics to alert drivers about urgent or planned maintenance


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AI-based predictive maintenance software

We’re building and supporting a comprehensive monitoring system for car diagnostics and real-time notifications to drivers. The software aims to help dealers schedule vehicle maintenance and handle large volume of vehicle data, including data on the performance of individual vehicle parts. To analyze this data smartly, we proposed introducing consumer IoT solutions and machine learning algorithms as well as an online support system with high fault tolerance.

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Handwriting recognition software for safe driving

We’re building an innovative solution to recognize drivers’ handwritten text. The custom keyboard application supports several modes of user input, understands finger-written text, and lets drivers communicate efficiently with their car infotainment system without taking their eyes off the road. Thanks to the system’s integration with user information, drivers can enter a destination, points of interest on the map, change climate control settings, turn on their favorite music, and call or message their contacts ─ all with the twist of a finger.

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3D object detection for autonomous vehicles

Modern solutions for self-driving cars use costly Lidar hardware to obtain three-dimensional information about the position of objects. We discovered a more cost-effective approach to acquiring the same data with stereo camera equipment and artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that simulate Lidar data outputs. We achieved a significant increase in the accuracy of image-based object detection with deep learning algorithms by changing the 3D depth representation to a Lidar simulation. Hence, this solution can be integrated into ADAS systems in autonomous vehicles.

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ADAS solution for electric vehicles

Our client, a Silicon Valley startup designing ambitious fully electric hypercar concepts, needed expert help implementing a navigation component and a digital horizon solution. Pulling accurate map and traffic data from the cloud, this digital horizon solution would allow cars to view the road a few kilometers ahead and react preemptively for better safety, efficiency, and comfort. We helped our client enrich an electric vehicle’s braking, steering, lighting, and power supply systems for safer and more efficient driving.

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Automate driving with machine learning in automotive industry

Hands-free driving

AI in cars is becoming the technology that can replace humans behind the wheel. With deep learning algorithms, vehicles learn how to overcome difficult road situations and keep drivers, passengers, and other traffic participants safe. Machine learning automotive helps to minimize the human factor on the road.

Artificial intelligence is paving the way from Level 1 driving automation to Level 5 automation. AI-powered systems help vehicles react to hundreds of sensors in real time. Machine learning in automotive industry is at the stage of training the technology to accurately transform inputs into wise decisions in real-world traffic situations.

Improved safety

Safety is one of the main concerns people have about driverless cars. Autonomous car manufacturers have to ensure that their vehicles are entirely safe on the road. The task of machine learning in automotive industry is to help vehicles define obstacles on the road, whether trees, other vehicles, or pedestrians.

With the help of machine learning algorithms, we can create multiple vehicle behavior models to help cars recognize the world around them and react to the ever-changing environment. Machine learning for automotive boosts data processing and allows cars to make decisions faster than drivers, eliminating human error — which is the cause of some 90% of crashes.

Predictive maintenance

Artificial intelligence in car manufacturing can drastically optimize the way automakers handle vehicle maintenance. With an AI-powered autonomous vehicle, you’ll never find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere in a broken-down car. Artificial intelligence and machine learning automotive predict failures before they happen.

AI-based systems collect data about the most critical parts of a vehicle, detecting anomalies and patterns of failure. After processing this information, the vehicle informs the driver about any potential issues, optimizing the use of car resources. We follow best practices of machine learning in the automotive industry to empower predictive maintenance and management.

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