Showcasing Intellias Capabilities in Digital Cockpit and HMI Solutions

Discover our expertise in developing digital cockpit technologies and HMI design for the automotive industry. The Intellias Automotive Portable Kit showcases the cutting-edge capabilities and in-demand features we can bring to your in-vehicle system. Powered by automotive-grade hardware from our partners, it highlights the excellence of engineering services we provide to our clients and the mobility market.

We call it IntelliKit

The Intellias Automotive Portable Kit, or simply IntelliKit, is designed to showcase Intellias capabilities in working with real hardware, developing embedded and middleware software, integrating cloud platforms, and designing breathtaking user interfaces.

Beyond displaying our expertise in automotive HMI solutions, IntelliKit is a statement of our dedication to providing best-in-class services to our partners and clients. This hands-on experience with Intellias demo takes the idea of proof of concept to a new level and speaks for itself.

Powered by remarkable technology

IntelliKit is powered by the Renesas R-Car H3-based SoC with a Hypervisor-less solution featuring RTOS and Android OS for the Instrument Cluster (IC) and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) components. The system boot time is just 300 milliseconds thanks to minimal dependence on booting Hypervisor and the Linux kernel. Two operating systems communicate with each other, sharing CAN messages and facilitating Android OS health checks through a virtual channel.

Powered by remarkable technology 

Gives effortless control and visibility

IntelliKit includes a variety of gauges and notifications that display the car’s status, such as speed, acceleration, battery level, and regenerative braking. Users can also try ADAS functions like rear and bird’s-eye view, lane assistance, obstacle, and pedestrian detection. The prototype indicates the state of fog lights, headlights, seatbelts, airbags, ESP, ABS, and engine.

MicrosoftTeams-image (11)

Entertaining and useful by design

A specially designed infotainment dashboard gives access to the navigation system, TomTom in the current demo, HVAC controls, a multimedia player and radio, the weather forecast, and other features of modern cars. We integrated IntelliKit with the cloud to enable data sharing and in-depth analytics. This demo is designed as a modular system, so each component can be developed and assembled using solutions from different partners.

Entertaining and useful by design 

Embedded ECU for a seamless response

To establish a high level of connectivity, we developed an additional ECU module which simulates real car signals and enables CAN Bus communication with IC and IVI systems. IntelliKit provides users with various mechanical switches, knobs, and buttons to control CAN messages.


Connected to go beyond the box

The demo not only showcases our embedded automotive capabilities but extends its functionality with telemetry and connectivity features thanks to integration with a cloud backend. Using the VSS open standard developed by COVESA as a baseline to normalize the data structure, we’ve created an end-to-end solution capable of giving users the feel of cutting-edge technology right at their fingertips.

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IntelliKit from Every Angle

Hear from the creators and watch a firsthand
overview of IntelliKit demo presentation.

Hear from the creators and watch a firsthand
overview of IntelliKit demo presentation.

High-Level Architecture

Intellias has a long track record of turning vehicles into intelligent digital companions that allow drivers and passengers to intuitively engage with them through HMI solutions. We built IntelliKit based on the automotive-grade R-Car H3 system on a chip, which provides perfect user experience for both IVI and IC, enabling modern 3D graphics support.

High-Level Architecture  image new 4

Broad User Scenarios along the Journey

We present IntelliKit functionality with three demo scenarios that display real-life simulations of vehicle conditions: driving, charging, and road accident scenarios. After starting the demo, the scenarios run one by one. You can see changes in speed, direction, movement, and other vehicle conditions on the instrument cluster and navigation. At any moment, we can switch to CAN BUS mode using our ECU module to manually send signals reflecting vehicle behavior.

Broad User Scenarios Along the Journey  map
Scenario 1

The driver arrives at the charging station, stops the car, and starts charging it. After the vehicle has been charged, the driver enters the car and starts driving to the destination. After the trip, the driver parks the car, exits the car, and locks it.

Scenario 2

The car has discharged while driving, so the driver is looking for the nearest charging station. The driver pulls into the parking spot in reverse, stops the car, exits the car, and plugs in the charger. When charging is finished, the driver is ready to continue the trip.

Scenario 3
Road accident

After noticing the check engine indicator, the driver turns on the hazard lights and pulls over to see what has happened. After determining the engine malfunction, the driver goes to a repair station with the speed limit and hazard lights on.

Creators Talk about IntelliKit

Adam Konopa
Adam Konopa,
Technology Director at Intellias
Sergii Shcherbakov
Sergii Shcherbakov,
Delivery Director at Intellias
Naoki Yoshida
Naoki Yoshida, Senior Director,
Automotive Digital Products Marketing Division at Renesas
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