Autonomous Driving & ADAS Software Development

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Our autonomous & ADAS development services

Intellias takes every opportunity to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicle systems for safer and more comfortable driving. To do so, we draw on years of experience in digital mapping, location-based services, predictive road-data management, and ADAS software development. Your ADAS software will get information from the map, GPS, sensors of other cars ahead, and the cloud to guarantee a fast response to the environment for the safest end-to-end solution.
  • Data layer components

    Data layer components

    Developing data layers based on HD maps and reality indexes

  • ADASIS v2/v3 and proprietary standards

    ADASIS v2/v3 and proprietary standards

    Ensuring compliance with the ADASIS CAN protocol

  • HD map components

    HD map components

    Collecting real-time data in HD maps to create a precise picture of the road

  • ADAS steering/braking control

    ADAS steering/braking control

    Calculating the vehicle’s most probable path and sending that data to the ADAS unit

  • V2X connectivity

    V2X connectivity

    Connecting vehicles to all types of road and traffic objects with cloud-based solutions

  • Real-time interoperability with CAN bus

    Real-time interoperability with CAN bus

    Enabling navigation systems to reach the CAN bus and communicate a real-time traffic data

  • Electronic horizon

    Electronic horizon

    Integrating an SDK’s navigation core as a stand-alone component in an ADAS control unit

  • Car as a Service

    Car as a Service

    Developing an ecosystem for car sharing services


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Success storiesView all case studies

ADAS solution for electric vehicles

For a young Silicon Valley startup that works on the fully electric car concept, we implemented the latest ADASIS v3 protocol that empowers ADAS apps with an extensive set of features. Those included: access to map data, vehicle positions, and vehicle speed for smarter emergency braking, better predictive headlights, and lower power consumption, detailed lane and line geometry, centimeter-level resolution, enhanced vehicle position messages, and complete intersection messages.

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High definition maps for autonomous driving

We developed a location data platform powered by real-time HD maps that would enable self-driving cars in the future. Intellias engineers helped our client, a global leader in location-based services, to develop their big data solution that would be able to provide shared real-time and historical sensor data, multilayer high definition (HD) maps, and predictive machine learning. The HD mapping platform we built opens the possibility for enriching multilayer maps with real-time data that can be exchanged among fully autonomous, connected vehicles.

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Advanced driver assistance systems

We helped a global mapping software and services company to equip German premium cars with the most advanced driver assistance functions on the market. Intellias experts helped the carmaker to upgrade their legacy protocol to a newer version to comply with the latest advances in the automotive sector. One of the deliverables was the data driven tool for route planning that enables vehicles to react and adapt to road conditions at distances of a hundred meters to a few kilometers.

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Autonomous driving solutions & ADAS development in automotive

High demand for safety

The safety of autonomous vehicles is still among the top concerns of consumers. While on the road, a self-driving car should rely on sensors to recognize objects and rely on ADAS software to react quickly and appropriately. Autonomous driving requires specific software to control steering and braking systems and ensure that the driver is safe.

Companies that develop autonomous driving solutions for mass-market or highly automated and robotic systems for specific industrial purposes must pay attention to matters of safety. Strict compliance of autonomous vehicle software with the latest ADASIS v2/v3 standards can be a solution to ensure safety on the road and entrust drivers to use autonomous cars.

ADAS makes driving predictable

High-quality ADAS software development brings self-driving cars much closer to entering the global traffic. Car manufacturers already recognize the importance of ADAS engineering for improving the driving experience. Highly automated car features help drivers with their driving tasks on the road and save lives by eliminating human factors.

Automotive companies are adding ADAS technology to their cars to give drivers comprehensive driving assistance as well as to save millions of lives in the future. Now is the right time for ADAS automotive services to take a prominent place within the autonomous driving software development revolution to increase safety and trust on the global market.

ADAS and autonomous driving

But ADAS development companies and big-name OEMs face a lot of challenges before introducing their automated products to end users. One of the most notable is the huge volume of data from different sensors that’s required to make cars respond accurately. These sensors may include radar, lidar, ultrasonic, laser, and video-based systems.

ADAS software collects and validates data from all sensors to detect the car’s entire surroundings and prepare it to take immediate actions. These actions can be based on a predicted traffic scenario, analysis of traffic participants, or traffic density. After data is gathered from sensors, it’s merged in the electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve the best mix of sensor data.

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