Autonomous Driving & ADAS

The auto industry giants have joined the race for making the safest and stress-free autonomous vehicle. The autonomous driving solutions require real-time, high-performance software compliant with functional safety standards, while relying on machine learning, self-healing maps, AI, V2X connectivity and computer vision. To achieve their goals in ADAS engineering, however, many Tier 1 companies and OEMs are partnering with software development vendors to create their automotive breakthroughs for ADAS software and autonomous driving solutions.

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Intellias takes every opportunity to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicle systems for safer and more comfortable driving. To do so, we draw on years of experience in digital mapping, location-based services, predictive road-data management, and ADAS software development. Your ADAS software will get information from the map, GPS, sensors of other cars ahead, and the cloud to guarantee a fast response to the environment for the safest end-to-end solution.

Data layer components

Developing data layers based on HD maps and reality indexes

ADASIS v2/v3 and proprietary standards

Ensuring compliance with the ADASIS CAN protocol

HD map components

Collecting real-time data in HD maps to create a precise picture of the road

ADAS steering/braking control

Calculating the vehicle’s most probable path and sending that data to the ADAS unit

V2X connectivity

Connecting vehicles to all types of road and traffic objects with cloud-based solutions

Real-time interoperability with CAN bus

Enabling navigation systems to reach the CAN bus and communicate a real-time traffic data

Electronic horizon

Integrating an SDK’s navigation core as a stand-alone component in an ADAS control unit

Car as a Service

Developing an ecosystem for car sharing services

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