Automotive Cloud Services and DevOps

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Our automotive cloud services and DevOps for automotive

We have experience aggregating and analyzing large amounts of data by applying artificial intelligence algorithms and optimizing development process with automotive DevOps. This allows us to achieve high performance and reduce time to market as much as tenfold. Implementing cloud computing in automotive industry ensures high quality software and significantly shortens the development lifecycle with continuous delivery.
  • Cloud-based development

    Cloud-based development

    Developing a software based on AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

  • Cloud-based integration

    Cloud-based integration

    Integrating in-vehicle apps and external mobile apps with cloud automotive services

  • Continuous integration and deployment

    Continuous integration and deployment

    Establishing and implementing CI and CD based on AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud Platform technologies

  • Automated testing

    Automated testing

    Automating testing and quality control with cloud computing used and adapted for the automotive industry


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Continuous integration & automated release management

As an innovator in the cartographic data services and navigation solutions on the global market, our client runs a chain of research and development centers to enrich its product portfolio. Daily, tens of thousands of tests, code integrations, and builds are performed in their AWS continuous integration solutions and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. Intellias took ownership of a large share of the product portfolio pertaining to our client’s map production and automotive solutions. Our DevOps team also analyzed the CI/CD environment and redesigned the test execution schedule to enable more test runs during the day.

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Cloud Optimization Services for Automotive Map Compilation

Intellias helped a global location-based and cloud platform provider to strengthen database performance and scalability while reducing the overall total cost of cloud infrastructure ownership by 98.5%. Such an outstanding result of cloud optimization services was achieved by leveraging the AWS cloud capabilities and establishing a continuous improvement process.

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E2E predictive maintenance software

We’re building and supporting a comprehensive monitoring system for car diagnostics and real-time notifications to drivers for our client, a Canadian software firm serving automakers with personalized SaaS solutions. We developed an automotive predictive maintenance software with online support system based on Microsoft Azure cloud services that processes requests for appointments and matches drivers with nearby dealer service centers. To process large volume of vehicle data and analyze it smartly, we proposed introducing IoT solutions and machine learning algorithms.

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Fueling Cloud and DevOps in automotive industry

Optimize automotive processes

Process automation keep the automotive industry moving forward. Software powers vehicles, supporting core features like body electronics, safety, and navigation. Automotive DevOps services are the key to building reliable software and providing regular and timely updates. DevOps processes help you quickly tackle problems with vehicle software, enhance performance, and improve the driving experience.

DevOps in automotive industry focuses on rapid development, achieved through Agile methodologies and competitive practices. It replaces legacy approaches to building and deploying software and accelerates time to market — something that’s particularly critical for the automotive industry. DevOps automotive service lets car manufacturers deliver software updates and new features to customers faster.

Unlock the potential of the cloud

With the transformation that the automotive ecosystem is undergoing, cloud computing is a lifesaver. Automotive cloud solutions developed by Intellias can offer your business sustainable and secure growth. By building software based on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, we help you speed up processes, accelerate time to market, and extend your business capabilities.

Cloud computing in automotive industry has the potential to save lives and reduce the number of car crashes by eliminating the human error. Automotive cloud services let connected cars communicate to avoid accidents, update maps with real-time traffic information, and define the best routes online. A consistent connection allows driverless cars to instantly adapt to changing road conditions.

Respond to consumer demands

The demands of today’s sophisticated customers pose new challenges to car manufacturers. At the same time, cloud services and DevOps for automotive
become widespread across the industry. Modern drivers seek increasingly personalized experiences. On top of that, they expect automakers to provide connectivity, safety, and convenience to demonstrate that they care about customer’s needs.

A proven way to strengthen customer relations is to implement automotive cloud services. Connected cars are getting more advanced, and cloud computing allows car manufacturers and automotive software vendors to be more responsive to data coming from everywhere. Cloud applications can optimize operations, improve governance, increase transparency, and give manufacturers a competitive edge.

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