Complex HMI Technical Solutions For Ultimate User Experiences

With the growing importance of the in-vehicle experience, the HMI system evolves from a mere control panel to a vast central hub with multiple options, bringing together data, personalization, and advanced connectivity features that enrich driving experience. To gain a distinct advantage in the market, vehicle manufacturers need to build unique solutions that distinguish their brands.

Seamless connectivity, interoperability, growing integration with users’ preferred digital services, and data-based personalization – are only a few key points opening vast opportunities for automakers. Also, as automated driving evolves, the HMIs must live up to the newest requirements, offering safe transfer of control, routing updates, and additional services for a seamless driving experience.

Navigating the Automotive

Excellence in HMI system development

This whitepaper gives an overview of the different subsystems that comprise the HMI ecosystem and introduces technologies and solutions to consider when planning and executing an HMI strategy. Having vast experience and expertise with in-vehicle HMI development services, Intellias invites you to get a bigger picture on how to

• Develop an HMI system with focus on the end user

• Choose the right hardware and software platform

• Find best automotive operating system

• FIsolate safety-critical features from comfort functions

• Build outstanding user experience

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Taking over the future of HMI technical solutions

Adopt best-in-class innovations for your HMI solutions. At Intellias, we are convinced that the human-machine interface system must be treated as a holistic ecosystem to successfully develop solutions that delight end users and make our clients stand out from competitors.

Whether your company prefers leveraging pre-built solutions or building unique solutions from scratch, the Intellias team can be your strong partner. We believe that in-depth knowledge of every aspect of HMI automotive planning and an understanding of how even minor changes can influence the desired outcome are key to navigating the whole HMI ecosystem.