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Connected car technologies are already here, and they’re changing the driving experience from day to day. Tier 1 companies and OEMs are going through a dramatic digital transformation that’s impacting the entire automotive industry and the whole global market. A car is no longer just a mean of transportation; it has become a personal device that operates within a complex digital ecosystem using connected car solutions. Car manufacturers see great opportunities in connected car software development – as well as technological challenges that we at Intellias help them to solve using connected car services and our narrow experience in the automotive industry.

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Intellias uses big data technologies, highly secure cloud infrastructure, and precise navigation systems to help Tier 1 automotive companies address their challenges at scale. In the scope of our connected car services, you get remote diagnostic and maintenance, real-time road information, OTA updates, and personalized online experience to transform a car into a personal device. Intellias experts have hands-on experience working with head unit systems to implement control elements for touchscreens and securely maintain onboard data for a connected car solution.


Connecting vehicles to all types of road and traffic objects

Remote vehicle control

Using the CAN bus and other interfaces to develop apps that control vehicles remotely

Content broadcasting using RTTI

Setting up communication via radio channels

AWS/MS Azure services

Developing cloud-based apps to enable exchange of location data via V2X connectivity

Seamless door-to-door navigation

Synchronizing personal content based on user profiles

OTA map updates

Supporting easy over-the-air updates for software and maps with connected car solutions


Continually integrating and deploying to accelerate software releases

Embedded software

Connecting road and traffic elements, mobile phones, and traffic lights

Embedded solutions for IoE ecosystem

Development for connected devices and in-vehicle software

Success stories

Over-the-air map updates for connected cars

We implemented a trusted map update that opened new business opportunities in the IoT market. Our experts developed mechanisms that allow drivers to update navigation maps either via removable media or over the air. Over-the-air updates are performed automatically, with minimum or no input from the driver, through any available wireless network (Wi-Fi, cellular), empowering connected vehicles. Update packages come from a cloud-based map production pipeline that converts raw geodata into manageable NDS-compliant update packages.

Penetration testing of connected car apps

We helped our German client, one of the world’s biggest automotive companies that operates dozens of manufacturing facilities across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, secure their IoT apps for connected vehicles by detecting potential vulnerabilities. We have gone through three rounds of car penetration testing, each triggered by new releases of connected car applications. The findings of these security tests have helped our client strengthen their connected car solutions in terms of safety, security, and privacy.

Connected car-sharing solution concept

Intellias design team set the goal to redefine the customer experience with car-sharing services. We have designed Intellicar, a next-gen human machine interface application that would pick up on the challenges of existing connectivity solutions and become a valuable step towards enhanced functionality and the overall user experience. Intellicar car-sharing system concept covers a range of vital features to create a personalized and enjoyable experience for users, resulting in a high-quality, well-functioning solution that would remove the stress of messed-up orders, sub-optimal routes, and double charges.

Connected NDS-based navigation

Our client is a global provider of location-based services and mapping solutions for automotive giants, technology companies, municipalities, and consumers. We helped them create IoT-centric SDK that would enable cloud-powered cross-platform communication, over-the-air map updates, real-time traffic, route, and destination predictions, vehicle fleet sensor data integration, and driver and vehicle profiles. As a result, our client received an integrated automotive-grade navigation solution that makes the driving experience more personal, connected and safe.

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