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Major trends like connectivity, electrification, and shared mobility are drastically changing the automotive ecosystem. OEMs and Tier 1 companies are already looking at the ways to adjust their product strategy to trending industry demands, and to adopt new business models. Vehicle data becomes a game changing asset which accelerates digital transformation for all industry players. Intellias offers automotive software development expertise backed by years of experience with automotive technologies and robust software engineering services to help automotive companies get in the fast lane to the future of mobility.

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Automotive software development services

For years, we’ve been delivering production-grade software used by OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers around the globe. Automotive brands trust us to build safe, adaptive, and AI-based software for connected car and autonomous driving. To do so, we rely on our deep expertise in automotive software development, platform development, systems integration, cloud services, and backend systems.

Automotive Software Development

Software development is a core competence of Intellias. Since 2002 we’ve been successfully delivering end-to-end software projects for in-vehicle systems, as well as we’ve been developing complex data platforms for autonomous driving ecosystem overall.

Automotive Software Testing

Our quality control and testing methodology fully complies with industry standards and is never compromised. We test every single line of code, whether by setting up a simulated environment, on real hardware, or in the field using real cars. To increase the quality of software and shorten the development lifecycle, we implement cloud-based DevOps, which allows for automated testing and continuous delivery.

UI/UX Design

Our driver-centric approach to designing and building human machine interface (HMI) systems used by millions of drivers has resulted in what Top Gear calls “remarkably stress-free navigation software.” We conduct meticulous user research to optimize all aspects of the driving experience for every user. Our target is to shorten driver response times, improve human–vehicle interactions, and augment the user experience with mobile features.

Big Data and Data Processing

Intellias has extensive expertise in building big data processing platforms for automotive companies. We know how to process massive loads of in-vehicle data, sensor data, and real-time traffic data. Our data visualization expertise allows us to create meaningful analytics dashboards for faster decision-making.

DevOps and Cloud-based Development

At Intellias, we apply our DevOps approach to development to help automotive companies get the most out of high-performing cloud environments. We ensure scalability, continuous improvement, and greater efficiency for automotive software by using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other cloud services.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Intellias uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) services to build in-vehicle intelligence, provide smart routing, enable object and pedestrian recognition, and reinforce predictive decision-making. Adopting ML and AI ensures better environmental predictions, resulting in safer connected and autonomous vehicles.

Success stories

High Definition Maps and Cloud Data Platform for Autonomous Driving
Intellias helped a global leader in location-based services to develop a location data platform powered by real-time HD maps for self-driving cars. We have been involved in conceptualizing, developing, testing, and deploying the platform’s cloud-based architecture. Our contribution to data platform development for autonomous driving brings top technology for assisted and automated driving to the automotive market.
Remarkable Stress-Free HMI for Navigation System
Intellias built sophisticated HMI navigation components for a premium in-car infotainment system of a British car brand. Intellias designed and implemented a comprehensive, distraction-free HMI, which offers an innovative navigation experience by combining mobile devices, vehicle head units, heads-up displays, and rear-seat displays into one cross-linked system.
ADAS Solution for Electric Vehicle
Intellias helped the US-based auto manufacture of electric vehicles to enrich their breaking, steering, lighting, and power supply systems by implementing ADASIS v3 protocol. We deployed a fully viable v3 implementation, entirely tested, and adapted to our client’s requirements. Our team has become one of the first to implement this new standard in the Automotive industry.
Connected Cars: Over-the-Air Map Updates
Intellias helped a global leader of location-based services, to develop a component that delivers cloud-based over-the-air (OTA) updates for maps and third-party content, including voice recognition and handwriting recognition functionality. This component is delivered as part of a comprehensive software development kit that allows OEMs to build embedded navigation solutions for in-vehicle infotainment.

Automotive expertise

The automotive sector today: high-performing and safe

Automotive software development that decreases complexity

Expert automotive software development services should improve functionality and lessen the complexity of a modern car, which, in fact, is a heterogeneous system of embedded computers. While a vehicle requires a massive data processing capacity, features like automation, connectivity, and electrification form an underlying kernel of automotive software development. Intellias engineers, in this context, see their mission in the following. On the one hand, it’s the delivery of sophisticated automotive software solutions as the outcome of our automotive development services. On the other hand, it’s a critical need to ensure a high level of software performance.

Grasping the intricacy of the automotive software architecture, Intellias automotive software services are built around best practices for developing, testing, and deploying new features. On top of that, all our automotive software development efforts don’t compromise on user satisfaction but increase software performance in cars.

Seizing benefits of AI/ML powered transformation in automotive

As long as OEMs continue a quest for solutions to keep the pace of automotive software development, the financial injection into this quest skyrockets. Integrating and upgrading numerous features constituting ADAS, back-end, telematics, and connected vehicle cloud platforms push up the cost of automotive software development. For this reason, the active use of AI technology while rendering automotive software development services seems like a feasible solution. Rational implementation of AI and ML techniques in automotive development services can generate savings for both OEMs and Tier 1 companies through the optimization of a development process.

Automotive software development featuring AI and ML is one of the best options to analyze data generated by the vehicles at speed unavailable for humans, but possible for machines. Intellias helps our clients reap the benefits of AI showcasing machines’ capabilities in data processing and handling the complexity of automotive software development services.

Safer navigation with real-time in-car navigation systems

Automotive navigation software development at Intellias meets all the standards enforced now to improve driving experience and safety. Modern car navigation systems include complex solutions to connect a driver, vehicle, and environment. As a result of our automotive navigation software development efforts, the Intellias clients take advantage of custom and reliable navigation solutions. Navigation solutions in the range of automotive software development services integrate different types of maps, third-party services, and traffic data from various providers. On top of that, they can incorporate real-time data like weather conditions, fuel prices, traffic cameras data, and others.

Bearing in mind that electric vehicles are now making headway in the automotive world, Intellias automotive navigation software development caters to the needs of EV drivers. Navigation solutions tailored for EV vehicles adjust to all the peculiarities of electric driving, including battery level and consumption indicators, range maps, and show charging stations.

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