Intellias Launches a Technology Showroom to Help Clients Reimagine Digital Product Capabilities

Krakow, Poland – June 12, 2024 – Intellias, a global software engineering and digital consulting company, has opened its first technology showroom focused on digital product solutions and capabilities.

The showroom was launched on May 28, 2024, during the opening ceremony for the new Krakow office, one of four Polish engineering centers and one of 23 Intellias offices around the globe. Visitors could interact with demo solutions, each presenting a different aspect of the company’s technological expertise.

The demo solutions can be used across five focus industries of the company’s expertise: mobility; supply chain and logistics; telecommunications, media, and entertainment; agriculture; travel and hospitality.

The showroom offers the clients of Intellias a first-hand tangible experience to test tech solutions that can help achieve new levels of efficiency and new sources of growth through improvements in product development, engineering, customer experience, and integrations.
Intellias Launches a Technology Showroom to Help Clients Reimagine Digital Product Capabilities


IntelliKit is a portable automotive kit showcasing the company’s expertise in hardware, software, cloud integration, and user interface design. It features a digital cockpit with a 3D instrument cluster and supports industry-wide communication interfaces, displaying an infotainment dashboard and vehicle status indicators. It offers ADAS functionalities for seamless integration and updates.

The first edition of IntelliKit is powered by a Renesas R-Car H3-based system-on-a-chip (SoC). The latest edition of IntelliKit demonstrates digital cockpit and HMI practices powered by a multicore SoC based on Qualcomm SA8295.

Last year, IntelliKit was recognized by the Polish Innovation Award and SoDa.

A Briefcase Packed with Beyond-the-Box Automotive HMI Features
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IntelliTwin is a cloud-agnostic platform that provides real-time digital reflections of physical environments through AI-driven insights. It offers dynamic asset management, predictive maintenance, autonomous operations, and detailed customer journey tracking, resulting in more sustainable approaches and cost savings.

The IntelliTwin platform, which was presented in 2023 at the Intel Innovation Center in Dubai, is powered by Intel® SceneScape.

IntelliTwin is applicable across industries that include energy, travel, manufacturing, and smart cities. It enhances efficiency, reduces operational costs, and improves service delivery and resource utilization.

Intellias and Intel Partnership: SceneScape-Powered IntelliTwin Platform
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Telecom GIS Accelerators

The Telecom GIS accelerators by Intellias demonstrate advanced capabilities in network optimization and intelligent planning. The drone-based network augmentation demo showcases real-time visualization of 3D objects and telemetry data, highlighting the deployment of drone-based 5G repeaters to restore network coverage in disaster-affected regions. The smart CapEx demo integrates geospatial data with LLM and ML models, illustrating intelligent network planning for next-generation networks to maximize ROI.

Smart Farming System

The smart farming system by Intellias revolutionizes indoor plant growth using advanced digital twin technology for a smarter, more efficient, customizable process. It optimizes plant growth by creating perfect environments, enhances resource efficiency with automated watering and lighting, and provides robust monitoring through sensors and cameras. Continuous data collection and analysis offer valuable insights into plant performance.

This system can be used for precision agriculture, urban and indoor farming, retail displays, agricultural research, and educational purposes, enabling tailored growth environments, resource savings, and detailed experiment control.

Intellias Launches a Technology Showroom to Help Clients Reimagine Digital Product Capabilities

Our showroom in Krakow demonstrates our expertise in engineering innovative experiences that can help our clients reimagine their businesses in fresh, new ways. At Intellias, we love the hands-on approach. Our customers have an opportunity to interact with fully functional prototypes of the digital products designed by our engineers.

Viktor Haydin, VP of Growth Enablement

The Intellias technology showroom is an integral part of the company’s mission to engineer ideas and solutions that drive business results. Recently, Intellias rolled out an AI Copilot program that improves engineering productivity by 25% and presented a Gen-AI-based IntelliAssistant that helps save 40% of deployment costs.

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