Intellias Co-Founded the GenAIoT Platform

The platform will focus on operationalizing industrial and enterprise IoT by leveraging GenAI and AIoT technologies

Chicago, IL – April 4, 2024 – Intellias, a global software engineering and digital consultancy company, is among key group stakeholders in the co-founding of GenAIoT, a platform initiated by the IoT Community. Together with SAS, ClearBlade, and SoftServe, the group announced a new industry solution category that will fuse Generative AI and the Artificial Internet of Things (AIoT) to support and strengthen Industrial and Enterprise Internet of Things solutions in the market.

The IoT Community estimates that the GenAIoT market could potentially reach a value of up to 4.5 trillion US dollars in economic and business value impact:

  • GenAI is poised to unlock up to 1.3-1.5 trillion US dollars in economic and business value.
  • The IoT market, encompassing both traditional IoT (1.4 trillion USD) and AIoT (600 billion USD), is recognized as a 2 trillion-dollar opportunity.

When integrated through this innovative industry solution category (GenAIoT), and applied strategically across verticals including manufacturing, supply chain, customer service, and emerging sectors, the IoT market could unlock an additional 1.2 trillion US dollars in economic value.

The primary objective of the platform is to promote the development and adoption of practical solutions that utilize GenAIoT technologies, a pioneering industry category, to tackle real-world challenges. The founding group aims to define, promote, and develop best practices, standards, and guidelines for GenAIoT implementation.

GenAIoT transcends mere technology; it presents an opportunity to unlock unparalleled economic and business value while addressing practical challenges. Together, we have the power to shape industries, revolutionize supply chains, and redefine customer service.

Serhii Seletskyi, Senior Solution Architect at Intellias

AI has been changing our daily lives and it has opened up a world of new opportunities. By collaborating with existing IoT Community ecosystem partners, as well as new – soon to be announced – founding members of GenAIoT, we are aiming to create real-world solutions that fully realize the potential of AI for everyone, at scale.

David Hill, Executive Director of IoT Community and a co-founder of GenAIoT

GenAIoT embodies an innovative integration of GenAI and AIoT, synergizing to collect extensive data through IoT. These datasets are then analyzed and interpreted using Gen AI programs and shared with other machines or users within an IoT network to provide valuable insights for efficient problem-solving.

Over the years, Intellias has harnessed the potential of IoT and AI. Through the integration of these technologies, the company gathers extensive datasets, which are then analyzed using Gen AI and AIoT. This yields valuable insights promptly relayed to machines or users, expediting problem-solving processes. This pioneering method holds promise in revolutionizing the problem-solving landscape, by delivering actionable intelligence at an unprecedented speed.

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