Intellias and Intel Partnership:
SceneScape-Powered IntelliTwin Platform

Gain 360-degree visibility of your facility infrastructure with the technology-agnostic IntelliTwin platform, designed by Intellias in partnership with Intel. Supporting real-world needs, IntelliTwin creates a virtual replica of your physical assets, allowing you to leverage the full power of data and operate in a 4D digital space.

Combining the latest innovations in IoT, cloud computing, computer vision, and data orchestration, IntelliTwin gives you a new depth of spatial awareness, building a whole digital ecosystem from sensor data. Moreover, your digital twin can simultaneously represent three periods in time by reflecting historical data, real-time data, and validated predictions generated by intelligent algorithms.

Transform your asset management with the data-driven IntelliTwin platform powered by Intel SceneScape

IntelliTwin capabilities

Real-time 3D visualization icon

Real-time 3D visualization

IntelliTwin builds exact 3D copies of your physical facilities by processing data obtained from multiple 2D cameras, sensors, and other IoT devices. From single rooms to multi-story buildings, SceneScape technology creates accurate replicas of everything you plan to monitor in digital space, providing remote visibility and immersive experiences of virtual environments.

Contextual data digitization icon

Contextual data digitization

IntelliTwin represents any process or activity as data, creating a fully functioning digital environment to support efficient asset management and monitoring. By placing raw data obtained from IoT devices in the context of digital infrastructure, the platform visualizes the corresponding processes, recreating their evolution in real time; mapping IoT data to real environments, business processes, and metrics; and laying the foundation for detailed analysis and validated insights.

Insight extraction icon

Insight extraction

The IntelliTwin platform establishes interconnections between real-world processes and events and their digital renditions to enable precise tracking and predictive analytics. Ingesting various data coming in from the infrastructure, IntelliTwin interprets it to generate actionable insights into the performance of monitored systems and service operations. Such insights form the core of data-driven decision-making.

Scenario management icon

Scenario management

Using the IntelliTwin platform’s scenario modeling capability, you can validate strategic decisions with realistic outcomes prototyped using a replica of your infrastructure recreated in the digital twin. In various scenarios, IntelliTwin provides 100% visibility into the effect of the modeled situation on overall infrastructure performance, allowing you to take measures to ensure consistency and robustness under specific conditions.

Operational orchestration and autonomous tasks icon

Operational orchestration and autonomous tasks

Intelligent automation driving digital twin processes allows infrastructure to respond dynamically to predefined conditions by making adjustments in the virtual ecosystem triggering changes in its physical counterpart. Integrated artificial intelligence and robotic process automation solutions take building management beyond monitoring and tracking and enable responsive resource management with minimum human intervention.

Ecosystem analysis and optimization icon

Ecosystem analysis and optimization

With dynamic processing of real-time data obtained from IoT devices, the IntelliTwin platform evaluates the status of each process running within the infrastructure as well as the overall health of the entire ecosystem. Based on these insights, intelligent algorithms suggest optimization opportunities aimed at improving infrastructure performance and sustainability.

360-degree simulations icon

360-degree simulations

IntelliTwin empowers you with complete visibility into the future behavior of your infrastructure under certain conditions. By recreating events in the digital space, you can plan your real-world activities with a higher degree of confidence, accurately predict the resources required to maintain infrastructure under specified conditions, and estimate the effect of your changes on both the entire ecosystem and its individual components.

Predictive analytics icon

Predictive analytics

Leveraging the analytical capabilities of artificial intelligence, IntelliTwin improves the quality of decision-making by generating predictive models and scenarios. Based on analysis of data for both current and simulated digital infrastructure behavior, the platform detects deviations and predicts trends and results.

AI experimentation for targeted improvements icon

AI experimentation for targeted improvements

By modeling improvement-focused changes in digital twin infrastructure and applying AI algorithms to calculate and evaluate possible outcomes, you can validate your strategic initiatives in a safe digital space. Experimenting in a virtual environment provides realistic results while avoiding interventions into real-world networks.

Control your real infrastructure with virtual one in the IntelliTwin digital space

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Intel SceneScape, the technology behind IntelliTwin visualization

The IntelliTwin platform’s capabilities are powered by Intel SceneScape, a cutting-edge digital twin technology. SceneScape enables people detection and recreates realistic 3D visualizations of facilities of any size based on data gathered from strategically placed sensors, cameras, and other IoT hardware.

In SceneScape, space virtualization and live updates are driven by AI algorithms processing sensor data and dynamically tracking the environment to represent changes in spaces and objects in real time.

Visit a live demo of IntelliTwin powered by Intel SceneScape at the Intel Innovation Center for a hands-on experience of the capabilities of this unique digital twin solution.



IntelliTwin industry applications

Travel and hospitality
  • Intelligent utility management
  • Dynamic booking management
  • Dynamic staffing orchestration
  • Venue layout optimization
Large-scale venue management 
  • Crowd flow monitoring and detection of congested areas
  • Stand and parking space occupancy monitoring
  • Intelligent navigation assistance
  • Personalized arrival and departure timing recommendations
  • Real-time emergency response
  • Dynamic outpatient room scheduling
  • Patient accident detection and alarming
  • Intelligent staff allocation and workflow management based on expected appointments
Agriculture & agrifood 
  • Soil and crop condition monitoring
  • Irrigation and fertilizer use optimization
  • Intelligent yield prediction
Construction and real estate 
  • Transparent real-time progress monitoring
  • Data-based quality control
  • Inventory delivery tracking
  • Progress predictions
  • Warranty compliance monitoring
  • Energy consumption control
  • Asset reliability monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
Supply chain management 
  • Real-time ETA management and predictions
  • Multi-modal cargo flow tracking
  • Dynamic inventory management
  • Risk assessment and resiliency improvement
Smart cities 
  • Traffic optimization
  • Sustainability and emissions control
  • Improved incident response
  • Intelligent urban planning

Unlock the power of digital twins with the custom IntelliTwin platform

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