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Empower your people and fuel your business growth with a robust assistant as a service from Intellias.

IntelliAssistant is an AI copilot platform and personalized assistant designed to make corporate productivity and the employee experience your change agent.

Optimize team velocity, propel insight-driven growth, and gain a competitive edge. Experience the power of IntelliAssistant — your productivity ally!

Empowering Tomorrow with Employee AI Copilots

In today’s fast-paced business environment, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations are essential to stay ahead of the competition. Employee AI copilots are transforming the way your enterprise or mid-sized business operates across roles, functions, and geographies. As AI evolves and becomes integral for handling complex operational and technology challenges, its adoption is no longer a choice but a necessity to safeguard the future of your business.
Employee AI copilots can notably cut down on employee learning curves and minimize operational overhead, freeing up resources for you to focus on strategic initiatives.


Use cases in focus:

  • Smarter Enterprise Knowledge Management
  • Personalized Upskilling/Reskilling
  • Crisis Management Assistance
  • Sales Productivity Assistance

Meet IntelliAssistant 

IntelliAssistant is a robust platform for building custom digital assistants and AI-powered chatbots tailored to your specific needs. Its ready-to-go infrastructure allows you to swiftly launch a digital assistant and integrate it into your corporate systems via the cloud, deploying a front end, back end, and LLM model while building specific functionality based on business requirements.

IntelliAssistant is an all-in-one AI assistant that boosts productivity across your organization. It can perfect your coding quality and speed, reduce administrative burdens, mitigate sensitivities, and tap into AI’s cognitive power in just a few clicks.
IntelliAssistant streamlines workflows, augments your team’s output, and provides intelligent insights, allowing you to achieve more in less time.


  • Pre-trained on client-specific content for superior efficiency
  • Copilot functionality expediting coding tasks and everyday cross-functional assistance capabilities
  • Automated personalized interactions
  • Compliant and secure ChatGPT functionality with rich communication features
  • Cross-functional adaptability, including IT, talent management, sales, marketing, and more
  • Responsible data governance and ethical use of AI technology

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enterprise-level users


faster development


cost savings on deployment

Build a custom AI assistant to automate your workflows

Smarter Enterprise Knowledge Management

Challenge: Navigating and managing a corporate knowledge base across siloed and dispersed systems turns into a time- and effort-consuming quest.

Solution: IntelliAssistant centralizes access to updated company knowledge repository using AI to provide consistent, security compliant insights from trusted internal corporate-wide sources.


  • Evidence-based decisions relying on quick access to relevant, accurate source of corporate info and expert opinion
  • Strengthened compliance grounded in authorized internal knowledge
  • Increased productivity through reduced time spent searching for data
  • Knowledge sharing culture and collaboration with accessible insights
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Turbocharging Talent Growth: Personalized Upskilling/Reskilling 

Challenge: Workforce productivity and efficiency decline due to limited professional and skills development challenges, insufficient learning opportunities, and a lack of clear career goals.

Solution: IntelliAssistant provides personalized learning recommendations for employees based on their skill gaps, career aspirations, and company goals. It facilitates employee-mentorship connections, using integrated knowledge repositories for all the functions.


  • Enhanced employee engagement and morale as a result of career development opportunities
  • Increased retention rates because of personalized professional growth support
  • Boosted productivity and workforce efficiency due to alignment of skillsets and business objectives
  • Facilitated environment of continuous learning and growth
Turbocharging Talent Growth image

AI-powered Crisis Management Assistance

Challenge: A business-critical need for instant, real-time emergency response management and crisis control, requiring timely communication and gathering of safety data to ensure employee well-being.

Solution: IntelliAssistant features emergency assistance modules to manage crisis/force majeure situations across the enterprise, sending timely alerts to employees based on event criteria, gathering safety data for proactive measures, providing HR assistance, and ensuring effective crisis communication.


  • Elevated safety and well-being of people through timely information distribution
  • Improved crisis response based on real-time data and informed decision
  • Greater employee trust and loyalty as a result of prioritizing personnel security
  • Mitigated risks/liabilities with an integrated approach to emergency assistance
AI-powered Crisis Management Assistance image

AI for Sales Assistance and Productivity 

Challenge: A lack of visibility into relevant and updated sales-related information, integrated case study portfolios, as well as identifying valid cross-enterprise technology and industry proficiency development opportunities.

Solution: IntelliAssistant augments sales efforts by furnishing sales teams with AI-driven collateral, including curated content, actualized data extracts, and proficiency insights from the enterprise’s knowledge repository.


  • Increased sales effectiveness through deep insights into company capabilities
  • Improved customer satisfaction via customized sales campaigns
  • Expedited sales cycles with access to relevant information for quicker decisions
  • Amplified cross-/up-selling by showcasing relevant success stories across industries and technologies
AI for Sales Assistance and Productivity image

IntelliAssistant GenAI Platform

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Make IntelliAssistant your business productivity ally!


Automated governance
& trustworthy AI

IntelliAssistant ensures compliance with AI regulations and industry standards, giving businesses peace of mind about legal and ethical matters. By automating governance tasks, IntelliAssistant lowers the chances of breaking rules and facing fines, letting companies focus on innovation and growth.


Privacy & data security

IntelliAssistant reduces the risk of data leaks and unauthorized access, maintaining protection and security controls to safeguard sensitive information and decision-making processes across the enterprise. Through robust security measures like encryption and access controls, it enhances data protection and builds trust with customers and stakeholders, preserving the company’s reputation as a steward of data integrity.


On-demand data insights

IntelliAssistant opens numerous opportunities for data-driven insights using advanced analytics, drawing from interactions with enterprise knowledge systems and commonly queried topics. By tapping into the potential of data, IntelliAssistant equips decision-makers with actionable facts, derived both from structured and unstructured data sources. It empowers the organization to make informed strategic choices and confidently propels business growth.


Streamlined agile operations

IntelliAssistant enhances productivity and team efficiency by reducing the administrative burden of onboarding, upskilling, and daily collaborative tasks. Integrated into the enterprise toolset and internal systems, it simplifies workflows with an AI assistant tailored to the employee’s specific role and duties. The solution uses AI/ML capabilities within cloud infrastructure, benefiting from cloud-powered cost optimization, performance, and scalability while reducing development and rollout time.


Employee experience

IntelliAssistant, as a company-wide AI knowledge space, elevates the employee experience by providing a single touchpoint for all important requests. It streamlines communication and enhances accessibility to corporate resources. IntelliAssistant fosters a positive work environment and delivers smooth onboarding experience, ensuring that employees feel supported and valued throughout their journey with the company.

Meet Our Expert

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Serhii Seletskyi

AI Innovation Leader

Serhii is a leader in technology innovation and an expert in translating visionary ideas into practical solutions that drive strategic business initiatives. His commitment to R&D has established him as a thought leader, particularly in cloud computing and AI. As a frontrunner in AI augmentation engineering, Serhii has a central role in developing innovative AI products such as IntelliTwin and IntelliAssistant, making him instrumental in shaping the company’s future.

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