Logistics & Supply Chain Software Development Services

Delight your customers, eliminate uncertainties, coordinate processes, optimize expenditures, and drive business efficiency through full visibility and data analytics into your planning, sourcing, and delivery performance.

Intellias, a logistics and supply chain software development company, can help you harness digital technology to maximize every element of your supply chain portfolio needs to operate in tune with market demands.

With over two decades of experience, we have successfully delivered scalable logistics and supply chain software solutions and supply chain management software development for a variety of industries that addresses their specific business needs for risk mitigation, cost optimization, and quality and service enhancement.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide

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Our logistics and supply chain services to fit your business needs

Transportation and fleet management

Utilize real-time data with our custom solutions to track and oversee the movement of freight throughout your entire supply chain, provide complete visibility, streamline the physical transportation of goods, and ensure that shipments comply with relevant regulations.

Warehouse management

Improve warehouse efficiency, eliminate process silos, gain visibility into your inventory and data accuracy with configurable software solutions and tools for coordinated warehouse management.

Supply chain planning and forecasting

Get your critical data up-front to ensure the transparency, safety, and connectivity of your operations; increase supply chain agility by responding to demand and disruptions with relevant technology and custom scm development software solutions.

Inventory management

Optimize stock levels, reduce handling costs, and meet customer demands with precision by applying highly integrated inventory management software that provides real-time data insights, workflow tracking, and automation options.

Procurement and supplier management

Close the loop with procurement lifecycle management, grow meaningful relations with your suppliers, and consolidate your operations with a unified solution that ensures transparency in vendor data tracking, automates procurement processes, and enhances supplier management.

Order management

Realign your order management with prioritized demand by digitizing processes and automating workflows so that your orchestrated smart omnichannel order fulfillment brings measurable impact on the bottom line.

Integration solutions

Power customer experiences that grow sales while improving profitability with seamlessly integrated solutions connecting disparate systems and enabling efficient data exchange and cross-business communication.

Intelligent automation

Enhance business efficiency and ultimate productivity to achieve more with less by leveraging intelligent automation and RPA technologies with advanced algorithms, intuitive user interfaces, and custom integrations with your existing systems.

Mobile asset optimization

Improve your operational output while conforming to security measures with digitally enabled tools and technologies like GPS, RFID, UWB, and barcode scanning to efficiently track and manage assets throughout the supply chain lifecycle.

Redefine operational efficiency and customer service with
Intellias supply chain software development services.

Technology ecosystem for logistics and supply chain software

As a trusted logistics and supply chain software development company, we, at Intellias, leverage our experience in location services, data analytics, AI and ML, platform integration, and supply chain application development to enhance customer experience, optimize budget allocation, and foster sustainable business growth.

Location-based services

Orchestrate your supply chain operations at scale with location intelligence powered by infrastructure, devices, vehicles, and inventory data insights.

Our Clients Say

Daniel Alarcon-Rubio

Daniel Alarcon-Rubio

Our experts

Oleksandr Ivanov

Oleksandr Ivanov

Digital logistics & Supply Chain Technology Leader

Oleksandr leads Intellias Logistics & Supply Chain division, driving collaborations with Freight Forwarders, Shipping Lines, Carriers, Freight Marketplaces, Manufacturers and Logistics Technology players worldwide.
With over 15 years of industry expertise, Oleksandr brings a wealth of domain knowledge in Logistics & Supply Chain technology to our partnerships, helping companies in their digital endeavors.

Vadym Sekret

Vadym Sekret

Senior Delivery Manager / Head of Unit

Vadym serves as the Head of the Logistics & Supply Chain Delivery Unit, bringing over 8 years of experience in the IT industry. He is dedicated to fostering delivery excellence and empowering teams and individuals to reach their full potential, consistently achieving successful outcomes and driving continuous improvement.

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