Intellias Rolls Out an AI Copilot Program to Help Clients Improve Engineering Productivity by 25%

Chicago, IL – May 22, 2024 – Intellias, a global software engineering and digital consulting company, has rolled out an AI Copilot implementation program proven to increase productivity and efficiency and automate routine tasks. It encompasses both internal research and development projects, as well as client engagements, across six industries: retail, high tech, financial services, insurance, travel, and healthcare.

During four months of testing, Intellias pursued the following objectives:

  • Compare different AI Copilot offerings on the market
  • Evaluate security aspects
  • Build internal capabilities for AI Copilot utilization
  • Educate engineers on effective AI Copilot utilization
  • Enhance performance measurement and evaluation
  • Collaborate with customers to refine AI Copilot applications

Implementation of the AI Copilot program has increased productivity by 25% for 65% of participating engineers. Other results include:

  • 53% more focus on task completion
  • 81% reduction in frustration related to routine tasks
  • 79% acceleration in information retrieval
  • 51% enhancement in code review efficiency

Notably, introducing AI-assisted engineering has improved both productivity and speed by optimizing best practices in collaborative development, security standards and AI-assisted product development. These best practices will be summarized in the AI-Assisted Engineering Productivity Cookbook, to be published by Intellias in May.

With the goal of harnessing AI technology to cultivate a more high-performing engineering environment, Intellias achieved more productivity for its engineering teams, which translates to a shorter time to production for the client. Through the AI Copilot program, Intellias has also enhanced clients’ operational efficiency and boosted the speed of code deployment, leading to a greater team velocity and more agile and responsive development cycle.

For BrainStorm Inc., a US-based software training company that helps enhance productivity and collaboration in corporate environments, the implementation of Intellias’s AI Copilot Program has been critical to productivity gains.

As a leading learning solution provider and adopter of ⁠Microsoft AI Copilot products, we understand the pivotal role a digital assistant can play in enhancing user productivity with minimal effort. The BrainStorm team is excited to explore the AI-powered tools with Intellias, as its implementation within our projects proves that AI copilots are becoming good friends of engineers. By handling routine tasks, AI Copilot helps teams to concentrate on strategic objectives, boosting overall productivity.

Oleksandr Dzvonyk, Director of Engineering at BrainStorm Inc.

AI Copilot technology holds immense promise for engineering services. Our findings demonstrate that with the AI Copilot, developers can work better and faster by delegating routine tasks and task prioritization to the AI Copilot.

Serhii Seletskyi, AI Innovation Leader at Intellias

The experience of our clients with the AI Copilot program vividly illustrates that integrating AI Copilot technology is a strategic move for anyone looking to improve efficiency and productivity. By automating routine tasks, facilitating rapid data access, and tailoring the work experience, our AI Copilot Program has proven to be an invaluable ally in our pursuit of greater success in software development.

Nikita Postolakii, Head of Excellence at Intellias

Moving forward, Intellias plans to continue the rollout of the AI Copilot program across all engineering teams, anticipating an overall productivity boost as they become more accustomed to the technology.

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