Intellias Joins the NDS Association to Develop with the Worldwide Standard for Map Data

Intellias is furthering the evolution of the NDS specification, contributing to the future of automotive and mobility ecosystems

Berlin, Germany – March 2023 – Intellias, a global technology partner to automotive OEMs and Tier 1 solution providers, has become a member of the NDS (Navigation Data Standard) Association. As a member, Intellias will contribute to development of the worldwide NDS map data standard for automotive and mobility ecosystems. Through collaborating with leading car manufacturers, application developers, technology companies, and map service providers, Intellias will excel in NDS map data development.

As a partner to NDS members, Intellias has been building NDS-based solutions (starting from the earliest versions of NDS) that have already been installed in millions of vehicles. As a member of the NDS Association, Intellias will use the most recent NDS specifications and frameworks, participate in workshops on upgrading future versions of NDS, and apply NDS validation and certification tools.

Having vast experience working with NDS.Classic and custom map data formats on commercial projects, Intellias will share the company’s expertise with industry leaders to further improve and develop the most recent and in-demand NDS.Live map data specification. NDS.Live is a next-generation map data standard that enables online map services and dynamic map management. NDS.Live is an essential standard for the further development of ADAS systems, autonomous vehicles, and connectivity solutions as well as for the transition from offline to online map data in software-defined vehicles.

I am very pleased to welcome Intellias as a new member of the NDS Association. With their many years of NDS expertise as a sub-contractor to automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, Intellias is a highly welcome partner for the further development of the NDS specification. We look forward to working with them.

Martin Schleicher, Chairman of the NDS Association

Why Intellias is joining the NDS Association

For Intellias, becoming an NDS Association member is the next natural step in developing expertise in NDS-based maps and services. Additionally, Intellias strives to take an active role in further developing the NDS specification, including NDS.Live services, to widen the scope of NDS-based map applications and to make them available for automakers and system vendors.

Intellias is ready to share expertise with different versions of NDS maps and other data formats that Intellias specialists have been using and enhancing since 2015. Intellias experience has allowed the company to help clients by developing map data frameworks for testing NDS-based maps. Having gained experience from collaboration with industry leaders, Intellias specialists will apply their expertise to grow the broad knowledgebase available to the worldwide community of map engineers, bringing their proficiency to the highest level.  

Intellias has been working with the NDS map data specification starting with NDS.Classic 2.2.1, going all the way to the latest version 2.5.4 and NDS.Live. Our global clients rely on our experience with NDS. We are ready to take the next big steps in growing our expertise for our clients and the wider community of map engineers. Today, we see how NDS Association members are shaping the future with a new generation of maps. And Intellias is striving to take a significant role in contributing to the worldwide standards for mapping data that enable dynamic and sharable data across a wide range of automotive and mobility solutions.

Viacheslav Slieptsov, Senior Delivery Director, Mobility at Intellias

NDS is a proven map data standard that enables software-defined and highly automated vehicles through a common location reference, enabling the fusion of map and sensor data. NDS members actively promote forward-thinking projects, strengthening relationships among OEMs, engineering companies, and solution providers. Intellias shares the common goal of a unified automotive and mobility ecosystem. Becoming an NDS member will enable Intellias to build close collaboration with industry leaders, bringing added value to NDS partners, Intellias clients, and the wider automotive community. 

We are proud to become an NDS Association member and to contribute to the development of the NDS specification for map data and services. Today, maps are capable of far more than just guiding us through unknown terrain. Maps have become a critical part of safety systems, enabling autonomous driving and the efficient use of EV batteries. This strategic partnership allows us to join forces with industry leaders to drive a safe, predictable, and efficient tomorrow. To make this a reality, OEMs and technology companies must work together and come up with joint solutions. I believe NDS members have all the tools and expertise to take the fast lane by using and jointly evolving the worldwide standard for map data in automotive ecosystems.

Oleksandr Odukha, VP of Delivery, Mobility at Intellias

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