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The Navigation Data Standard, or NDS, is the most used database format for automotive navigation solutions. It has been adopted by market leaders including BMW, Daimler, and VAG. NDS allows developers to separate navigation software from navigation data, granting flexibility to build a customizable product for end users. There is high demand among OEMs to adopt the Navigation Data Standard.
Intellias engineers have strong experience in NDS map compilation and testing, including all building block areas like digital terrain modeling, junction views, points of interest, traffic information, basic map display, routing, lane models, volatile data, shared data, and full-text search. We also have expertise in building automated map delivery pipelines.

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Our NDS services help solve problems

Large map patch size and high cost of testing

Use deterministic maps to limit map testing to difference deltas. The main advantages are a reduced map delivery cycle time and a reduced patch size for over-the-air updates. We have experience writing and maintaining solutions for compiling deterministic maps.

High cost of map production

Create a product-oriented solution that combines features and updates regions from different clients into one map and introduces a post-processing step that cuts out specific client maps. This solution can scale to meet client requests without increasing engineering resources.

Poor source data

Combine various data sources with complex approximative algorithms. As a real-world example, we applied elevation data to an initially flat road model with respect to road junctions, bridges, and tunnels.

Absence of data visualization tools

Develop solutions to visualize and validate NDS data from all building blocks using a street-level 3D model. This helps us understand, validate, and conduct effective RCA on NDS data as well as increase the effectiveness of communication while resolving the problem.

Complying with country-specific regulation

In order to install navigation solutions into cars, they must be verified by regulatory bodies that vary from country to country and may have conflicting demands. We have experience adapting products to comply with country-specific requirements related to borders, toponyms, and other map content.

Issues with map size and routing performance

To avoid constant map growth we apply algorithms for merging, aggregation, and content filtering. They also help to achieve high-performance routing for any request, from navigation within a city to navigation across Europe. Routing aggregation algorithms limit the amount of live data processing with no impact on data accuracy.

Compile your NDS-based maps efficiently

Benefits our clients receive

Performance boost & Cost optimization

Develop high-performance map compilation solutions and reduce infrastructure costs by monitoring them daily.

Update regions

Ability to provide update regions split solutions.

Incremental updates

Develop software to perform OTA updates.

Compliance with Navigation Data Standard

Cooperation with vendor that has experience working with the Navigation Data Standard starting from version 2.2.1 as well as supporting different NDS versions with the same compiler

Mapping automation

Use DevOps best practices to build solutions that automatically deliver certified and verified maps daily.

HD data

Work with high-definition lane data for autonomous vehicles.

Map data sources and map data visualization

Ability to get map data from various sources and develop tools for NDS data visualization to improve development and customer communication.

NDS extension

Extend NDS to fulfill custom requirements using NDS principals and achieve an NDS-compliant solution.

Success stories

SDK for Connected NDS-Based Navigation
Our client is a global provider of location-based services and mapping solutions for automotive giants, technology companies, municipalities, and consumers. We helped them create IoT-centric SDK that would enable cloud-powered cross-platform communication, over-the-air map updates, real-time traffic, route, and destination predictions, vehicle fleet sensor data integration, and driver and vehicle profiles. As a result, our client received an integrated automotive-grade navigation solution that makes the driving experience more personal, connected and safe.
Pipeline for Compiling HD Automotive Maps
Our client is a global provider of location-based services and mapping solutions for automotive giants, technology companies, municipalities, and consumers. We help them build feature-rich automotive-grade NDS maps, as well as upgrade the client's entire map compilation process to enable the correct operation of routing, guidance, point-of-interest search, and OTA map updates.
NDS map production
We provide end-to-end delivery of data mapping services from map compilation to production, validation, and testing for our client, a global mapping software and services company. We took ownership of map production activities, covering map development, testing, release, validation, and improvements. Intellias also covered the specific process of map packaging, transforming the NDS SQLite database into packages needed for devices used by automotive manufacturers.
HD maps for autonomous driving
We developed future-proof road network HD maps for autonomous driving experiences for our client, a global leader in navigation and location-based solutions. Our solution enabled vehicles to understand the world through an immensely detailed and dynamic map for autonomous driving. We delivered a reliable algorithm for autonomous driving maps that enables both highly and fully automated driving experiences by providing accurate route planning based on lane-level information, speed data, and real-time information about the situation on the road.

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