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Artificial Intelligence Boosting Development of an eLearning Platform

Intellias built a SaaS educational platform to improve enterprise productivity, supplementing engineering expertise with AI-assisted development.

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Project snapshot

For our long-term client, we created a full-scale platform for highly personalized learning to help end users and businesses adopt advanced software and improve productivity. Powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform offers tailored training scenarios, optimizing the use of learners’ valuable time.

The eLearning platform is designed to help users leverage the functionality of popular enterprise software and apply its capabilities to achieve practical goals. With a variety of available learning formats, the solution unlocks the true potential of tools to meet each user’s unique needs.

In this project, Intellias teams used the capabilities of GitHub Copilot, an AI-based code completion tool that assists developers in routine work and frees their time to implement core business logic.

Our client is a US-based provider of eLearning solutions for the corporate sector with more than 25 years of experience in the software adoption field. The company is committed to unlocking the power of modern enterprise software to businesses and individual customers, helping them increase their productivity through leveraging the full range of features offered in each tool. Today, the company presents a comprehensive SaaS learning platform offering customizable training programs focused on practical adoption of software solutions.

Business challenge

On the evolutionary journey from training solutions company to leading provider of online educational services, our client aimed to transform into a full-featured SaaS eLearning platform. Focused on helping users achieve success in the practical application of enterprise software in their work, the company wanted to design a comfortable learning space, offering tailored programs for accelerated technology adoption while optimizing use of participants’ time.

To achieve this goal, the client wanted to expand their offering with an enterprise SaaS learning portal for all-inclusive corporate learning experiences. The client’s vision described a dynamic and flexible educational space focused on maximizing the value of users’ time through the ability to customize learning paths and choose a comfortable format and pace.

To enhance the user experience, the client planned to complement existing educational content with user-generated materials, providing learners with opportunities for building curated personalized training journeys meeting their practical goals.

The rich functionality was important for broadening the client’s audience through attracting new customers and establishing a stronger market presence.


Intellias assumed responsibility for the entire scope of the project, from the discovery stage through planning, iterative development, deployment, and ongoing support. With several teams working on different aspects of the project, we developed a comprehensive cloud-based educational SaaS platform.

To achieve the required scalability and flexibility of the new learning portal, we used a microservices architecture, creating a dynamic environment for end users. Leveraging features of Microsoft Azure cloud computing, our engineering teams built an innovative educational platform enhanced with custom content creation options and boasting a number of features to increase appeal:

  • Wide range of supported formats, allowing end users to select the optimal learning method
  • Personalized learning flows to unlock practical benefits of enterprise software for each user
  • Integration with a variety of communication and collaboration tools, improving learners’ efficiency
  • Role-based learning paths corresponding to users’ functions and seniority
  • Support for creating and uploading custom content in the learning marketplace

In developing the eLearning platform, we complemented our engineers’ vast technology expertise with the AI-powered code completion capabilities of GitHub Copilot, using it as an intelligent assistant in various development tasks. With an AI-based tool performing routine tasks that represent a significant chunk of the team’s work, we increased the velocity and efficiency of development, streamlining flows and reducing the number of errors.

As a company of avid technology enthusiasts, our client supported the idea of AI-assisted development, recognizing its potential benefits. Committed to helping users adopt AI-powered tools, the client offers dedicated learning courses that unlock the potential of artificial intelligence. Our experience with AI in software development improving team velocity and code quality while reducing the time required for tasks contributed to the client’s support of AI-driven software development.

Business outcomes

Artificial Intelligence Boosting Development of an eLearning Platform

Using modern cloud technologies, we delivered a multi-featured educational platform capable of attracting new customers and content vendors. With AI-assisted development automation, we increased the speed and efficiency of code creation, reducing the error rate and improving developer productivity.

The new SaaS platform allowed our client to strengthen their market position by creating enhanced user experiences. Its dynamic and secure learning environment appeals to both individual and corporate customers, propelling the business to accelerated growth.

The broad functionality of the learning solution, including its extensive personalization options, attracts new customers and retains the existing audience, contributing to overall growth of the eLearning business. At the same time, the new marketplace functionality creates partnership opportunities, attracting content vendors.

For both Intellias and our client, the project became a practical validation of the benefits of AI-assisted development. With AI-focused learning programs in the offering, the client appreciated the opportunity to explore tangible benefits of this approach.

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