Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Elevate your industry and business potential with Intellias, a Microsoft Gold Partner and a trusted Azure consulting partner. Unlock the full spectrum of Microsoft technologies, ranging from cutting-edge development tools to robust data management solutions, business intelligence capabilities, and comprehensive platform consulting services.

Our commitment to Microsoft Azure consulting services extends beyond providing technological expertise; we ensure that technology serves you well and that you can be confident in the security of your solutions.

Partner with Intellias to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape and harness Microsoft’s powerful suite of solutions for unparalleled business success.

Microsoft capabilities

Take advantage of Intellias’ professional IT services to discover the power of advanced Microsoft Azure technologies. Work with us to build robust, scalable, and secure cloud solutions tailored to your business need

Azure Cloud Solutions

Confidently navigate a variety of Microsoft Azure cloud computing services. Intellias Azure consulting experts will help you develop a comprehensive migration strategy and optimize your cloud infrastructure to leverage the full potential of the Microsoft Azure platform.

Data & Analytics

Adopt a data-driven culture with our tailored data and analytics services. Intellias, a reliable Microsoft Azure consultant, will help you reimagine your data approach with complete solutions for data extraction, analysis, and visualization to provide strategic insights and enable informed decision-making.

Enterprise Applications & RPA

Enhance efficiency and streamline your workflows with cloud-based enterprise applications and RPA solutions. Leveraging the potential of Azure services, Intellias intelligent automation experts will design custom automations to boost the productivity of your business processes.

Managed Services

Streamline your operations, enhance security and compliance, and confidently run your cloud infrastructure with Azure Managed Services. Our consultants assist you in selecting the optimal management model capable of maintaining supreme performance while letting you focus on innovation and growth.

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning with future-ready Azure AI solutions. Tap into the expertise of Intellias data scientists and data engineers to build and deploy machine-powered products at scale and benefit from seamless data management.

Application Development

Embrace a forward-thinking application development strategy with the expertise of Intellias cloud architects, DevOps engineers, and .NET developers. We will help you create robust, scalable, and secure applications using advanced capabilities of the Microsoft Azure platform and support them with customized cloud operations frameworks.

IoT Solutions

Drive the digital transformation of your physical infrastructure by building an intelligent IoT ecosystem with Azure connected technologies. Intellias IoT experts will work with you to choose best-in-class tools and frameworks and design custom apps, providing you with practical insights and creating innovative data experiences.

Supercharge your business. Unleash delivery excellence with Intellias, a Microsoft Azure consulting company

Intellias accelerators

Intellias is committed to enhancing its expertise to consistently provide significant advantages, such as cost optimization, accelerated time to market, and rapid implementation of innovative solutions. In pursuit of these objectives, we have developed Azure-native accelerators, providing ready-made solutions and templates for the swift development and deployment of Microsoft applications. This strategic approach ensures efficient resource utilization and time savings for your business.

A unique CQRS Framework developed by Intellias is a cloud software accelerator, facilitating microservice solutions on Azure across diverse industries. With a maximum capacity of 500 TB and a performance of approximately 4 billion transactions per second, our framework scales rapidly — deploying up to 1000 instances per minute and enabling independent microservice deployment. Early adopters in sectors ranging from FinTech to healthcare are already experiencing the benefits, such as accelerated time to market, with development time reduced by up to 50%, and substantial savings in infrastructure costs, up to 80%.

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IntelliTwin is an advanced cloud-based software platform allowing the creation of visual 3D twins for connected facilities. This facilitates the visualization of power network simulations, enabling monitoring and predictive management. Leveraging sophisticated Microsoft AI features, IntelliTwin serves as an all-in-one digital twin platform designed to optimize AI-driven facility management. Users can effortlessly visualize, analyze, and harness the power of cloud-based modeling software for intelligent performance monitoring of facilities and infrastructure.

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Microsoft Marketplace offers by Intellias

Microsoft Marketplace offers by Intellias

Data engineering solutions for actionable insights

Intellias offers a full range of data engineering services designed to empower businesses with actionable insights from their data. Our expert team excels in data integration, transformation, and storage, enabling seamless data processing and advanced analytics. With a focus on data quality, scalability, and security, we deliver customized solutions that unlock the full potential of your data, driving informed decision-making and fostering business growth.

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Microsoft Marketplace offers by Intellias

Serverless CQRS on Azure: a 2-day workshop

During the workshop, we will go over the best practices for microservices application development and deployment, as well as showcase how our open source CQRS framework can be leveraged to help you build cloud-native architectures quickly, effectively, and on budget.

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Microsoft Marketplace offers by Intellias

Design Thinking for AI 8-hour workshop

Intellias’ Design Thinking for AI workshop, with a focus on Azure integration, is a comprehensive and collaborative process aimed at guiding your team towards developing user-centric AI solutions. The workshop is structured into distinct stages, each contributing to the overall goal of fostering innovation and improving user satisfaction.

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Microsoft Marketplace offers by Intellias

Azure сost optimization service

Intellias offers сost optimization service that enables businesses to run their cloud-based systems at the optimal cost to deliver the maximum business value. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your expenses, identify areas of overspending and potential cost-saving opportunities to add transparency and visibility to your cloud finances while getting the most out of technology

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Microsoft Marketplace offers by Intellias

Generative AI Solutions on Microsoft Azure –
2 wk implementation

Intellias provides a comprehensive range of Generative AI solutions optimized for Microsoft Azure, leveraging the platform’s powerful capabilities to transform your business. Our cutting-edge algorithms and models replicate human-like creativity, delivering accelerated results that optimize efficiency and time-to-value.

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Microsoft Marketplace offers by Intellias

IIoT Digital Twins for Manufacturing Industry:
2-days workshop

Intellias offers extensive consulting services to leverage the Azure IoT Digital Twins platform, enabling real-time monitoring and proactive issue prevention through digital models of physical objects. Our digital twin solutions unlock a wide range of opportunities, from supply chain optimization to enhanced product quality and improved workplace safety. We bring our specialized expertise to ensure a seamless implementation of digital twin technology, guiding you through the complex approach and meticulous planning needed for successful integration into your operations.

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