Educational Software Development

Embrace the future of education with eLearning solutions that cater to learners’ needs, leveraging digital technologies and experience design. At Intellias, we provide full-cycle custom educational software development services that meet all your business requirements. With our expertise in delivering EdTech platforms and learning management systems (LMS), you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Platforms delivered for our clients have benefited brands including Visa, PepsiCo, and Deloitte, and have been recognized by Oxford, Cambridge, and Macmillan Publishers.

We can make your EdTech business idea work.

Use tech to make sure education serves the missio

Custom education software development services by Intellias

Scalable and resilient platform infrastructure

Build a scalable education ecosystem that integrates processes, digital tools, and modules.

Data analytics to understand learners’ behavior

Gain tailored insights into user behavioral data for teachers and students to provide more personalized experiences.

Captivating UX to attract and retain learners

Enhance your solution’s usability to naturally facilitate the learning journey with an enjoyable product.

Mobile experience that’s always within reach

Help your users dive into the world of learning on the go and boost their outcomes with mobile learning.

Compliance with industry standards

Stay relevant with support for SCORM, xAPI, LTI, AICC, CMI-5, and any other domain-specific requirements.

Lean development and expert consultants

Innovate with precision and scale by leveraging our technology expertise and edTech market experience.

Let’s build your next big thing together, whether it’s an interactive
learning app or a custom learning management system.
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