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Intellias offers educational innovators a full-cycle eLearning software development strategy featuring advanced technologies, lean design, and an emphasis on learners. eLearning platform providers win reputable customers like Visa, PepsiCo, and Deloitte with eLearning development services provided by Intellias. AI algorithms implemented by Intellias have helped educational startups get recognized by publishers at Oxford, Cambridge, and Macmillan. Since 2002, Intellias has grown into a technology enabler and partner in change for eLearning providers seeking an edge in digital learning environments with custom eLearning development services.

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Intellias eLearning development services

Education & eLearning platforms

Build a scalable infrastructure to customize the learning experience for students and employees

Interactive education

Delight learners with AR/VR and adapt smart devices as a novel part of your gamification strategy

Language learning apps

Design and develop a consistent user experience throughout your mobile application

Machine learning & AI in eLearning

Implement NLP for semantic analysis and personalize learning through prediction models

Learning management systems

Create a new LMS from scratch or revamp an existing LMS with an intuitive design and advanced features

Virtual classrooms

Integrate telecom and live conference tools to encourage learners to collaborate at any distance

Superpowers you gain with Intellias eLearning software development services

Education and eLearning development companies across the US, Europe, and Asia who rely on Intellias talent and technology are changing lives through innovations in learning. Intellias custom eLearning development comprises the implementation of new ideas, technology recommendations, full-scale eLearning solution development, and continuous support for profitable growth. Intellias is an eLearning software development company you can feel confident working with, as we share product-level responsibility for custom eLearning development and match our engineering culture to your core business values.

Scalable and resilient platform infrastructure

Ensure uninterrupted course delivery and high production across distributed systems

Data analytics to understand learners’ behavior

Build data pipelines to track all learning pathways and personalize the learning experience

Captivating UX to attract and retain learners

Research users’ pains and gains so the interface can naturally facilitate the learning journey

Mobile experience that is always within reach

Deliver a mobile experience that encourages users to learn on their devices now, not later

Compliance with industry-wide standards

Ensure support for SCORM, xAPI, LTI, AICC, CMI-5, and any other domain-specific standards or requirements

Lean development and continuous support

Strategize your business while we continuously ship new features to hit deliverables

Boost your eLearning product with our talent and technology

Technology expertise to reinforce your eLearning software development

Success stories

eLearning platform for corporate training
For BrainStorm, we established a full-scale engineering organization of five teams delivering an innovative eLearning platform that promotes software literacy among employees of Fortune 500 companies including Visa, PepsiCo, and Deloitte. Our DevOps engineers ensure scalability and resilience of the platform infrastructure and uninterrupted performance across distributed components for content delivery, skill path tracking, reporting, gamification, and virtual communication tools.
Vocabulary trainer for language learning
For Phase6, we developed mobile and web applications for vocabulary acquisition that operate based on a completely new cloud platform. The Phase6 vocabulary trainer empowers language learners with a complete set of course books, a personalized vocabulary builder, and a simplified query-based vocabulary acquisition process. This solution has been recognized by 7,000 educational institutions for its proven scientific approach, responsive cross-platform experience, and blended learning strategies.
NLP solution for language learning
For the educational startup Alphary, we designed and developed a language learning application that relies on NLP algorithms for corpus statistics and semantic analysis to accelerate vocabulary acquisition through recent and relevant feedback. Intellias contributed to Alphary’s recognition by Oxford University Press, which later requested several apps with the same functionality. Intellias designers delivered rebranded versions of the app, allowing Alphary to satisfy demand for their services.
Educational platform for council training
For iFB, a leading institute for council workers, we delivered an MS Azure platform for online courses and seminars on legal topics, economics, and council operations. The platform enables data and event management, publication of courses, distribution of user-generated content, and robust reporting functionality. While migrating large data sets from Microsoft SQL to the Azure cloud, we ensured uninterrupted performance and multi-user support for an extensive base of speakers and thousands of annual seminar attendees.

Intellias eLearning development services for wider audiences

Education sector

We provide education software development services to universities, colleges, schools, VET providers, educational institutions, and training centers looking for custom eLearning development to transform organizational processes and relationships with students. Both in the classroom and online, students’ engagement is key for successful learning outcomes and loyalty. Web-based training solutions are an ultimate touchpoint for students that drives growth.

As a custom eLearning solutions company, Intellias focuses on every aspect of eLearning solutions for educational providers covering educational software development services. We implement administrative tools to simplify enrollment, track attendance, automate assessment, organize curriculum, and analyze learning patterns for a personalized experience. As more universities move online, we’re integrating tools for seamless collaboration in virtual classrooms to make education accessible at any distance.

Corporate training

Our educational software development services empower businesses and eLearning platform integrators to deliver corporate trainings to boost the professional growth of employees, make them thrive in their current roles, and accelerate promotions. Custom eLearning platforms or LMS can save a fortune on workforce training and development as well as bring higher revenue per employee thanks to interactive skills development programs.

Our engineers build reliable IT infrastructure and cultivate a DevOps mindset for eLearning solution providers, tutoring platforms, and MOOCs to ensure users can access courses from anywhere at any time. Our eLearning development services are strictly aligned with security policies to eliminate possible breaches through integrations between eLearning solutions and corporate systems. We also help our clients comply with region-specific regulations like GDPR to guarantee personal data privacy and a wider market reach.

Mass market

We cover both eLearning software development and UI/UX design for educational apps, paving the way to compact and interactive courses that are accessible on the go. We are among eLearning development companies who is implementing AI for personalized learning experiences. Grasping the recent demand for language learning apps, Intellias is eager to contribute its expertise to the educational revolution in Asia and especially in China.

Delivering mobile apps for the mass market of lifetime learners and for skills development in professional environments, Intellias strives to support eLearning software development companies in reshaping the learning experience and adopting technologies for wider market reach. The products of the custom eLearning solutions company we worked with are used by aspiring learners who want to travel the world, employees who need to acquire professional vocabulary, and sales teams looking for ways to increase revenue.

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