Case study

Revolutionizing Telecom QA Operational Excellence

Intellias provided holistic quality assurance transformation of a client's QA practices, tackling siloed teams and enhancing automation capabilities

Telecom & Media

Project highlights

  • Holistic quality assurance transformation: Performing an extensive overhaul of the client’s QA practices, tackling siloed team structures, and enhancing automation capabilities.
  • Continuous quality approach: Standardizing testing processes, starting from business requirements, to foster collaboration between the QA team and all key stakeholders of the transformation program, including product owners, solution architects, business analysts, SMEs, and developers to support the E2E quality management process.
Period of cooperation:
12 months
Team size:
10 members
Quality Engineering, Telecom & Media
Company size:

Business сhallenge

One of our clients, a telecom provider, faced critical transformational challenges that prevented them from gaining a competitive edge. With a siloed team structure and limited test automation capabilities, the company needed help to ensure the efficiency of:

  • Customer experience
  • Time-to-market
  • Data as an asset
  • Business process as an asset

Testing was an afterthought, with minimal consideration of testing during the planning stage and a lack of standardized testing processes. The client aimed to leverage advanced testing methodologies and integrate monitoring and analytics for real-time insights in the development lifecycle while going through digital transformation.

Recognizing the need for a transformative shift, the company turned to Intellias to embrace a holistic quality assurance transformation. By leveraging our expertise, we aimed to streamline testing practices, foster collaboration between development and QA teams, implement robust automation frameworks, and instil a culture of quality throughout the organization. Moreover, we aimed to apply our telecom-specific expertise to quality assurance transformation, strengthening client teams with our experience.

Technology solution

Our collaboration with the client unfolded in three transformative phases, each designed to tackle specific challenges related to people, processes, and technologies based on the AWS continuous testing maturity assesment model.

Revolutionizing Telecom QA Operational Excellence

We developed a roadmap to introduce a business value quality enablement framework

In the initial Proof of Concept (PoC) phase, we focused on fostering a culture of quality within a single business value stream: end-to-end activities to deliver a product. (Examples of other value streams include customer care, order management, and customer problem management.) We established a dedicated QA team, blending manual and automation expertise to ensure comprehensive test coverage. Standardizing end-to-end testing processes was paramount; we aligned them closely with the value stream’s features and capabilities to seamlessly integrate a culture of testing into all aspects of the transformation program.

Revolutionizing Telecom QA Operational Excellence

Intellias is the finalist in the North American and European Software Testing Awards 2023 – Best Advancing Software Testing Practice

Introducing a framework for continuous testing laid the foundation for iterative improvements, supported by the careful evaluation and selection of appropriate tooling. Crucially, this phase aimed to establish robust version control systems and automated build processes, streamlining development and testing environments for enhanced efficiency.

Revolutionizing Telecom QA Operational Excellence

In the initial proof of concept (PoC) phase, our focus was on fostering a culture of quality within a single value stream

Transitioning to the second phase, we extended our quality practices across multiple value streams, catering to diverse technological landscapes. Here, the focus expanded to include performance engineering, enriching testing strategies with specialized capabilities tailored to each value stream’s unique requirements. Through comprehensive training and the establishment of guilds, we empowered teams to confidently navigate specific processes and technologies. Integrating performance expertise and establishing a realistic testing environment mirrored the complexities of the digital BSS/OSS stack, ensuring thorough validation of solutions before deployment.

Finally, we introduced a business value quality enablement framework, establishing testing capabilities for the telco’s environment. The value quality enablement framework resolves the main challenges related to people, processes, and technologies. Our approach involves a dedicated team per value stream to leverage domain knowledge and expertise. Continuous testing and unified data quality management will turn the company’s processes into a value-driven testing strategy. See details of the business value quality enablement framework in the infographic below:

Revolutionizing Telecom QA Operational Excellence

Through comprehensive training and the establishment of guilds, we empowered teams to confidently navigate specific processes and technologies

Through these meticulously crafted phases, our client embarked on a transformative journey towards excellence in quality assurance. The company laid the groundwork for sustained innovation and customer excellence in the dynamic telecom landscape.

Business impact

Implementation of our comprehensive quality assurance transformation program has yielded significant business impacts, addressed vital challenges, and driven tangible value for our client.

Focus on digital experience: By tailoring an end-to-end (E2E) strategy specifically for value streams, we have improved the digital experience for customers, ensuring seamless interactions across all touchpoints.

Performance testing: Through a heightened focus on performance testing within E2E business processes, we’ve fortified the company’s infrastructure against potential vulnerabilities.

Coexistence and transition: Emphasizing the importance of value streams, our approach enables seamless integration of new processes and technologies. We also maximized the reuse of accumulated knowledge and accelerators within our transformation program.

Business transformation readiness: With joint responsibility instilled within value streams and the accumulation of telco and technology expertise through guilds, our client is primed for business transformation. We equipped our client with the capabilities to effectively navigate industry shifts and emerging trends.

Data management: Adopting a unified data management approach, our client now views data as a value stream, enabling the seamless flow of information across all workstreams while ensuring the availability of reusable and managed test data sets.

Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST) compliance: Our continious quality approach ensures early QA involvement in the design and requirements stage, facilitating rigorous compliance with Communications, Space & Technology Commission (CST) standards and testing of standardization levels.

Partners and dealers: By tailoring the QA strategy for each value stream and integrating testing to verify against the value stream architecture, our client ensures interoperability and smooth collaboration with partners and dealers, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Interoperability: Integration testing and verification against value stream architecture ensure interoperability across systems and processes, mitigating risks associated with compatibility issues and promoting seamless interactions.

Overall, our quality assurance transformation program has addressed specific challenges and positioned our client for sustained success.

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