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Intellias helps telecommunications companies adjust legacy infrastructure up to dynamic market requirements to accelerate their digital transformation, add competitive value to their offerings, and generate new revenue streams. We partner with communications service providers to digitize their internal platforms and processes as well as to enhance software-driven network services. In this way, we help satellite operators, traditional telecoms, OTT and media providers, and infrastructure operators keep up with the latest technologies and succeed with new business models.

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Our telecom software development services

Network cloudification

Implement cloud-native network infrastructure to cut costs, achieve service elasticity, and rationalize VNF onboarding and deployment

IoT solutions implementation

Capture IoT business opportunities and gain a competitive edge by rolling out custom IoT platforms, modules, and apps

Cognitive systems and analytics

Increase customer engagement, streamline network operations, and boost business performance with AI-powered data analytics

Support systems modernization (BSS/OSS)

Transform your support systems to enable seamless deployment, management, and monetization of 5G, IoT, and digital services

Telecom digital services

Enrich your portfolio with next-gen digital offerings such as super-fast broadband services and cloud-native VAS applications

VoIP solutions engineering

Instantly deploy carrier-grade VoIP services with our custom-built SoftSwitch and Unified Communications solutions

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Our competencies across the telecom ecosystem

Communications service providers are transforming into digital service providers. We apply our deep technological expertise to help them streamline this transition. Intellias telecom software services, which range from developing core network systems to creating VAS applications and IoT platforms, enable our customers to foster innovation and future-proof their offerings. The telecom software solutions we build for our clients allow them to enhance their own operational performance and roll out a new generation of services that are demanded by subscribers.


Capitalize on the explosive growth of active device connections and widespread automation to enable new business models and revenue streams.


Accelerate the rollout of a new generation of telecommunications services by migrating to a cloud-native architecture and leveraging a microservices-based approach.


Increase the release speed and decrease the maintenance costs of your applications in the cloud by creating an agile environment to make multiple production units work as a whole.

Big data and analytics

Optimize data warehousing costs and capitalize on timely data-driven insights by leveraging our expertise to maximize the opportunity big data presents

AI and ML

Transform and improve business and network processes, gain operational efficiency, and enhance the subscriber experience with AI and ML solutions adjusted to telecom-specific use cases.

Success stories

VoIP network software solution
A US-based cloud voice company that empowers telco providers to deliver carrier-class VoIP services with a web-scale SaaS solution, decided to migrate their two legacy monolithic systems to the cloud and split them into microservices. Intellias helped our client embark on the migration journey and build a cloud-native, fully integrated network management system that enabled them to scale their business processes and offer more competitive pricing to end customers.
Optical fiber network planning
Expert at all stages of broadband internet and telecom network planning, our client required to automate the planning, design, and management of large-scale FTTx projects, mostly relying on geographical and fiber network maps. Intellias became our client’s strategic partner, having contributed to architecture prototype improvements and major product functionality for optical network design and implementation, as well as the new web portal for the comprehensive network project management.
Customer self-service telecom portal
A multinational corporation that provides a broad suite of market-leading offerings to Tier 1 telecom operators acquired a communications technology firm in the Middle East and needed to bring their systems in sync with their own innovative solutions.The Intellias team has been entrusted with building a user portal that provides personal accounts to newly onboarded mobile operators, as well as helped our client integrate their core systems with their new customers’ infrastructures.
Automated billing and provisioning system
A leading Swiss provider of IP telephony services decided to broaden their range of offerings by enhancing their customer portal with advanced telecom billing software and a dedicated provisioning system for automatic configuration of IP phones. Intellias engineers worked on three generations of this solution, having guided its development through several important milestones, which helped our client expand their business and become one of the country’s most trusted IP telephony providers.

Boost your market visibility with telecom enterprise software development

Gain competitive advantage with telecom software services

Expert software development in the telecom industry is a strong response to fierce competition and the fall of the average revenue faced by communication service providers (CPS). For this reason, standing out among telecom software companies, Intellias offers telecom software services that will help businesses fight disruptive competition and lack of organizational agility. Software development for telecom is a rational way to adjust to changing customer needs and uncertainties.

We work with our industry-specific expertise and multi-technological proficiency so that our clients fully benefit from modern telecom software services. IoT, LBS, Cloud, and AI/ML are only several of the advanced technologies that are at the heart of our software development for telecom and CPS providers. Intellias applies this technological spectrum to operation support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS). Our expertise in telecom enterprise software development allows companies to make a leap in business growth.

Benefit from advanced operation support systems

As one of telecom software companies, Intellias helps businesses launch new services, manage their quality, and timely process user requests. Automation of processes and advanced software development for telecom are necessary for the seamless operation of modern telecommunications infrastructure. We are constantly working to implement only the most effective and technologically sophisticated telecom software services in the field of operation support systems.

Our solutions can streamline network-centric components related to the operation of telecommunication companies. Namely, Intellias telecom software services help our clients make use of virtual or hosted PBX switches and customized SIP-clients, benefit from VoIP-based services, leverage custom solutions for bandwidth analysis and performance monitoring and tap into cloud-based or on-premise provisioning systems with scalable configuration.

Develop effectiveness with business support systems

Intellias applies effective software development practices for telecom not only to the network-centric elements of operation support systems. Since business support systems constitute the backbone of the business-critical functions of the telecom companies, they deserve particular attention. For this reason, Intellias offers a variety of telecom software services to help companies optimize specific processes within their organizations.

In this respect, Intellias, as one of trusted telecom software development companies, works on software development for telecom to facilitate customer service with tailored user management solutions and ERP systems. We assist clients in the development of interactive self-service portals and chatbots. Our experts build, order, and manage all the telecom-related digital services, tariffs, and packages in one place as well as offer automated payment processing, debtor management, and data verification.

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