Telecom Digital Transformation

Intellias helps communications service providers (CSPs), their vendors, and engineering partners accelerate digital transformation by boosting their engineering capacity and delivering solutions to their clients on time and on budget. With this aim, we develop, validate, and scale telecom software by technology expertise in network & data analytics, BSS managed services, core network cloudification for 5G, IoT, bespoke app development, cloud, platform and DevOps adoption.

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Our expertise in telecom digital transformation

Cloud data platform engineering (DWH & Data Lake)

Harness the power of big data by building cloud repository of structured & unstructured data that is optimized for analytics, scale and ease of use

Network virtualization and cloudification

Implement a scalable network infrastructure, onboard and test CNFs/VNFs to achieve elasticity wins and deliver innovative network services

Telecom digital services

Enrich your portfolio with 5G super-fast broadband services (navigation, mobility, automotive, UHD video/ gaming, VR-augmented video/gaming, live broadcasting, public safety surveillance, etc.) and traditional VAS apps

IoT consulting and implementation services

Capture IoT business opportunities by rolling out IoT platform, modules, and custom-build apps tailed to the needs of B2B clients

BSS development

Customize your BSS stack to enable seamless deployment, management, and monetization of 5G, IoT, and non-telco digital services

VoIP/ UCaaS solutions development and integration

Deploy carrier-grade cloud calling, PBX services, and Unified Communications solutions

IT managed services

Increase operational efficiency, control costs & complexity in IT and network environments, and transition to SLA oriented operation

Develop and validate innovative solutions for telecom

Centers of excellence

Intellias covers a wide spectrum of telco cloud services, helping each client develop a unique holistic strategy for migrating their applications and workloads to virtualized environments or refactoring them for more efficient utilization of cloud-native services. Each development or migration passes a thorough analysis of current IT infrastructure, a clear roadmap to extract the desired level of cost efficiency and studying all critical requirements for your business.

Location based services

Introduce location intelligence to telecom with data-saturated maps, automated machinery steering, and accurate drone navigation

Internet of Things

Capitalize on the explosive growth of active device connections and widespread automation to enable new business models and revenue streams.

AI & machine learning

Transform and improve business and network processes, gain operational efficiency, and enhance the subscriber experience with AI and ML solutions adjusted to telecom-specific use cases.

Big data & analytics

Optimize data warehousing costs and capitalize on timely data-driven insights by leveraging our expertise to maximize the opportunity big data presents

Cloud & DevOps

Increase the release speed and decrease the maintenance costs of your applications in the cloud by creating an agile environment to make multiple production units work as a whole.


Ensure your intellectual property and personal data are secure and protected according to international requirements. We follow internal IP protection policies and strict NDAs to avoid potential data leaks or disclosure of information outside of the company.

Our increasing contribution to business value



Formulating the strategy



Localized digital transformation incentives aimed at attaining specific goals



Strategic leadership delivering a coordinated and innovative approach to digital transformation-led simplification in multiple areas of the business



Digital transformation excellence in delivering coherent organisation-wide change and strategically competitive advantage in multiple areas of the business



Best-in-class digital transformation capability, optimized for agility, is pervasively embedded within an organization’s culture, processes, and trusted partner ecosystem

Advanced technology for telecom’s critical reinvention

Advanced technology for telecom’s critical reinvention

Enjoy a substantially higher return on investment by delegating IT services, software maintenance, and user support to Intellias via our model of business process outsourcing for telecom.

Advanced technology for telecom’s critical reinvention

Enjoy a substantially higher return on investment by delegating IT services, software maintenance, and user support to Intellias via our model of business process outsourcing for telecom.

How customer-driven digital
transformation can help your business?


Fill temporary and specific positions

When you’re running a lot of projects in an enterprise-level company, you may require a very specific candidate to fill a project-based role. Software engineering firms can provide you with the exact expert in engineering, technology innovation, or industry consultancy that you need at a specific moment.


Cover technology gap

Intellias has established a vertical-specific approach to fostering industry expertise within the company. For this, we built our Centers of Excellence that focus on specific technologies, programming languages, or industries to reinforce our clients’ teams throughout their projects.


Reduce product launch time

Companies that are partnering with a software development firm can drastically improve their time to market, beginning with faster staffing and decreasing time spent on bug fixes and ongoing changes. We will help you reduce your product’s launch time by accelerating all operations related to development, design, and quality assurance.

Accelerate development with a trusted technology partner

Awards & recognitions


Success story

Unified communication platform
A US-based cloud voice company that empowers telco providers to deliver carrier-class VoIP services with a web-scale SaaS solution, decided to migrate their two legacy monolithic systems to the cloud and split them into micro services. Intellias helped our client embark on the migration journey and build a cloud-native, fully integrated network management system that enabled them to scale their business processes and offer more competitive pricing to end customers.
Optical fiber network planning
Expert at all stages of broadband internet and telecom network planning, our client required to automate the planning, design, and management of large-scale FTTx projects, mostly relying on geographical and fiber network maps. Intellias became our client’s strategic partner, having contributed to architecture prototype improvements and major product functionality for optical network design and implementation, as well as the new web portal for the comprehensive network project management.
Customer self-service telecom portal
A multinational corporation that provides a broad suite of market-leading offerings to Tier 1 telecom operators acquired a communications technology firm in the Middle East and needed to bring their systems in sync with their own innovative solutions.The Intellias team has been entrusted with building a user portal that provides personal accounts to newly onboarded mobile operators, as well as helped our client integrate their core systems with their new customers’ infrastructures.
Automated billing and provisioning system
A leading Swiss provider of IP telephony services decided to broaden their range of offerings by enhancing their customer portal with advanced telecom billing software and a dedicated provisioning system for automatic configuration of IP phones. Intellias engineers worked on three generations of this solution, having guided its development through several important milestones, which helped our client expand their business and become one of the country’s most trusted IP telephony providers.

Taking over the future of telecommunications

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