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Loyalty Gateway for Advanced Customer Relationships

Intellias helped building a universal promotional loyalty gateway, allowing our client to level up their customer relationship management

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Project snapshot

In response to growing demand for advanced solutions in the telecommunications industry, a global software vendor headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and with regional bases in Malaysia and the United States, sought Intellias’ expertise. The vendor specializes in developing products that empower telecommunications service providers to monetize and analyze network activity through processing of customer usage data.

Intellias was asked to help craft a universal promotional loyalty gateway that aligned with the client’s commitment to innovation and global market leadership.

Business Challenge

Our objective was to empower the client’s research and development (R&D) team, enhance product functionality, and create a proof of concept (PoC) for successful demonstrations to external clients.

The challenge involved assessing subscribers for multiple promotions simultaneously, allowing them to receive both loyalty-related promotions and promotions related to top-up amounts. Additionally, we needed to orchestrate subscription offers, ensuring that if a subscriber already had an existing promotion and received a new one, the system would seamlessly unsubscribe from the existing promotion and subscribe to the new one. A sophisticated solution was required to manage and optimize this promotional strategy.

Loyalty Gateway for Advanced Customer Relationships

Take your customer relationship management to new heights.

Technology solution

The solution we crafted enabled telecom providers to conduct promotions and offer users rewards for taking specific actions. Our approach allowed for flexible customization of promotions and rewards, tailored to the unique needs of each provider and a specific list of events.

The delivered solution not only enhanced the client’s existing functionality but also improved the overall performance of product services. Key components of our solution include:

  • Universal multi-sources of events consumption module
  • Aggregation of endpoint detection and response (EDR) and Cloud detection and response (CDR)
  • Consumption of externally aggregated records
  • Triggering of rewards provisioning
  • Direct rewards provisioning
  • Rules management engine
  • Rules API configurator
  • Notification system integration
  • Third-party and legacy integration modules

These components formed a robust framework, empowering telecom providers with a versatile toolset for efficient promotion management and reward delivery, alongside seamless integration with existing systems.

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