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Make certain that cloud technology is a foundation you can rely on for its transformative potential, enabling innovation, connectivity, and business resilience.

Intellias cloud experts are prepared to assess how cloud capabilities and limitations align with your application portfolio, IT systems, or even a single solution, ensuring a smooth cloud adoption process. These IT assessments will guide the configuration of a secure cloud environment tailored to your organization’s unique requirements, covering everything from a comprehensive health check to an end-to-end technology assessment of what resources, dependencies, and compliance measures are essential for your specific business needs.

Apply the power of the cloud and technology assessment services to let customers experience your best value proposition

Challenges we solve

Imagine if you could

  • Assess your readiness for cloud transformation

    Evaluate technical, operational, security, and business preparedness for a successful cloud transition

  • Align resources & IT systems with business goals

    Gain a detailed view of the effectiveness of your setup in contributing to the company’s overarching strategies

  • Plan for a seamless cloud adoption

    Remove the guesswork from your project implementation and comprehensively calculate the migration effort

  • Maintain & monitor cloud application health

    Manage the performance and reliability of newly deployed cloud applications, while monitoring and overseeing assets and systems

  • Craft a clear DevOps transformation plan

    Develop a robust DevOps integration strategy for your organization’s software development and IT operations

Make cloud your asset. Discover how a digital bank redefined success through cloud optimization, enhancing performance and reducing costs

Why choose Intellias expert IT assessment services 

Intellias integrated IT assessments have been developed to earn your business better results – from optimizing operational efficiency and improving cost management to ensuring top security and compliance with industry standards in addition to enhancing overall system reliability.

As challenging as the cloud transformation journey might be, Intellias will guide you through a network of practical use cases, ensuring you have the information you need for seamless cloud adoption.

Full cycle IT assessments

We provide an end-to-end full-cycle IT assessments of cloud services encompassing every aspect of your cloud ecosystem, from planning and migration to ongoing management and optimization. This approach ensures cost control, security, and compliance and aligns with business goals, supporting a successful and sustainable cloud journey.

DevOps health checks

Our DevOps practices health check helps you optimize software development and delivery processes, fosters collaboration, and ensures efficient use of resources, ultimately leading to faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective software releases.

Intellias IT assessment services for smooth cloud adoption

Infrastructure assessment

Reassess how your business runs. Get a 360-degree view of your system architecture and IT backbone design to define the right cloud adoption and IT strategy and expand the transformative potential of DevOps and cloud technology consulting.

DevOps assessment

Get a complete review of your DevOps flow and processes and validate your software release strategies with an in-depth analysis by our cloud consultants. We will help you evaluate the health of your DevOps environment and find new optimization opportunities with cloud computing.

Cloud assessment

Evaluate your cloud architecture and solutions to determine whether they allow your business to fully leverage cloud computing capabilities. Our cloud experts and IT assessments team will conduct a thorough analysis of your cloud strategy and costs and provide practical advice to optimize your use of cloud resources.

Well-Architectured Review

Align your cloud framework with established best practices and get an actionable roadmap of recommended improvements across all pillars of a well-architected review: operational excellence, performance efficiency, security, reliability, cost optimization, and sustainability.

Cloud readiness assessment 

Eliminate uncertainty in migrating your legacy systems to the cloud through a comprehensive evaluation of your resources, data, workloads, and operational flows. Our IT assessments team will determine the suitability of cloud computing for your organization and define the most advantageous cloud adoption strategy.

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Don't leave your business success to chance. Intellias information technology assessment services will safeguard your seamless cloud adoption!

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