Cloud Assessment Services

Embark on a resilient cloud journey with Intellias cloud assessment services. Confidently navigate the complexities of cloud adoption as we scrutinize the robustness of your business continuity and disaster recovery plans in the context of cloud usage.

Delving into your current cloud infrastructure from multiple perspectives, Intellias cloud experts provide precise estimates of potential savings or cost increases, considering factors like infrastructure costs, licensing fees, operating expenses, and the nuanced pay-as-you-go pricing models of cloud services. Our comprehensive analysis goes beyond finances, meticulously evaluating your organization’s application and infrastructure requirements for scalability and performance.

Give your cloud infrastructure a health check and optimize your cloud experience with cloud assessment services by Intellias.

Challenges we solve

Imagine if you could

  • Gain insight into how your business needs align with your cloud capacities

    Attain a comprehensive understanding of your cloud infrastructure performance

  • Find cost optimization opportunities

    Discover ways to utilize cloud computing resources more efficiently

  • Have a cloud-based product that grows together with your business

    Ensure flexible scalability of your cloud infrastructure and its ability to handle increased demand

  • Verify your infrastructure’s regulatory compliance

    Make sure your cloud resources and tools meet current legal requirements

  • Stay confident about your cloud security

    Test your security measures against current threats and get advice for improvements

Unlock efficiency, enhance security, and optimize costs.
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Intellias approach to cloud assessment service





  • Scope description
  • Tech and
    tools map
  • Business goals
    and objectives
  • Identify the
    key stakeholders
  • Project phase
  • Access for
  • Evaluate the
    current infrastructure
  • Cost consumption review


  • Scope description
  • Tech and tools map
  • Identify the key stakeholders
  • Access for assessment


  • Business goals and objectives
  • Project phase discovery
  • Evaluate the current infrastructure


  • Cost consumption review

Assessment output

  • Infrastructure health status
  • Operational efficiency report
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