Well-Architected Review

Inspect and assess your cloud infrastructure by comparing it to cloud computing best practices. A professionally executed Well-Architected Review will help you identify areas for improvement and get practical recommendations on eliminating any deficiencies.

If you have been successfully running a cloud-based infrastructure for several years, consider adding an assessment by a reputed Well-Architected Review provider to your to-do list. An all-around inspection of your cloud resources will assess the current state of your architecture and allow you to define an actionable strategy focused on aligning your network with the latest standards of ever-evolving digital technologies, ensuring the maximum performance of your cloud capacities and protecting your assets from outside attacks and cyberthreats.

Give your cloud platform a checkup by certified Intellias engineers

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Imagine if you could

  • Get a professional evaluation of your
    cloud resources

    Have a certified architect address the cloud alignment of your Well-Architected Framework

  • Assess the performance of your computing infrastructure

    Get a practical roadmap for boosting the efficiency, availability, and scalability of your cloud capacities

  • Verify that your security algorithms can withstand the latest threats

    Check your safety measures for potential risks and vulnerabilities

  • Unlock cost optimization opportunities

    Analyze the cost structure of your cloud resources and find areas for improvement

  • Adopt an actionable cloud strategy

    Obtain expert recommendations on utilizing cloud resources to maximize performance

Architect your cloud journey success with Intellias AWS Well-Architected
Review services.

Six pillars of a Well-Architected Review by Intellias 

In cooperation with a professional Well-Architected Review partner, you will be empowered with validated insights into your cloud infrastructure performance acting as a catalyst for continuous improvement.

Operational excellence

Intellias cloud engineers inspect the design and implementation of your cloud architecture to evaluate its ability to execute planned workloads and recommend design alignment steps.

Performance efficiency

Our experts review the use of cloud computing resources to verify their correspondence with performance requirements and suggest optimization opportunities.


We test the security measures implemented in your cloud infrastructure to detect potential vulnerabilities and outline ways to strengthen the security of your digital property.


Intellias checks your system’s availability and ability to support regular workloads during their entire lifecycle and helps you adopt a fault-tolerant strategy.

Cost optimization

We assess the use of cloud computing resources and identify ways to improve cost-efficiency by refining your resource allocation approach and implementing resource lifecycle policies.


We help you adopt an environmentally aware approach to managing cloud resources to maximize their effective utilization and reduce your carbon footprint.

Well-Architected Review process in four steps 

As your trusted Well-Architected Review cloud partner, Intellias designs a complete custom-built evaluation plan taking into account your business specifics and focused on reaching your goals.

Initial assessment

A certified cloud architect assesses your business needs, goals, and expectations for your cloud infrastructure.

Review based on six pillars

Intellias cloud engineers evaluate the performance, consistency, and security of your architecture in terms of each of the six pillars.

Remediation plan design

Review findings lay the foundation for an all-encompassing improvement strategy developed in accordance with your business goals.


A certified team of Intellias DevOps experts cooperates with you to apply the recommendations laid down in the improvement strategy.

Intellias approach to Well-Architected Review 





  • Scope
  • Architecture best
    practice check
  • Tech and tools
  • Business goals
    and objectives
  • Performance
    bottlenecks discovery
  • Identify the key
  • Project phase
  • Security testing
  • Access for
  • Evaluate the current
  • Reliability resilience
    scalability check
  • Operational
    efficiency review
  • Cost consumption


  • Scope description
  • Tech and tools map
  • Identify the key stakeholders
  • Access for assessment


  • Business goals and objectives
  • Project phase discovery
  • Evaluate the current infrastructure


  • Architecture best practice check
  • Performance bottlenecks discovery
  • Security testing
  • Reliability resilience scalability check
  • Operational efficiency review
  • Cost consumption review

Assessment output

  • Security vulnerabilities report
  • Operational efficiency report
  • Architecture best practice misalignment
  • Architecture diagrams and documentation
  • Reliability and resilience discovery
  • Performance bottlenecks overview
Be confident in your cloud operations with a Well-Architected Review by Intellias

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