DevOps Assessment Services

Enhance your operational efficiencies and speed up your software delivery by implementing a comprehensive DevOps assessment. Uncover bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and foster collaboration to propel your business towards faster time-to-market, higher product quality, and increased competitiveness. Evaluate and improve business processes, cross-company interoperability, and overall efficiency in software development and IT operations.

Intellias provides a well-elaborated analysis of existing development, testing, deployment, and operations practices and presents recommendations to implement the most robust and efficient DevOps approaches.

Take the first step towards optimized performance and sustainable growth – embrace the power of DevOps.

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Challenges we solve

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  • Streamline operational workflows

    Identify and address bottlenecks to optimize workflows, reduce downtime, and enhance resource use for an efficient development pipeline


  • Accelerate time-to-market

    Boost development speed by pinpointing and addressing inefficiencies for further innovation

  • Synergize cross-team collaboration

    Bridge communication gaps between development and operations for more efficient problem resolution

  • Ensure consistent, high-quality software releases

    Set up and refine continuous integration and automated testing strategies, for reliable, uninterrupted software deployment

  • Gain DevOps visibility and comparative insights

    Attain comprehensive insights into DevOps SDLC practices, tools, key issues, and benchmarks

Take charge of your development excellence with our DevOps assessment service.

Step-by-step DevOps assessment with Intellias

The benefits of DevOps extend beyond the IT department; they impact the entire organization, affecting all stages of software product development. Embrace the cultural shift, automate processes, and unleash the full potential of your team with highly productive DevOps pipelines accelerating flows and releasing resources for experimentation and innovation. Your journey to a more agile, collaborative, and efficient future begins with a DevOps assessment.

In the assessment process, Intellias expert team focuses on all aspects of DevOps practices adopted in your development environment through:

Interviews with stakeholders and key decision-makers to determine goals and expectations of the target DevOps infrastructure

Interaction with project teams to gather information on the key issues they face in the context of DevOps performance as well as their general feedback and improvement suggestions

Architecture reviews, including reviews of DevOps tools, components, integrations, and functional and non-functional requirements

Analysis of infrastructure as code solutions implemented in your business and their contribution to the software development process at all stages – design, development, testing, and deployment

Review of adopted monitoring practices to verify that they provide a comprehensive view of infrastructure performance

Assessment of disaster recovery strategies to check the system’s ability to respond to failures, protect business data, and maintain critical operations

Intellias approach to DevOps assessment service





  • Scope description
  • Tech and
    tools map
  • Business goals
    and objectives
  • Identify the
    key stakeholders
  • Project phase
  • Access for assessment
  • Evaluate DevOps processes
  • Operational efficiency review
  • Evaluate SDSL
  • Evaluate existed
    team members


  • Scope description
  • Tech and tools map
  • Identify the key stakeholders
  • Access for assessment
  • Evaluate DevOps processes
  • Evaluate SDSL
  • Evaluate existed team members


  • Business goals and objectives
  • Project phase discovery


  • Operational efficiency review

Assessment output

  • DevOps health status
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