Infrastructure Assessment Services

Establish a solid foundation for your cloud solutions with an all-embracing infrastructure assessment. Validate all configuration choices with a detailed evaluation of cloud components, networking solutions, storage resources, and management tools to ensure the ultimate performance and security of your cloud-based applications.

Infrastructure assessments by Intellias provide you with a complete view of how your cloud environment supports performance, development, and innovation by verifying the robustness and resilience of all components supporting your cloud applications.

Get ready for powerful cloud experiences – review your infrastructure today.

Challenges we solve 

Imagine if you could

  • Get a detailed overview of your current
    cloud infrastructure

    Evaluate the current state and capabilities of your cloud resources.

  • Discover cost-saving options

    Explore ways of raising cost-efficiency while maintaining cloud infrastructure performance.

  • Identify deficiencies and vulnerabilities

    Locate existing and potential issues and get advice on their elimination.

  • Future-proof your cloud solution

    Secure the stability of your cloud applications against growing demand by integrating a safety margin.

  • Infuse your approach with a cloud strategy

    Lay the groundwork for embracing innovative cloud technologies.

Ensure the health and robustness of your cloud under the guidance of an expert infrastructure assessment service provider. 

Step-by-step infrastructure audit by Intellias 

Intellias infrastructure assessment services include a thorough evaluation of your business’s development, testing, deployment, and operations practices, equipping you with strategic recommendations to optimize and fortify your cloud infrastructure for improved operational efficiency and heightened performance.

Goals alignment

By interviewing all stakeholders, we coordinate the objectives and expectations of the cloud environment across the entire company.

Environment assessment

We analyze the existing state of the cloud components, networking, and processes to describe the current shape of your cloud infrastructure.

Security audit

With our infrastructure assessment services, we thoroughly examine cloud security with a multi-level audit, covering infrastructure and technologies in your SDLC, ensuring readiness for incident response against threats.

Identification of areas for improvement

Following a detailed cloud network assessment, we devise a comprehensive refinement strategy, emphasizing critical areas and recommending winning improvement measures.

Roadmap generation

Our cloud consulting experts leverage the results of the IT infrastructure assessment to create a tailored optimization plan, complete with a timeline, goals, milestones, and required resources for achieving the envisioned state.

Intellias approach to infrastructure assessments





  • Scope
  • Architecture best
    practice check
  • Tech and tools
  • Business goals
    and objectives
  • Performance
    bottlenecks discovery
  • Identify the key
  • Project phase
  • Access for
  • Evaluate the current
  • Reliability resilience
    scalability check


  • Scope description
  • Tech and tools map
  • Identify the key stakeholders
  • Access for assessment


  • Business goals and objectives
  • Project phase discovery
  • Evaluate the current infrastructure


  • Architecture best practice check
  • Performance bottlenecks discovery
  • Reliability resilience scalability check

Assessment output

  • Infrastructure health
  • Reliability and resilience discovery
  • Performance bottlenecks overview
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Operate your cloud solutions confidently with infrastructure validated and improved by Intellias cloud experts.

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