Intellias has been partnering with companies in the healthcare sector, helping them leverage technological innovation to automate internal processes, enhance the customer experience, and manage medical information more efficiently. We build secure and regulatory compliant software solutions that streamline communication between patients, doctors, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical suppliers, and medical device vendors to accelerate the creation of a resilient healthcare ecosystem.

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Intellias healthcare software development services cover the following areas:

Patient engagement

Boost personalization and retention through seamless communication across web, phone, and in-person services

Precision medicine

Move towards data-driven care across therapeutic areas based on patients’ unique genomic characteristics

Mobile health

Help consumers manage their health needs with tailored mHealth solutions and digital therapeutics apps


Expand access to care by enabling convenient remote consultations and secure virtual collaboration

Medical wearables

Pave the way to preventive treatment with health-focused devices powered by an advanced software and an intelligent UX

Operations management

Streamline operations and processes via smart automation and instant visibility into medical workflows

Ready to implement innovative strategies to deliver data-driven, personalized care?

Our key areas of expertise

As the digitization of healthcare industry is underway, Intellias is working with medical and life sciences companies to help them reinvent their operations and establish reliable software infrastructure that’s amenable to change and innovation. We provide custom healthcare software development services to create technological solutions that improve the efficiency of hospital workflows, facilitate drug discovery, and boost patient engagement with the ultimate goal of delivering more personalized, preventive care.

Internet of Medical Things

Create a connected infrastructure of medical devices, software applications, and health systems to unlock the potential of data-driven treatment and achieve better patient outcomes.

AI and ML

Improve diagnostic accuracy, treatment efficiency, and operational performance by applying artificial intelligence to augment human abilities in executing complex medical-related tasks.

Big data and analytics

Uncover patient patterns and correlations, as well as ensure findings that drive strategy and decision-making to optimize costs, increase customer service and enable smarter care options.


Migrate your workloads to the cloud to accelerate the delivery of innovative healthcare services as well as improve system uptime while following security and compliance standards.


Remodel the way vital research and healthcare data is shared with key stakeholders by leveraging blockchain technology that provides transparency, data provenance and trust.


Protect sensitive medical data and ensure HIPAA or other healthcare confidentiality regulations are met by maintaining regular risk assessments and implementing the security-by-design approach.

Success stories

PACS mammography solution
A healthcare industry leader providing RIS, PACS, and digital diagnostics solutions required to expand the technological capabilities of their legacy system for mammography workstations. Intellias team introduced a major revamp of the client’s platform, having contributed to code refactoring and the solution’s performance optimization. Additionally, we implemented vital functionality for enhancing breast cancer diagnostics and eliminating the risk of missing breast abnormalities.
Medical risk assessment platform
One of the world’s top ten insurance providers required to scale their expertise to meet customers’ needs across the healthcare market. They entrusted Intellias with the development of a medical risk assessment portal based on a dynamic neural network. We contributed to building a platform that covers multiple aspects of assessing life and health risks, as well as created a cardiovascular risk calculator based on analysis of body mass index, blood pressure, and cholesterol level.
Solution for personalized maternity guidance
A government software provider operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Healthcare, have embarked upon a mission to digitally transform the national medical sector. As part of their digitalization strategy, they decided to develop a maternity application to raise women’s awareness of their own and their children’s health. Our team has been responsible for the entire development cycle, helping our client create a user-friendly solution that enables personalized, guideline-driven care.
E-referral & e-request platform
A Canadian provider of a platform that streamlines e-requests and e-referrals for hospitals and clinics needed to adapt their existing solution for new hospital sites. They also required to meet severe deadlines in order to take full advantage of sponsored funds. Intellias applied a two-phased approach that enabled our client to speed up the development of new functionality, ensure regulatory compliance and successfully deploy their platform in a range of new hospitals across Canada, US and Australia.

Leverage the power of custom healthcare software development services to upgrade the industry

Increase the productivity of healthcare services

Healthcare software development services, which scope only increase in scale, bring substantial benefits to all the parties in the healthcare sector. Healthcare software development companies help hospitals enhance accessibility, productivity, portability, and scalability of their services. Healthcare custom software development, especially the development of telehealth, precision medicine, and mobile health (m-health) solutions can bring immense value to the patients.

People now can access medical information anytime on-the-go from almost any corner of the world, sparing precious time for medical workers. On top of that, healthcare software development companies give patients sufficient self-help experience, helping doctors free up space for people with acute symptoms. What everyone gets as a result of the professional healthcare software development is better patient outcomes, secured by tech advancements, as well as viability and efficiency of healthcare institutions.

Make use of innovation-led healthcare

Intellias healthcare software developers help clients find the most cost-effective IT solutions and adjust them to their business needs. Irrespective of the practice size, healthcare IT consulting services help healthcare providers migrate workloads to the cloud, assist them with back-end integration, and bring in their technological solutions to the regulatory compliance. As a trusted healthcare software development company, Intellias aims at bringing patients and doctors closer.

To achieve such a target, we render healthcare IT consulting services that help healthtech and pharmatech move to digital healthcare and harness data. Moreover, Intellias effectively deals with the Internet of Medical Things, helping clients create a connected infrastructure of medical devices, software applications, and health systems. Healthcare IT consulting services in our interpretation is high-impact consulting that helps healthcare providers deliver personalized, efficient, and meticulous care.

Adjust to the needs of the demanding patients

Modern patients are not only recipients of healthcare services but also demanding clients of healthcare providers. For this reason, custom healthcare software development should be precise and effective, bringing convenience, affordability, and quality at each stage of care. In terms of healthcare IT consulting services, Intellias considers these and other factors essential for the development of comprehensive healthcare software solutions.

The healthcare sector actively uses technological assistance from healthcare software development companies. Mainly to finetune their systems to get the most out of data-driven treatment and achieve better patient outcomes. Healthcare software development solutions by Intellias cover a wide range of telemedicine features appealing to the patients. To mention some of them, it’s the ability to select a doctor online and beforehand, access health data from everywhere, make use of chatbots, book and manage appointments.

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