Case study

Cellular Network Development Platform for a Nationwide Telecom Operator

End-to-end development of a unified platform that streamlines the planning, building, and maintenance of cellular networks

Platform DevelopmentTelecom & Media

Project highlights

  • Full-cycle product development
  • Sophisticated solution architecture
  • Extensive feature set

Business challenge

As with any large-scale infrastructure project, development of cellular networks calls for careful orchestration of people, processes, and data.

A nationwide telecom operator faced the challenge of managing this task using multiple disconnected tools. To overcome this challenge, they sought a unified internal solution for an end-to-end approach to network development.

Cellular Network Development Platform for a Nationwide Telecom Operator

Technology solution

We leveraged our extensive experience building versatile telecom software, including smart CapEx and network planning tools, to create a blueprint of a solution tailored to our client’s needs.

We designed a GIS platform with layered data maps that provides transparency for managers and functionality for niche experts and engineers, fostering team synergy.

Product functionality

Given our client’s need to centralize network development activities, the platform offers a comprehensive range of features:

  • Aggregation and visualization of information on target audience distribution, network coverage, base stations, power supply, fiber optic wiring, and equipment
  • Profit-proof project evaluation based on operational expenses and ROI for target audiences and individual subscribers
  • Ability to outline and adjust network development strategies with a five-year planning horizon
  • Tools for business case management, task assignment, activity tracking, and reporting

Solution design

The platform’s sophisticated business logic required seamless integration of multiple internal and external systems, accommodating various data types and user roles. This resulted in a sophisticated cloud-based product design utilizing an extensive technology stack.

Cellular Network Development Platform for a Nationwide Telecom Operator

Our team’s role

To minimize risks and ensure predictable outcomes within a defined timeline and budget, Intellias assumed full responsibility for the delivery process, assembling a cross-functional project team that worked closely with client-side stakeholders and future platform users.

Key project milestones

The project followed an agile SDLC with an MVP-based development roadmap and continuous end-product delivery.

A significant focus was placed on a month-long discovery phase at the client’s headquarters to understand their needs, develop an accurate solution vision, and initiate implementation while minimizing bottlenecks and technical debt.

Cellular Network Development Platform for a Nationwide Telecom Operator

Business impact

Partnering with Intellias provided our client with a number of benefits including guaranteed product quality, a short time to market, and continuous post-release support in addition to direct project outcomes:

  • Optimized human resource allocation
  • Improved visibility into operational processes
  • Streamlined network development activities
  • Ownership of an essential business tool
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