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Smart CapEx Solution for Profit-Proven Network Planning

Intellias has built a web application that helps evaluate network CapEx (capital expenditures) and increase profits using location data and historical network analytics.

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Project highlights

  • Making smart investment decisions
  • Accelerating the network rollout
  • Optimizing the network and maximizing ROI
  • Prioritizing investments based on real data
Team size:
5 experts
Cooperation :
3 months

Business challenge

Modern telecom networks face a variety of challenges presented by a dynamic regulatory, technological, and competitive landscape. One of the biggest issues that leading telco operators encounter is the problem of controlling their capital expenditures, which affects fair decision-making, clear accountability, and capital controls. Our client, a Ukrainian telecom company that provides communication services and data transmission based on a broad range of fixed and mobile technologies, was going through a transformation of their business model and ran into a problem with effective expense management.

As one of the biggest national telco operators in Ukraine, the company provides mobile and broadband data transmission services to over 23 million subscribers and strives to ensure that the telecom network’s coverage is sufficient and meets subscribers’ needs. To achieve this goal, the company required a sophisticated network visualization representing network coverage and interference along with information about the provided service quality and the network’s return on investment (ROI).

Having vast experience in location-based services and telecom software development, Intellias was tasked with creating a custom-built all-in-one CapEx software solution to help our client profitably plan, deploy, and scale their network while driving revenue growth by making targeted network investments. The solution is presented as a web application that assists in evaluating capital expenses during telecom network expansion.

Smart CapEx Solution for Profit-Proven Network Planning

Solution delivered

Being responsible for ideating the CapEx software solution, the Intellias team created a holistic view of an application that would help control the company’s capital expenditures and effectively plan, optimize, and forecast various network evolution scenarios. The application’s functionality is wide, including a visual map for base station planning (that lets an operator check network coverage via heatmaps, work with quality of service (QoS) complaints, see base station radiuses and signal convergences, and so on) as well as covering sophisticated business case calculations based on defined parameters.

The solution enables our customer to deliver wide coverage, accounting for specific requirements that vary for different services, including street, indoor, and top floor coverage as well as different capacity, latency, and throughput requirements. The Smart CapEx solution also eases the process of optimizing planning decisions for business and network KPIs, such as quality of experience (QoE), customer churn, revenue, return on investment (ROI), and coverage.

The smart CapEx telecom network solution powered by Intellias has:

  • A straightforward web services architecture with a modern UI for the server and client parts
  • Smooth integration with both internal and third-party services to build unified analytics for efficient decision-making
  • Advanced location-based features such as coverage heatmaps, service quality visualizations, network interference, and sophisticated economic calculations
  • Algorithms for intelligent data processing to get actionable insights based on rich business intelligence reports and data analytics
  • Recognition and interpretation of geographical patterns for strategic network expansion
  • Aggregated device-based statistics (brand, model, 5G/LTE support) to calculate optimal tariffs and ROI indicators
  • Digital modeling that reproduces a live physical network according to population density and traffic demand

Intellias experts were responsible for the whole delivery cycle, from product ideation, UI/UX wireframing, and PoC development through MVP product creation, testing, go-live, and post-go-live support.

Business outcome

Responding to the fast-paced telecoms industry environment, our network planning solution shows a holistic understanding of the interplay between network capacity rollout, involved time and cost, and the likely impact on incremental revenue growth. The web solution can flexibly ingest data from different sources, make AI-/ML-based predictions, perform automated analysis, and automate rollout scheduling.

The Intellias team has developed a working telco software CapEx web application that helps our client make smart investment decisions, accelerate network expansion, prioritize investments based on real-time data, maximize ROI, and boost business KPIs.

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