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When thinking of a telecom company, we are used to pictures of a heavy infrastructure with towers, transmitters, cables, wires, and data centers. Still, cloud technology in telecom industry is becoming a foundation for drastic innovations. Apart from transferring huge physical infrastructures into digital cloud-based applications, this transition drives down maintenance costs and creates new business models and revenue streams for telecom companies.

Intellias understands the art and science of delivering value on the cloud and helps enterprises create and implement unique digital transformation strategies. As one of the leading telecom cloud service providers, Intellias offers end-to-end cloud service packages to support each stage of your cloud journey.

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Our cloud-based telecom services 

Intellias covers a wide spectrum of telco cloud services, helping each client develop a unique holistic strategy for migrating their applications and workloads to virtualized environments or refactoring them for more efficient utilization of cloud-native services. Each development or migration passes a thorough analysis of current IT infrastructure, a clear roadmap to extract the desired level of cost efficiency, and studying all critical requirements for your business.

Cloud discovery and optimization

Identify under-utilized resources and benefit from the targeted recommendations on how to reduce your cloud spending. We cover the assessment of IT services, service reliability, and service delivery.

Cloud adoption

Ensure security and data accountability when adopting telecom cloud services with IT infrastructure engineering and system migration.

Network cloudification

Move your individual network and security functions from dedicated hardware devices into the software with VNF onboarding, testing, production initialization, and routine operation.

Application re-architecting for cloud

Achieve better scale and performance by migrating your applications from monolithic to microservices architecture or exposing their functionality via APIs. Empower your business with the technologies of cloud computing in telecom.

Cloud-native development

Unlock the cloud’s full potential of scalability and flexibility by building and running serverless apps with fully managed services and databases. Code, build, deploy, and manage faster without compromising security or quality.

Cloud data warehouse & data lake 

Use cloud-based telecom services to store big data. Choose a data lake for storing a vast pool of data that is not defined or a data warehouse for structured filtered data. To combine the power of cloud storage with on-premise data platforms, choose hybrid DWH.

DevOps adoption

Increase the speed of releasing and maintaining your applications in the cloud by adopting optimal cloud platforms or creating an agile, collaborative environment with continuous delivery, deployment, and infrastructure automation.

Service reliability engineering

Benefit from cloud technology in telecom industry with the ability to quantify system reliability engineering, system and infrastructure support, and business continuity and disaster recovery.

Start your scalable digital transformation with innovative telco cloud solutions. Talk to Intellias telecommunication experts today. 

Success stories

Azure Migration Services for CI/CD in Telecom

A leading national provider of telecommunications and data services based on the latest mobile and fixed-line technologies, wanted to evaluate the feasibility of moving from on-premises data centers to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The company aimed at modernizing its product lifecycle with DevOps tools and optimizing infrastructure costs, performance, and flexibility by employing Azure migration services. With this transformation, our client anticipated streamlining their R&D office and evolving as a digital services provider to strengthen their position in the telecommunications industry.

AWS Migration Services for Seamless Big Data Analytics in Telecom

In search of ways to scale their business using modern solutions but at optimal cost, a major national telecommunications company providing mobile and broadband data transmission services to over 23 million subscribers, needed to move away from on-premises servers and decided to evaluate the concept of AWS cloud migration. By migrating their existing data warehouse to AWS, our client envisioned streamlining their data processing and business intelligence (BI) systems. For this, they required a cloud technology partner offering AWS migration services to build a proof of concept (PoC) to verify the efficiency of such a transition.

VoIP network software solution

A US-based cloud voice company that empowers telco providers to deliver carrier-class VoIP services with a web-scale SaaS solution, decided to migrate their two legacy monolithic systems to the cloud and split them into microservices. Intellias helped our client embark on the migration journey and build a cloud-native, fully integrated network management system that enabled them to scale their business processes and offer more competitive pricing to end customers.

Cloud communications platform

We’ve created a suite of intelligent IP telephony software solutions that enable efficient customer interactions for thousands of organizations worldwide for a leading German provider of business VoIP, IP telephony, and cloud communications. The VoIP system we developed comprises three web portals allowing administrators, customers, and end users to work with IP telephony and configure calls.

Our ecosystem partners

As a trusted software development and technology partner, Intellias gains trust and establishes strong relationships with leading industry cloud service providers. Relying on their knowledge base and having early access to the latest technologies and tools, Intellias is empowered to effectively address every client’s business need. Benefit from reduced total cost ownership, optimized performance, and cutting-edge solutions our team provides.


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