GIS Services

Intellias enables clients to capture, sort, and interpret spatial and geographic data that’s critical to their businesses, then present it on custom or commonly used interactive maps. A well-built Geographic Information System (GIS) allows companies to uncover actionable insights from location data, map layers, and 3D modeling. Intellias engineers provide consulting and GIS software development services covering accurate positioning and spatial data management to recognize geographical patterns visible only through GIS mapping solutions.

Our GIS software development services

Intellias expertise in GIS-based software development and a whole range of location services allows us to create customized GIS mapping solutions for transportation, logistics, retail, real estate, and financial businesses as well as for government agencies. Our dedicated GIS engineers provide decision-makers with GIS mapping services, rich analytics of spatial data, and cloud infrastructure as well as comprehensive visualizations for planning delivery, networks, facilities, and geographic terrain.

Custom geospatial and GIS development

We create custom business maps by integrating GIS software with robust databases and working with popular services like ESRI ArcGIS/QGIS, Google Maps, Bing Maps, HERE, and Mapbox

Data capture and conversion

We simplify the way our clients capture and convert geographic data from physical maps, survey coordinates, and integrations with GNSS/GPS satellites, field computers, LiDARs, UAVs, and remote sensors

Geoprocessing and geocoding

We cover automated and manual geoprocessing using geocoding technologies to transform unstructured data sets of addresses, landmarks, and points of interest into geo-coordinates for maps

GIS database design

We design, develop, and integrate large spatial databases using Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL with PostGIS, and other popular formats for further data conversion, geocoding, and geographic editing

3D GIS services and modeling

Our GIS modeling and positioning experts create detailed and interactive 3D models of landscapes that can be rendered in a map interface with limitless layers, symbols, and styles

GIS consulting and training

We provide technical and business GIS experts with experience in project management, agile development, roadmap planning, and GIS database administration to enhance expertise within our clients’ organizations

Reasons to choose our GIS software development services

Our experts apply hands-on experience in geospatial data services and advanced GIS software solutions to build digital twins, cloud platforms, and customer-centric solutions for a GIS solutions company

Reduce time and cost of spatial data analytics and visualization thanks to our GIS consulting and geographic information system services focused on various business domains and mass-market apps

Build geospatial software solutions to capture, sort out, and structure massive spatial data sets, recognizing geographical patterns that can improve performance and usage of critical business assets

We offer clients well-defined service models, so they can choose the perfect mix of involvement, cost-efficiency, and shared responsibility while working with Intellias, a trusted GIS development company

Apply geospatial data to your business needs

PoC for a GIS-based emergency evacuation application

Watch this video on how Intellias GIS engineers developed a proof of concept for a custom evacuation planning app to optimize the evacuation process for citizens and personnel of affected facilities. The app’s constant monitoring, geospatial data updates, and easy-to-understand pathway builder can save lives in case of an emergency.

Success stories

GIS data analysis for transportation routing

Our client needed to provide their customers with map updates containing up-to-date toll costs, truck restrictions, and low-emission zones across different countries to support international deliveries. Intellias improved the client’s GIS services, developed custom GIS tools, and introduced open-source GIS solutions to automatically capture spatial data from various sources and convert it into a proprietary format. This resulted in an 8x decrease in compilation times for transportation routing maps.

GIS-driven broadband network planning

The Intellias team helped a German telecommunications provider streamline broadband network planning, implementation, and management using ArcGIS. The client needed to merge geographical and fiber network maps of municipalities and rural areas to automate planning of fiber-optic internet cables. We created a desktop solution, applying ArcGIS tools to capture spatial data on roads, houses, labels, and distribution points. All geo-objects can now easily be mapped over multiple layers using the ArcGIS API.

GIS data management for drones

A leading US provider of aeronautical data and drone navigation services was creating a drone software platform for identification of restricted areas, traffic management, and geofencing to make the future drone-saturated world a safe and regulated place. We applied PostGIS technology to create precise aeronautical maps enriched with safety-critical third-party data on no-fly zones, local regulations, temporary flight restrictions, power lines, building heights, weather, and possible obstacles.

GIS-based farm management system

We helped a world-leading AgriTech innovator create a complex GIS farming system that aggregates all in-field data within a unified platform and provides real-time visibility of farming operations. Using GIS functionality, growers can track in-field activities, monitor weather, and plan crop protection measures. The system also helps farmers better manage harvests, plan yields, and get recommendations for the right crop varieties, planting schedules, and fertilizer types.
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