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Telco Architectural Redesign and Cloud Migration

Learn how Intellias drove an architectural overhaul and cloud migration for a major telecom provider, streamlining operations and cutting IT costs

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Project highlights

  • Architectural modernization: Revamping outdated systems to create a modern and agile IT architecture.
  • Stack harmonization and consolidation: Unifying all service stacks to streamline operations.
  • Cloud migration and multi-cloud integration: Moving services to the cloud to enhance flexibility and operational
  • Market agility: Reducing time to market for new services and adapting rapidly to changing business needs.
  • Cost reduction: Decreasing IT costs through strategic cloud adoption and optimization.
Period of cooperation:
4 years
Team size:
10 members
Telecommunications, Software Development, System Integration

Business challenge

In the face of a rapidly evolving digital landscape, a prominent European telecommunications provider recognized the need for sweeping architectural transformation. The objective was to modernize and harmonize system stacks, substantially reduce the time to market, decrease IT costs, and transition to cloud-based infrastructure that embraces a multi-cloud strategy. As a crucial systems integrator, Intellias consulted on orchestrating this significant transformation, focusing on E2E solution design and API modernization.

Telco Architectural Redesign and Cloud Migration

Solution delivered

The client’s vision was clear — to create an IT ecosystem that was not only modern and harmonized but also capable of responding quickly to market changes. Project goals included:

  • Reducing time to market: Shortening the development and deployment cycle for new products and services.
  • Lowering IT costs: Leveraging cloud efficiencies to cut operating expenses and adopting TM Forum ODA principles to standardize business processes, data models, and APIs.
  • OSS/BSS harmonization: Streamlining the E2E digital experience of B2C and B2P customer journeys, facilitating a seamless “mass market stack.”

With this insight, we helped the telecom provider outline a strategic direction for cloud BSS adoption, reinforcing their IT architecture to be more responsive and scalable.

Telco Architectural Redesign and Cloud Migration

Fundamental Shift to Cloud BSS

We steered the telecom provider’s move to cloud BSS — a decisive step in fortifying their IT architecture. To do this, we earmarked over 60 systems for cloud migration, intending to foster around 200 microservices within a multi-cloud environment. The shift not only promised enhanced scalability and operational agility but also a significant reduction in time spent developing proprietary in-house systems.

Engineering Excellence and Dual Development Streams

Our approach to meeting the project’s engineering demands was twofold. First, we sourced a team of engineers proficient in cutting-edge technology stacks. Second, we executed the project in parallel development streams, ensuring legacy systems remained operational while the new cloud BSS architecture was constructed. Our efforts focused on building a new microservices-based architecture and rejuvenating the frontend codebase, setting the stage for seamless digital transformation.

Multi-Cloud Environment and TM Forum Compliance

We advocated for a multi-cloud infrastructure to encapsulate our vision of a resilient and flexible IT ecosystem. The synergy of different cloud platforms endowed the telecom provider with both competitive pricing and operational flexibility, avoiding vendor lock-in. Furthermore, Intellias ensured that the emerging architecture adhered strictly to TM Forum’s eTOM and Open API standards, reinforcing industry-compliant processes and data models.

Tech Stack

The project uses a robust technology stack including Apache Kafka, GraphQL, Camunda BPM, and Red Hat Fuse for advanced integration and automation. We employed microservices, API-first design, and an event-driven architecture to ensure system scalability and responsiveness. The infrastructure is built on the Kubernetes and Istio platforms, supporting cloud-native capabilities. Leveraging Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, we were able to standardize and streamline solution design artifacts, and adhering to TM Forum 630 REST API guidelines and Open API Specifications, our tech framework efficiently addresses the telecom company’s evolving needs.

Business outcome

Collaboration between the telecommunications provider and Intellias has sparked a significant transformation, marked by the adoption of cloud-based solutions, a microservices architecture, and multi-cloud deployment. This strategic restart was meticulously designed to fulfill several key requirements, leading to a leaner, more efficient IT infrastructure that directly contributes to the provider’s operational and competitive advancements.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Cloud-driven IT architecture is set to cut operating costs by up to 30% within three years, optimizing resource use and changing the economics of operations.
  • Reduced time to market: Standardization and moving OSS and BSS to the cloud have slashed the product’s time to market, boosting customer satisfaction and responsiveness to market shifts.
  • Scalability and portfolio management: Cloud-based data centers run 80% of applications, scaling operations and enhancing service management.
  • Flexibility through a multi-cloud environment: A multi-cloud setup mitigates vendor lock-in and maximizes value by using the best features of diverse cloud platforms.
  • Strategic competitive advantage: Our role in OSS/BSS transformation has equipped the client with the agility and resilience needed to gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced telecom market.

This successful architectural transformation not only showcases our consultancy prowess but also the telecom provider’s commitment to progress and innovation, setting a new standard for telecom services.

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