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Take advantage of our world-class telecom BPO services optimized for equipment vendors and system integrators. Use our extensive domain expertise to build and deploy scalable IT solutions of the highest quality.

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Professional solutions for modern telecoms

Application development

We offer professional enterprise application development services tailored to the needs of modern telecommunication companies and fully addressing their top priorities: inherent security, scalable performance, and the ability to integrate with a variety of software and hardware systems, both internal and external, for additional performance and functionality.

Cloud DevOps

We are highly instrumental in working with all major cloud platforms, deploying and maintaining telecommunications services of any scale and complexity in the cloud. In case of a managed service, our DevOps team ensures round-the-clock availability of your services to customers and keeps an eye on resource consumption, keeping your costs under control.

Telecom Big Data Analytics

Our extensive, multi-domain Big Data expertise makes us a perfect partner for taking care of your data management. From setting up high-performance data pipelines and defining the data storage model to applying AI/ML algorithms to detect anomalies and fraud attempts, we’ve got it all covered — and the end result will be presented in the form of easy-to-read charts on a fully configurable dashboard.

5G digital services

We help telecommunications trailblazers to effectively tap into previously uncharted territories full of commercial opportunities and monetization options. With next-generation networks being deployed at an increasing number of locations, being among the first to leverage their immense potential is vital for securing a long-term leading position in the rapidly evolving telecom scene.

Business support systems

Capitalize on the benefits of our telecom BPO services and let us take professional care of your back office while maintaining a consistently high level of quality across your service portfolio. With our stellar enterprise software development expertise and access to an impressive pool of highly qualified resources, your business systems will get the best support possible.

Internet of Things

We fully recognize the growing importance of IoT for telecoms and offer a variety of services in this area: from end-to-end product development for consumer and industrial markets to building thriving IoT ecosystems for telecommunications companies making a seminal shift towards building and operating their own IoT platforms and seeking a reliable telecom outsourcing company to help them.

Enjoy a substantially higher return on investment by delegating IT services, software maintenance, and user support to Intellias via our model of business process outsourcing for telecom.

Our value proposition

The value of telecom BPO services from Intellias is based on nearly two decades of hands-on experience working with leading global telecommunications companies. All of them enjoyed the same professional approach to getting things done and the unique benefits offered by the company.

Optimized software development costs

Intellias offers professional software development services at a lower cost, allowing you to save or offer your customers more for the same budget.

Rapid access to top engineering talent

Our business model relies on fast access to some of the best talent available in the market. With multiple locations and an effective recruiting process, we know how to quickly secure the right people for your next project.

Concentrated expertise in relevant areas

When it comes to BPO, Intellias has a lot to bring to the table: from established software engineering practices and focus on security to a thorough understanding of the industry’s actual business pain points.

Effective processes for a shorter time-to-market

We strictly observe the industry’s best practices for software development and take them further by applying our own processes that have stood the test of time and proved their efficacy.

Improved operations and maintenance (O&M) efficiency

Our growing telecom BPO practice enables our clients to shift their organizational focus from day-to-day operations to strategic matters and long-term plans for growth, expansion, and diversification. Our mature processes and flexible service models ensure the highest levels of quality in such areas as application maintenance, 2nd and 3rd level user support, data management and many other activities that typically drain resources and limit growth.

Client success stories

Customer Self-Service Telecom Portal for Mobile Operators

Our client is a multinational corporation that helps Tier 1 telecom operators through digital and network transformation. Following the acquisition of a telecom operator from the EMEA region, the client started looking for a telecom outsourcing company that would help update an extensive suite of the acquired company’s legacy applications. Once chosen for the project, Intellias built a team of 70+ engineers who focused on rebuilding the legacy product suite and integrating it with the client’s own advanced microservices-based systems for easy onboarding of customers from the acquired company. As the result, Intellias successfully integrated the operator legacy systems into the client’s core network, reconfigured telecom services and implemented a powerful mechanism of service report generation

Digital Transformation for a Major European Telecom Company

The client, a leading provider of integrated communication services (broadband, landline and mobile), chose Intellias to drive the transformation of its business support (BSS) and other IT systems and create a foundation for faster product launches and a substantially improved customer experience. The scope of the initial transformation project included the client’s CRM and POS systems, self-service products, as well as a number of other telecom and enterprise applications. The multi-year project enabled Intellias to work with cutting-edge 5G and AI/ML use cases and telecom services. The team’s current focus is on the implementation of high-performance enterprise-scale applications using J2EE, SQL/PL SQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Spring MVC, Hibernate, jUnit, microservices, React, and Kotlin.

Cloud communications platform

We’ve created a suite of intelligent IP telephony software solutions that enable efficient customer interactions for thousands of organizations worldwide for a leading German provider of business VoIP, IP telephony, and cloud communications. The VoIP system we developed comprises three web portals allowing administrators, customers, and end users to work with IP telephony and configure calls.

Automated telecom billing software for IP telephony

A leading Swiss provider of IP telephony services decided to broaden their range of offerings by enhancing their customer portal with advanced telecom billing software and a dedicated provisioning system for automatic configuration of IP phones. Intellias engineers worked on three generations of this solution, having guided its development through several important milestones, which helped our client expand their business and become one of the country’s most trusted IP telephony providers.

Our ecosystem partners

Our long-standing partnerships with key cloud technology providers unlock new synergies and empower us to build the most technologically advanced cloud-based solutions for our clients while keeping their infrastructure perfectly organized in terms of optimal resource consumption and cost structure.


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