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Revitalize your business infrastructure with the vast potential of cloud computing. Leveraging the functionality of leading cloud providers, you can enhance enterprise objectives through expert-guided hybrid or native cloud solutions that streamline migration while minimizing downtime.

Intellias approach ensures a smooth transition to cloud frameworks, optimizing the efficiency of transitioning to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Accelerate cloud adoption with enhanced automation and DevOps, using tailored migration and modernization roadmaps designed for you by a trusted cloud migration provider that will support you along your overall cloud journey.

Let’s make your cloud strategy a powerful business driver with Intellias cloud engineering expertise.

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Challenges we solve

Imagine if you could

  • Speed up the time to market for your
    products or features

    Reduce release times while maintaining quality and performance

  • Scale your business up and down as needed

    Adapt quickly to market trends by dynamically provisioning computing resources based on your current needs

  • Secure your business infrastructure

    Safeguard your business with enhanced infrastructure security, including robust data protection and compliance with standards

  • Optimize your infrastructure costs

    Benefit from flexible pay-as-you-go models and
    minimize unnecessary expenses

  • Streamline cross-team collaboration

    Enhance business efficiency by breaking down organizational barriers between departments.

Why choose Intellias for your cloud migration journey

Intellias cloud migration consultants and engineers enable you to seamlessly navigate the complexities of transitioning to a cloud environment. We will augment your business with practical capabilities, from technology selection to seamless cloud implementation, while meticulously considering your unique needs and requirements.

Within the scope of cloud migration consulting services, Intellias expedites your company’s cloud migration, minimizing risks, optimizing paths, and creating new business value through a well-prepared transition.

Under the professional guidance of our cloud migration consultancy team and cloud advisory experts, you will build an actionable strategy of migrating your IT assets – services, databases, applications – to a cloud environment.

Define key goals and milestones icon

Define key goals and milestones

We conduct detailed interviews with all stakeholders to identify specific goals of your cloud transformation and determine the main achievements on the road to your cloud success.

Assess the current state of infrastructure icon

Assess the current state of infrastructure

In preparation for the IT migration to cloud, our team thoroughly examines the computing resources you use to meet your project goals and composes a detailed inventory of all hardware and software assets contributing to your development workflows.

Develop a migration roadmap icon

Develop a migration roadmap

For optimal business goals, consider managed cloud services from AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Our cloud migration experts will handle provisioning, configuration, and integration, ensuring scalability, availability, and performance for your cloud ecosystem.

Conduct a Well-Architected Review icon

Conduct a Well-Architected Review

Assessing your cloud resources according to a universally adopted methodology, we provide redesign recommendations and optimization suggestions to maximize productivity of your cloud infrastructure.

Implement the migration process icon

Implement the migration process

Our engineers carry out all action points outlined in the migration roadmap, building an efficient cloud system tailored to your project requirements and designed to maximize performance and security in your specific conditions.

Document cloud infrastructure icon

Document cloud infrastructure

At the final stage of your cloud transition journey, our cloud migration consulting specialists produce detailed documentation of the implemented solution with practical guidelines on optimal use of cloud resources.

Embark on a cloud transition journey with Intellias, a trusted
cloud migration company.
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