Intellias Develops Software for Self-Stabilization of Two Wheelers

Solution is especially suited for scooters and smaller motorcycles used for urban traffic and last mile delivery

Intellias, a global provider of software development services for the mobility and transportations industry, has unveiled a concept for self-stabilization of motorcycles and scooters. This technology could even enable them to maneuver without a driver. Thanks to a hardware-independent software architecture, the solution is suitable for combination with a wide variety of sensor types and vehicle classes. Intellias sees an added value of this technology especially with scooters and smaller motorcycles, as used for last-mile delivery or as a “shared service” in urban traffic.

It’s Friday night and the pizza delivery service is busy. Everybody is ordering, just in time for the weekend. The delivery driver makes his way through rush hour, a bulky pizza box on his back – not an easy task on a conventional scooter. Constant stop-and-go or shaky maneuvering at low speeds between parked cars can lead to unpleasant situations, especially for young people with little driving experience. The new technology from Intellias could provide a solution here in the future. The technology offers ideal support for driving whenever the focus is not on leisure but on functionality. The rider is more relaxed and feels safer as less concentration and body awareness are required. Above all, driving at slow speeds (up to 20 km/h) or in narrow lanes is made considerably easier. Self-balancing scooters are not only suitable for last-mile delivery services, but also for riders with little experience, for example, tourists on sightseeing tours or tenants of city scooters. And as an enabler technology for autonomous two-wheelers, scenarios are even conceivable in which the rental scooter picks up its riders at a defined location.

To implement the concept of self-stabilization, Intellias relies on its expertise in sensor technology and data fusion. The bike is equipped with sensors to detect the degree and speed of tipping. The software calculates and triggers the necessary countermovement of the handlebars to straighten and stabilize it in real time. For experienced riders or people who like to drive sporty, this technology is not essential. But for people with disabilities or accident victims, Intellias’ stabilization solution opens up new possibilities for getting (back) on a bike or scooter.

The share of software is steadily increasing, not only in cars but also in motorbikes. For manufacturers and suppliers, the main focus is on reliability, hardware independence of solutions, and added value for customers. Intellias offers software development expertise specifically for the new mobility. Here we have many years of experience and rely on robust software development processes. Self-stabilizing two-wheelers can contribute to making inner-city traffic safer and better by protecting vulnerable road users, such as scooter riders

Oleksandr Odukha, Vice President Automotive Delivery

Video about the technology:

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