Intellias Recognized as One of Top Family-Friendly Companies by UNFPA

The United Nations Population Fund has ranked Intellias among the top family-friendly companies in Ukraine

November 11, 2021

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In October 2021, Intellias, a global technology partner to Fortune 500 enterprises and top-tier organizations, was recognized as one of the top 50 family-friendly companies in Ukraine by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. The UNFPA report features firms that adhere to the principles of gender equality in their corporate culture and work processes and help employees maintain a healthy work–life balance. Intellias was ranked fifth among all Ukrainian companies listed and second among IT service providers, proving the company’s exceptional commitment to employees and showcasing high levels of organizational trust.

To recognize companies with policies that support a work–life balance, UNFPA initiated the Best Family-Friendly Company Ranking for the first time in Ukraine this year. Fifty companies operating in 16 economic sectors demonstrated to the expert jury their policies and practices aimed at supporting employees who have families. The rating is based on the experts’ assessment of the information provided by the companies between August and September 2021.

The expert committee evaluated policies and practices that promote gender equality in the workplace and help to maintain work–life balance. Among the main criteria of the study were a trusting corporate culture, the organization of workplaces and a flexible schedule, and the availability of programs and activities that provide social and material support to employees who have families.

During the coming years UNFPA will be working with private sector companies to assess, develop and pilot ‘family friendly’ gender sensitive corporate programmes for employees. It’s not only the right thing to do from a social and human rights’ perspective, it is also a smart decision to recruit and retain employees, and to boost productivity.

Jaime Nadal, Head of the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine, UNFPA

Intellias cultivates a people-first corporate culture and considers the health and safety of employees and their families the company’s top priority. The company runs multiple motivational programs and provides various benefits that promote healthy lifestyles, knowledge acquisition, personal growth, and a trusting workplace environment. The social package for Intellias specialists includes health insurance, gym membership, in-office hairdressers, and mental health programs. To prevent burnout and maintain employees’ psychological well-being, Intellias provides compensation for counseling services within the IntelliCare service. Another family-friendly practice at Intellias is a flexible schedule that allows employees to plan their day based on work and personal tasks.

Intellias also offers parental leave, providing all employees that have newborn children with an additional three days of paid vacation and baby boxes. Female employees can go on maternity leave for up to four months without losing their position at Intellias. Additionally, they receive a one-time financial bonus when a child is born. By designing children’s rooms in Intellias offices, the company creates equal career opportunities for mothers and fathers, helping employees both be parents and stay efficient at work.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Intellias has created several programs to strengthen the health of their professionals and help them adapt to new working conditions. One of these programs was arranging COVID-19 vaccinations for the company’s specialists and their families. In addition, all Intellias members were insured against COVID-19-related medical needs. In response to employees’ requests for flexibility in choosing a workplace after quarantine, Intellias implemented the IntelliSmartWorkPlaces approach. With this approach, Intellias divided all workplaces in offices into three types: hot desks, fixed desks, and shared desks.

Moreover, the company introduced IntelliMornings, which are online conversations where employees can share their thoughts and experiences regarding any preselected topic such as mindfulness, sports, and recycling. These online meetings help people get to know each other better, keep the whole Intellias team connected, and prompt knowledge sharing across the company. In addition to IntelliMornings, the company regularly organizes various online events including:

  • Lectures on balanced nutrition, biorhythms, and longevity
  • Lectures by a psychotherapist on forming self-esteem, coping with anxiety, and relationships with relatives
  • Online yoga classes

Intellias will continue to develop programs to support families, as it is the company’s belief that a business must take responsibility for the well-being of its specialists.

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